18 Best Lead Generation Plugins To Boost Your Email List 1000x

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Are you looking for the best lead generation plugins to help you increase your email list subscribers and sign-up rate? If yes, this well-researched article will help you decide the best lead generation plugin that fits your needs.

Digital marketers confront a difficult problem in gathering high-quality leads. In fact, your job is incomplete even if you’ve designed a terrific, high-converting landing page.

It’s important you use one of the best lead generation plugins on your website if you want to grow your email list and take your business to the next level.

Choosing the right lead generation plugins can be overwhelming because there are many claiming to be the best.

We’ll talk about the best lead generation plugins in this post and help you figure out which one is the greatest fit for your needs.

Quick Review

Here are our picks for the best lead generation plugins to maintain an active presence:

Why Do You Need A Lead Generation Plugin?

An opt-in form is one of the most crucial components of your email marketing campaign since it can make or destroy it.

Although many email marketing tools allow you to develop opt-in forms on your website, they usually seem too generic and fail to capture your users’ interest.

However, with one of the lead generation plugins on your site, you can develop an eye-catching form that converts.

Here are a few of the advantages of using one of the best lead generation plugins:

Multiple opt-in types: A decent lead generation plugin will let you design a variety of conversion-optimized opt-in forms, including lightbox popups, floating bars, full-screen welcome mats, scroll boxes, and more.

Targeting options: It might be aggravating to bombard your visitors with popups. You can show popups and forms to the correct user at the appropriate moment if you utilize the proper targeting choices.

Seamless integration: All of the main email marketing platforms are simply integrated with a solid WordPress lead management system.

Now let’s have a look at some of the best lead generation plugins on the market to see how they may help you turn your website into a lead generator.

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Best Lead Generation Plugins For Your WordPress Website

1. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation plugins that lets you convert visitors into subscribers and customers, increasing the chances of your business expanding.

With its vast feature set, it provides marketers with an advantage when it comes to collecting leads.

You can begin by developing attractive campaigns using pre-made themes that have been shown to convert.

Lightbox popups, fullscreen welcome mats, slide-in scroll boxes, and within-line forms can all be built to help you get quality leads.

As an additional enhancement, you can use a countdown timer or coupon wheel to add a little fun to sign-ups and set up content lockers to reward loyal customers.

The plugin provides seamless integration with popular email marketing providers such as MailChimp, Drip, and SendinBlue.

Better yet, you can monitor progress as well as make changes to your forms from within the dashboard that shows you real-time progress updates.

OptinMonster Pros

  • Non-interruptive pop-up options
  • Plenty of customization choices
  • Adaptive pop-ups
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Content locker
  • Offer A/B testing
  • Excellent customer support
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Create specialized ads
  • Increase engagement with users
  • Content dripping
  • Geo-location targeting
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Unlimited pop-ups
  • Event countdown timer
  • Seamless integration with the major digital marketing tools

OptinMonster Cons

  • Setup can be confusing
  • Offer no free plan
  • Lack landing page builder

OptinMonster Pricing

Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth are the four price options available to users.

Page-level targeting, rudimentary integration, rudimentary reporting, and other features are included in the Basic plan.

The Plus package provides all of the basic capabilities plus A/B testing, complex integrations, and a few additional extras.

The Pro and Growth plans include the most features and are appropriate for 3 and 5 sites, respectively.

  • Basic: Starting at $14/month
  • Plus: Starting at $29/month
  • Pro: Starting at $47/month
  • Growth: Starting at $79/month

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2. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads best lead generation plugins
Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a popular lead-generating plugin that works within the WordPress admin to help you increase your email list.

You can design the following kind of high-converting opt-in forms using the pre-designed templates and simple drag-and-drop editor:

  • ThriveBox (popup lightbox)
  • Sticky ribbon
  • Inline forms
  • Slide-ins
  • Full-screen overlays
  • Content lock
  • Scroll mat
  • Yes/No multiple choice

This lead generation plugin enables you to develop mobile-friendly forms, 2-step opt-ins, or widgetized forms for display anywhere on your site.

You can display or hide certain elements of forms on mobile devices, or even entire forms.

Furthermore, you can also customize the appearance of your mobile forms.

Change the font, margins, button size, and more for any mobile device imaginable – laptop, tablet, and smartphone – and watch your conversions explode.

