Best Platforms to Buy and Sell Blogs For Maximum Profit

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Want to cash in on all of your hard work by selling your website? Or want to expand your portfolio with a new blog? In any case, I’ve gathered six lucrative platforms to buy and sell blogs in this post just for you.

Some of these marketplaces specialize in buying and selling established sites that earn thousands of dollars per month or more, while others are a more open marketplace where you can buy and sell smaller blogs that meet your needs.

Essentially, you’ll find a decent alternative on this list whether you’re trying to buy or sell blogs for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Let’s begin.

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Quick Review

Don’t have all the time to read the entire article, the list below presents the best platforms to buy and sell blogs.

Best Platforms To Buy and Sell Blogs

1. Flippa

Flippa Homepage - How to buy a blog

Flippa is without a doubt one of the best website buying and selling platforms.

Although they began with domains, they have expanded their buying and selling options. They now cater to ads, apps, SaaS, and eCommerce. This is in addition to their core source of revenue, which is domain and website flipping.

Flippa has made the whole process quite simple. It’s similar to the eBay marketplace model in that it’s based on auctions.

Flippa offers an evaluation tool to help you determine the best estimate of your blog. Its evaluation tool considers a number of parameters, such as:

  • Average page views
  • Source/type of income
  • Domain age, and so on

You can execute the posting of domains or blogs yourself once you get the value, which will cost you around $15. Flippa has made this decision in order to maintain the integrity of the marketplace.

If you don’t want to go through the effort of creating an ad and everything, you may contact one of Flippa’s licensed brokers who will market it for you.

One of the disadvantages is that if your website is sold for less than $50K, you will be charged a 10% fee. This is often the selling price of small to medium-sized blogs or domains.

Flippa provides thorough information on listed internet businesses, such as financials, traffic, demographics, channels, and more, to buyers. To make an informed decision, you may even get a thorough ‘Due Diligence Report’.

The following items are included in Flippa’s Due Diligence Report:

  • Analysis of sales and marketing
  • Seller analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Legal and operational analysis
  • Traffic analysis
  • A financial evaluation
  • Risk assessment and recommendations
  • Industry and competition analysis

Flippa Pros

  • Purchase websites and start-up businesses at a discount
  • For improved visibility on Flippa’s home page, you can sponsor your listings
  • Escrow Service ensure payment safety
  • Flippa validates all buyers and sellers using valid government identification
  • Sellers can list Amazon FBA retail businesses

Flippa Cons

  • Lacks internal verification mechanism for listed websites
  • Scammers abound
  • Customer service isn’t great
  • There is a cost for listing
  • After selling your website, you must also pay a success fee

Flippa Pricing

Flippa makes money through four different pricing models.

1. Success fees

This is the fee charged if you successfully sell any of your online properties through Flippa. This fee is determined by the sale price.

Flippa's Success Fees
  • Up to $50k: 10% Success Fee
  • $50,001 to $100k: 7.5% Success Fee
  • $100k+: 5% Success Fee
  • Partner Broker: 15% Success Fee
2. Listing fees

The listing fee is a set amount that you will have to pay to list your website or blog for sale on Flippa.

Flippa charges this fee in order to screen out scammers from their platform.

Flippa's Listing Fees
  • Domains are $10 each
  • Apps for iOS and Android are $15 each
  • Starter/Template Websites: $15
  • Established Websites and Online Business: $49
3. Upgrading fees

This is a Flippa service that allows you to increase the visibility of your listing and reach more potential buyers.

Flippa's Upgrading Fees
  • Newsletter Boost: This is a $95 service that only applies to domains
  • Premium Boost: This costs between $65 and $295, depending on the asking price
  • Marketing Boost: This cost $395
  • Ultimate Boost: This cost $545
4. Additional services
Flippa's Additional Fees
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement & Confidential Listing: This cost $99
  • Listing Review & Optimization Report: This cost $29

2. Shopify Exchange

Shopify Exchange Homepage

Shopify Exchange is a platform for buying and selling Shopify-based online enterprises. The business listing categories include location, industry type, sales channel, business type, and other categories. There’s also the option of only looking at established websites.

You may get a list of Shopify stores available for purchase or sale by browsing any online business on Shopify Exchange. Using this platform, you can effortlessly sell or acquire Shopify stores. You can also post your Shopify store for purchase and sale.

Without clicking on it, you can see monthly numbers like average revenue and profit. If it’s an eCommerce firm, it also represents the worth of its inventory.

In addition, your Shopify business can have a public or private listing. Furthermore, Shopify Exchange offers safe and secure transactions, as well as anonymous chat and money transfers through Escrow.

This is the recommended platform to buy and sell an online eCommerce business. You will be capable of buying and selling for free on this platform.

Shopify Exchange Pros

  • It gives away a free buyer’s guide
  • Access to useful data such as demographics, traffic, profit margin, and more
  • Shopify thoroughly examines online businesses in order to obtain reliable statistics and traffic information
  • You can use a private listing to hide your website’s name and URL.
  • It includes a free valuation tool

Shopify Exchange Cons

  • Majors only on Shopify websites
  • Listing fee involved
  • No broker option available

Shopify Exchange Pricing

In the same section where you enter your listing price, you’ll find the calculated service fee. This fee will be withdrawn from the final sale price agreed upon between you and the buyer.