Thrive Leads Pros

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Send lead magnets to your subscribers
  • A/B Testing
  • Show different content to existing subscribers with Smartlinks
  • Multiple themed templates available
  • Various opt-in form types such as ribbon, widgets, inline, lightboxes, and slide-ins
  • Supports multi-state opt-in forms
  • Reporting dashboard for essential insights
  • Integrates with most popular email marketing services

Thrive Leads Cons

  • Lack of real-time behavior automation
  • Only works with WordPress
  • Some of the templates available are outdated

Thrive Leads Pricing

In comparison to others, this plugin offers a unique price approach. You pay a one-time license fee rather than an annual charge.

This costs $67 for a single website, $97 for five websites, and $147 for fifteen websites.

The price includes one year of service and unlimited updates. You may donate $40 to renew your support for another year.

Another alternative is to sign up for the Thrive Membership plan, which costs $19 a month and gives you to access to all Thrive plugins and themes.

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3. WPForms


WPForms is by far the most user-friendly contact form plugin available.

It connects your WordPress forms with your favorite email marketing platforms, making it simple to expand your email list.

You can simply design an excellent form in just a few minutes with its sophisticated drag and drop builder without touching a single line of code.

All of the forms you build will be fully responsive, which means they’ll look fantastic on phones, tablets, and computers.

Once you’ve created your form, you may work with the leads you’ve collected in a variety of ways.

All of your leads are saved in WPForms’ own entry manager, which you can access from the WordPress dashboard.

You can also automatically integrate your WPForms lists into your HubSpot CRM for labeling and segmentation if you’re using HubSpot.

WPForms Pros

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Easy to use interface
  • Create a survey/poll form
  • Pre-made form templates
  • Mobile responsive
  • Create a custom login or registration form
  • Powerful premium addon features
  • Spam protection
  • Helpful documentation articles

WPForms Cons

  • Lack of built-in instructions
  • The Elite plan is expensive
  • Lifetime plans not available
  • Inability to upload multiple files in forms at once

WPForms Pricing

Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite are the four price tiers offered by WPForms.

Unlimited forms, 1 year of support, and upgrades are included with the Basic plan.

The Plus package is good for three sites and includes everything in the Basic package.

Priority support and extensive connections with tools like Zapier and ActiveCampaign are available on the Pro and Elite plans, respectively.

  • Basic: Starting at $39.50/year
  • Plus: Starting at $99.50/year
  • Pro: Starting at $199.50/year
  • Elite: Starting at $299.50/year

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4. Hustle

hustle plugin

Hustle is a reliable and one of the best lead generation plugins that drastically boost your email list.

You can create and embed in-content opt-ins that can appear before, after, or both into your post content.

To display the in-content opt-ins in more specific locations, you can use shortcodes or widgets.

The fact that Hustle’s free edition includes all features and integrations is what sets it apart.

Hustle will automatically capture your leads and send them to your CRM if you’re using HubSpot plugin.

Alternatively, Hustle’s native HubSpot integration may be enabled.

However, the number of popups, embeds, slide-ins, and social share bars you may build in each installation are limited in the free edition.

It’s restricted to three of each, but that should do for most users.

Hustle Pros

  • Social sharing with floating social icons
  • Fully customizable designs
  • Live preview edits
  • Conversion rates overview
  • Smooth built-in display animations
  • Advanced triggering based visitor’s interaction with your web pages
  • Gutenberg’s support with Hustle blocks and widgets
  • Advanced analytics
  • Easy management dashboard
  • Integration with various email marketing tools

Hustle Cons

  • A/B Testing only comes with the premium version
  • Free version offer limited features

Hustle Pricing

With a few constraints, there is a free WordPress plugin available in the WordPress Repository that offers all of these capabilities.

WPMU DEV provides a $49/month Pro subscription.

Hustle is included, as well as the WPMU DEV Security Bundle, Performance Package, SmartCrawl SEO, Snapshot Pro for Backups, and all other WPMU DEV plugins.

These plugins are available to test for free for 30 days. This is an excellent way to see if Hustle and other tools are truly worth your money.

Why not give them a go since it won’t cost you anything? You have the option to cancel your membership before making your first payment.

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5. SeedProd

best lead generation plugins seedprod

When it comes to getting high-quality leads from your website, the importance of a high-converting landing page can not be overemphasized.

However, without making significant modifications to your theme, it’s difficult to build a totally distraction-free WordPress website. That is why SeedProd is required.

SeedProd is one of the powerful WordPress landing page builder plugins. Its fantastic drag-and-drop builder allows you to quickly create any type of landing page and publish it with only a few clicks.

The plugin includes a lot of features. Users can quickly edit the templates, blocks, and sections to fit your lead magnet or campaign.

SeedProd has over 100 ready-to-use landing page templates to help you create stunning sales pages, webinar pages, opt-in pages, and more. There’s also a Coming Soon Mode built-in, so you can start collecting leads even before your site is online.

SeedProd is a must-have lead generation plugin if you want more leads for your business. It conceals the WordPress header and footer from your lead capture form by default, allowing you to direct website visitors to a distraction-free area.

SeedProd Pros

  • Create landing pages from templates
  • Make webinar signup forms
  • Publish contact forms on your landing pages
  • Send leads directly to email marketing services
  • Increase FOMO with countdown timers
  • Make custom coming soon pages and maintenance mode pages
  • Show or hide pages for different roles or IP addresses
  • Publish landing pages for different domains from 1 WordPress install

SeedProd Cons

  • Made only for WordPress sites
  • Limited free version

SeedProd Pricing

Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite are the four various price levels offered by SeedProd.

You get to use the plugin on one site with the Basic package, which includes 100+ pro templates, email marketing integrations, one-year support, and more.

The Plus plan includes all of the features of the Basic plan, plus the ability to use the plugin on three different sites.

The Pro package is good for 5 sites, while the Elite package is good for an infinite number of sites.

Domain mapping is a feature included in both the Pro and Elite subscriptions.

  • Basic: Starting at $39.50/year
  • Plus: Starting at $99.50/year
  • Pro: Starting at $199.50/year
  • Elite: Starting at $239.60/year

6. Holler Box

holler-box best lead generation plugins

Holler Box is another one of the best lead generation plugins that focus on generating leads in an inconspicuous manner for WordPress sites.

This plugin connects easily with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads companies, but its capabilities may also be used by non-eCommerce businesses.

With simple notification boxes and live chat windows created to capture email addresses, the tool helps you create leads.

Holler Box has a total of seven distinct form kinds.

Additionally, if you have a WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads business, you can use genuine sales notification popups to offer true social proof, which is a terrific method to cultivate new leads.

Holler Box Pros

  • Offers free plan with multiple advanced features
  • Good customer support
  • Integrate with major email marketing platforms
  • eCommerce buy buttons
  • Low-cost plugin
  • Add unlimited popups
  • Exit-intent popups
  • Use shortcodes in your popups
  • Conversion rate analytics
  • Add forms and shortcodes to your popups
  • Little impact on memory usage
  • Minimal impact on page speed

Holler Box Cons

  • A bit pricey compared to other similar plugins
  • Support only includes emails

Holler Box Pricing

Holler Box’s core plugin is free to download and use. Upgrades to the Pro editions of Holler Box, on the other hand, unlock all premium features.

You will have access to Pro features (for $79) like:

  • The ability to provide content updates to customers.
  • More pop-up layouts and pop-up display triggers are available.
  • Advanced targeting for visitors, pages, and posts.
  • The ability to schedule pop-ups and banners to appear on a specific date and time.
  • Updates for premium plugins and access to premium support.

Furthermore, for an additional $20, you can enable sale notification features for your site to leverage social proof and FOMO to generate more sales.

As part of the top-tier Pro Bundle package, you’ll also get future premium add-ons and features for just 99 bucks.

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7. ConvertPro

convertpro best lead generation plugins

ConvertPro is a lead-generating and email opt-in plugin that allows you to master the art of improving website conversions.

Begin by utilizing the new, innovative drag and drop editor, which also allows you to edit in mobile view, ensuring that your forms appear correctly on smaller screens.

When you use this opt-in form solution, your site’s speed and performance will never suffer because it’s well optimized and loads lightning-fast, no matter what sort of campaigns you develop.

Using complex triggers, reach the appropriate individuals at the right time with the correct message:

  • Exit Intent: Show when someone is going to leave your website
  • Well-Timed: Shows at the time you specify
  • Welcome Message: Target visitors who are new to your site with a welcome message.
  • Enhance users engagement: Engage visitors who are idling
  • After Scroll: Designate a location on your page where people must scroll before seeing your message
  • After the content: Send a message to individuals who have shown an active interest in your material

ConvertPro interfaces integrate with a slew of third-party services, like AWeber, iContact, and MailerLite, to make email marketing a breeze.