The service price is made up of the Escrow fee and the projected Exchange fee, minus Escrow’s regular payout fee of $10.

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3. FE International

FE International Homepage - Buy and sell blogs

As a website broker, FE International has gone a long way since its inception in 2010. If you’ve spent any time on internet marketing boards like BHW, you’ll recognize Thomas Smale’s name.

The process of adding a website to the platform is relatively similar to that of other platforms. Purchasing a website or online business, on the other hand, is not as simple as using Empire Flippers or Flippa. This is understandable given that they work with companies in the mid-five to mid-seven figure bracket.

With credentials ranging from investment bankers to online entrepreneurs, technicians, and consultants, FE International has a team of 35 experts split among its headquarters in New York and regional offices in San Francisco, London, and Singapore.

They offer the best protection for both buyers and sellers by using escrow services to handle transactions. To proceed with the purchase, a few documents such as a Letter of Intent (LOI) and an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) are required.

These paper works may appear to be a pain, yet they contribute to the process of transparency. The buyer is charged a 2.5 percent fee (up to $1000) to offset part of the administrative costs. A one-percentage-point Escrow transaction fee is also divided among buyers and sellers.

Unlike other sites, there is no listing charge for sellers. Only after the business has been sold will a nominal fee be levied. You must retain exclusivity by not listing the company on any other marketplaces.

Overall, FE International is top on the list of best website brokers since it provides a secure and transparent platform for buying and selling online businesses.

FE International Pros

  • There are no upfront costs
  • A high rate of success
  • Strong ties with possible purchasers
  • Over ten years of experience
  • Higher pricing for listed websites
  • Free valuation
  • Escrow service available

International FE Cons

  • No explicit fees listed on their website
  • Only work with mid-range to top-range companies
  • They rarely respond to email inquiries
  • Paper works required before making a purchase

FE International Pricing

There are no upfront expenses with FE International. They only get paid if your website gets sold.

The commission fee charged by FE International fluctuates between 10-15% depending on the amount of the sale.

4. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers Homepage - Buy and sell blogs

Ultimately, if a website makes it to the marketplace, you can be quite certain it’s legitimate, which is why Empire Flipper’s websites tend to be on the higher end. For example, it’s not uncommon to see websites on Empire Flippers sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars.

Empire Flippers can help you with any internet business such as display adverts or affiliate businesses, eCommerce enterprises, Amazon FBA businesses, SaaS tools, and more.

Empire Flippers have a tiered compensation structure, with 15% for sales under $1 million and progressively reduced commissions as the deals get bigger, with 2% for sales over $10 million.

The company has a lot of fans and their appraisals are usually accurate. Finally, they assist you in determining the final listing price. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to conduct your own research on the value of your website and speak with as many brokerages as possible about your valuation.

To sell your internet business, fill out a form and send it to the Empire Flippers staff. They don’t accept just any website; they aim to stick to high-quality internet enterprises with legitimate figures.

If you wish to acquire an online business, you must first create an account and then submit your license and evidence of accessible finances to gain access to more information about available listings.

This is done by Empire Flippers to ensure that only genuine purchasers have access to thorough information about each site.

Empire Flippers Pros

  • There are approximately 25,000 buyers on the site
  • High listing multiple
  • They help you migrate your website after purchase
  • The platform is free from scammers
  • Accepts bitcoin as payment
  • There are listings from a variety of websites in a variety of areas.

Empire Flippers Cons

  • Requires a 5% down payment before a buyer may view a website URL
  • No suitable for low or mid-priced websites

Empire Flippers Pricing

The pricing structure at Empire Flippers varies between 2% and 15% of the ultimate sale price.

Commissions are calculated based on the price at which your website is sold.

  • 15% commission – For websites sold for $1 million or less
  • 12% commission – For websites sold between $1 million and $2 million
  • 8% commission – For websites sold between $2 million and $5 million
  • 5% commission – For websites sold between $5 million and $10 million
  • 2% commission – For any website sold for over $10 million

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5. Side Projectors

SideProjectors Homepage - Buy and sell blogs

The approach taken by Side Projectors is pretty unique. You can’t buy domains here; instead, you can buy side projects, which are usually in the form of websites.

People who have an idea but are unable to devote their time to it can sell it on this platform. It’s almost the same as selling a website.

They also sell PC and mobile applications. Your website can be used for more than just selling. It can also be used to find a co-founder. As well as exhibiting your project online for an immediate response from viewers.

It’s a pretty simple service with no showy aesthetic design. The crucial thing to keep in mind is that Side Projectors do not take any responsibility to protect you against scammers or oversee how money is transferred between two parties.

In the FAQs, they state that it is the users’ responsibility to exercise extreme caution while dealing with merchants.