In addition, you can choose to use Zapier or HubSpot to help handle leads and the sales process.

Because all ConvertPro templates are kept in the cloud, you only have to install and utilize the ones you need, and you’ll never have to worry about your site becoming bloated.

Finally, you can use real-time analytics to track campaign progress, combine campaigns with Google Analytics, and import data into your WordPress site, so you can view it from anywhere in the dashboard.

ConvertPro Pros

  • Good selection of templates
  • Drag & drop visual editor
  • Integrations with popular email providers
  • A/B split testing
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Import/export settings
  • White label branding
  • Advanced form trigger rules
  • Device targeting
  • Advanced page & taxonomy targeting

ConvertPro Cons

  • No Geolocation Targeting.
  • No Lightbox animations

ConvertPro Pricing

ConvertPro plugin can be used for unlimited websites for $99/year.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase the Lifetime version which $399. The price-to-value ratio is pretty good in this case.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a refund within 14 days. There is no free trial available.

8. OptimizePress


OptimizePress is one of the best lead generation plugins that has been around for quite some time. The whole plugin was redone from the ground up in version 3.

The new editor is quick and simple to operate. The integrated WordPress theme is also designed to help you create an email list.

Version 3 includes a large number of new templates, but you may always start from scratch if you wish.

You have the option of choosing which tools should be enabled on the front-end and back-end of your site using the new script & styles customizer.

For optimum performance, all are deactivated by default. More conversions equal faster page load times.

You can increase the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts by creating checkout pages and full sales funnels.

There’s also A/B testing and funnel analytics.

OptimizePress Pros

  • Drag & drop visual editor
  • 50+ customizable templates
  • Funnel builder with detailed analytics and A/B testing
  • Build optimized checkout pages with bump offers
  • Digital file delivery
  • Supports 1-Step and 2-Step Opt-in forms
  • Integrates with most email providers via API
  • Includes conversion-focused WordPress theme
  • Script & styles customized for improved performance
  • Monthly group coaching

OptimizePress Cons

  • Many of its templates are outdated
  • Support is apparently slow

OptimizePress Pricing

There are three pricing plans offered by the plugin:

Core: $97 / One-time payment. This plan is designed for individuals and solopreneurs just getting their business off the ground.

Publisher: $197 / One-time payment. If you are a marketing professional who works with a small team, this plan is suitable for you.

Pro: $297 / One-time payment. This package is designed for marketer who run more than 10 websites.

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10. Kali Forms

Kali forms

Kali Forms is well recognized for being a popular contact form plugin for WordPress. It may, however, be used as a lead generation plugin.

You may use every form you develop to create your email list thanks to its connections with email service providers like Sendfox, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and others.

Use its built-in templates to design contact forms, application forms, and order forms (that connect to Stripe and PayPal), all of which will add new members to your email list.

Furthermore, you can use an automated sequence to offer products/services to them.

The plugin’s blend of simplicity, functionality, and cost is one of its best features. The email integrations are usually hidden behind costlier plans in most contact form plugins.

Kali Forms is unique. You may integrate with the following services on the basic plan:

Furthermore, you have the option of creating multi-page forms, which are excellent for increasing conversions.

Anti-spam measures, conditional logic, and a lot more are available.

The option to modify how email notifications are received is another useful feature.

Kali Forms Pros

  • Easy-to-use form builder.
  • Built-in templates.
  • Conditional logic.
  • Multi-page forms.
  • Built-in spam protection.
  • PayPal and Stripe integrations
  • Integrations with popular email marketing services.
  • Slack integration.
  • SMS notifications.

Kali Forms Cons

  • Offer no free plan
  • No Gutenberg block option

Kali Forms Pricing

The Starter plan ($29 for one site) is designed for solopreneurs and small company owners who want to make the most of their WordPress form plugin.

The Freelancer plan ($49 for three sites) is ideal for folks who work for a small number of clients and wish to assist them to make more complicated multi-page forms.

This package, unlike the Starter, includes the HubSpot and Google Analytics add-ons.

In case you’re a fledgling business owner with several sites, the Small Business plan ($69 for 15) is your best option.

This plan includes all other features that have been excluded from previous packages, including Webhooks, Stripe connection, smart e-commerce, and more.

Finally, the Agency plan ($89 for unlimited sites) is ideal for agencies and corporations wishing to grow the form processes of the companies they work with on a regular basis.

11. MailOptin


When it comes to lead generation, MailOptin provides a somewhat different service than the competition.