You are not charged a fee to list with them. Your project can be submitted online. Furthermore, there is no way to access the featured section. They choose which websites are worthy of being featured in their featured area based on merit.

Side Projectors might be of great assistance to you if you’re looking for completely functional websites. However, its attractiveness is limited by the lack of a marketplace to buy and sell blogs/domains. Also, the platform lacks support for fraud prevention.

Side Projectors Pros

  • No listing fee available
  • You can look for projects depending on their types and categories
  • Accepts websites that are small to medium in size
  • On Slack, you can get real-time project deals
  • There are listings from a variety of niches
  • All of the websites are reviewed by Side Projectors’ moderators before they go public
  • Promotes high-quality listings on the newsletter, homepage, blog, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Buyers and sellers can communicate via direct messages

Side Projectors Cons

  • There is no vetting procedure in place

Side Projectors Pricing

Since it does not process payments, Side Projectors does not impose any buying or listing commissions. It’s essentially a platform that connects buyers and vendors.

6. Digital Exits

Digital Exits Homepage - Buy and sell blogs

Digital Exits is an online brokerage firm that specializes in selling internet enterprises. They work with companies with annual profits ranging from $250,000 to $5 million.

As a result, huge technology-oriented firms make up a significant portion of their clients. Digital Exits offers a distinct and diverse portfolio of purchasers due to their long-standing involvement in the business.

Jock Purtle and Robert Kale jointly manage Digital Exits. Both have extensive expertise and success in the fields of business acquisition, sale, and growth.

Robert Kale’s own business ventures have partnered with well-known brands like Costco and Nordstrom. The Los Angeles-based professional currently works with other businesses to assist them to achieve success through Digital Exits.

Since its beginning in 2014, this renowned brokerage organization has been in operation. According to internet reviews, Digital Exits’ employees’ analytical and proactive approach works fast and efficiently.

Digital Exits Pros

  • Has a premium buyer’s network
  • Good reputation
  • Assists buyers and sellers from all around the world
  • Organize the entire deal-making process.
  • There are no upfront costs
  • There is little to no paperwork required
  • Close rate of 94 percent
  • Completely confidential
  • Access to for-sale listings completed transactions, and testimonials
  • Opportunity to receive several offers from potential purchasers
  • Buyer education is available

Digital Exits Cons

  • Selling your online business might take up to 7 months on average, depending on the buyer and seller
  • It’s great for businesses that make between $250,000 and $5,000,000 in profit
  • Not suitable for small and medium-sized websites

Digital Exits Pricing

Digital Exits, unlike other brokerages, does not collect any upfront fees. It receives a percentage of your company’s entire sales price.

In your agency agreement, the brokerage specifies this percentage as well as other payment considerations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean to be a website broker?

A website broker is an individual or an organization that connects a website seller with a website buyer. A broker is paid a commission and listing fee after a deal is completed.

A broker can help a seller with the following:

  • Maintain the sellers’ privacy
  • Make the website accessible to potential buyers
  • Offer the seller a ballpark figure to go for
  • Make a proposal to the seller and submit it to them
  • Gather all necessary information for the buyer’s due diligence
  • Processes all required paperwork
  • Assist the seller in negotiating with prospective bidders
  • After-sales service for both the buyer and the seller

2. Who is going to buy your website?

There are a number of possible buyers for digital properties on the market. Many of them fall into one of the following identities as a result of their experiences:

Individuals in the corporate world– This is someone trying to purchase their first business. They are frequently a high-paid employee or C-level executive with an IRA, spare cash, savings, or SBA loan. They usually buy firms for up to $1 million.

Entrepreneurs – There are two types of entrepreneurs: online and offline. They’re usually on the lookout for a new firm to add to their portfolio or a new endeavor to start.

Companies that invest in private equity and media with the goal of retaining existing management and growing the business by taking various-sized shares in the company. They usually buy larger companies with a valuation of $5 million or more.

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3. What should you check for when purchasing a website?

Launching a digital business from the ground up may not appeal to everyone. Furthermore, purchasing an existing business has numerous advantages. However, the website you buy should have a track record of generating income and providing quick cash flow.

Here are a few things to think about when purchasing an online business:

  • Generating revenue
  • Potential for expansion
  • Expenses
  • Traffic on a monthly basis
  • Reason for sale

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Flipping websites can be a very profitable business. I can attest to this simply because I do it as well. I buy an undervalued website. Add value to it. Then I resell for a profit after some months.

Flipping a website is not as easy as it seems. However, if you know some fundamental rules, you could make a lot of money online by flipping websites. Not just that, if you are unable to devote sufficient time to your blog or website, you can sell it for a profit online.

When it comes to buying or selling an online business, many aspects come into play, including the size of the company, annual sales, marketing channels, branding, growth, KPIs, and more.

Here’s my verdict.

  • If you want to reach out to a global market, FE International is a great place to flip online businesses.
  • Flippa is a fantastic marketplace for buying and selling small companies and startups.
  • Digital Exits is a good option for major technology companies that need help with every part of the transaction.

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