On top of lead creation tools included in most other plugins, it adds automated newsletters and email automation.

All of this is contained in a single package. The price approach is also unique, and if it matches your demands, you may find it to be rather reasonable.

It’s a conversion optimization plugin that have the power to boost your lead generating efforts significantly.

MailOptin Pros

  • Intuitive form builder integrated with the WordPress Customizer
  • Features standard popups
  • A/B Testing
  • Advanced Analytics with Google Analytics integration
  • More than 30 CSS animation effects
  • Advanced triggering based on the scroll, click, time, pageview, referral, device, etc.
  • Integrate with major email marketing tools
  • Automated, segmented, and event-triggered emails
  • Scheduled Newsletters

MailOptin Cons

  • No free plan
  • Lack of features compared to other plugins
  • Completely web-based

MailOptin Pricing

The price is determined by the number of sites you plan to use with the plugin.

The Standard package is appropriate for you if you simply require this for one website and simply need one of the best lead generation plugins out there. The Standard package costs $69 a year.

The Pro package is $169 per year for three sites. The Agency plan, which includes unlimited sites, costs $269 per year. Do you see the benefit in terms of price?

Of course, you should test out what they have to offer before making a purchase. For that, you may use the Lite version, which has less functionality and is accessible in the WordPress source.

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12. Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect is a landing page builder plugin that makes it simple to design landing pages. There’s no need for a programmer or costly SaaS software.

There are over 150 landing page templates in their collection as of this writing, and it’s increasing. But what’s even better is that the templates are organized into Template Sets.

As an example, a landing page design may include a thank-you page and a confirmation page. This ensures that your branding remains constant.

There are two ways to generate leads; either the traditional 1-Step lead generation method or the conversion-boosting 2-Step method.

Use the built-in Thrive Lightbox functionality to accomplish the 2-Step Opt-in.

Thrive Architect Pros

  • 250+ templates ordered in sets to make branding easy
  • Drag-and-drop visual editor for easy customization
  • Create and reuse your saved templates
  • Good customer support and lifetime updates
  • Supports 1-Step and 2-Step opt-in forms
  • Add Thrive Leads opt-in forms to your landing pages
  • Integrates with most email providers via API and HTML forms
  • Mobile responsive designs

Thrive Architect Cons

  • Mobile landing page preview differs from the actual mobile design
  • Many of the templates are outdated

Thrive Architect Pricing

For only $228 a year (or $19 a month), you can opt for Thrive Suite membership to access all their plugins and themes.

You will receive lifetime support, updates and unlimited features for this price.

13. Optin Forms

optin forms

Fancy Themes’ Optin Forms is a free list-building plugin. It doesn’t have quite as many features as some of the more expensive WordPress plugins, but it’s an excellent place to start.

Optin Forms is a straightforward solution that anybody can set up and use right away. It isn’t complex in the least. You choose an email solution, a form design, and personalize the form’s look.

It has five pre-designed templates that you may personalize. All texts, fonts, and font sizes are editable. You can also choose to use the color picker to change the colors of any element.

Once your opt-in form is complete, you can decide where it should appear on your posts and pages, such as after the first paragraph or at the conclusion. Or have it appear just on certain topics and pages.

AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and ConvertKit are some of the most popular email marketing services supported by Optin Forms.

Optin Forms Pros

  • Easy setup
  • Fully customizable
  • Widget friendly
  • Targeted form placement
  • Mobile responsive
  • Integration with the major email services providers

Optin Forms Cons

  • Limited features compared to other lead generation plugins
  • Only works with WordPress

Optin Forms Pricing

Completely FREE.

14. Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum
Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is one of the best lead generation plugins designed specifically for lead generation.

The plugin promises to increase conversions by utilizing the most powerful marketing principle: scarcity.

We’re all frightened of missing out on something. We feel motivated to buy immediately when we notice the ‘limited deal’ or the countdown timer ticking away.

This plugin has a number of pre-made themes. The drag-and-drop visual editor makes it easy to customize any template.

Simply click to alter any element, including custom colors, backgrounds, fonts, and more.

It’s packed with the functionalities to handle any campaign. These include 7-Day Offers, Christmas Specials, and End-of-Month Specials.

The triggers that you can attach to each campaign make it even more potent. For instance, new subscriber campaigns or campaigns for first-time visitors.

Thrive Ultimatum Pros

  • Pre-made design templates which look good straight out of the box
  • Easy customization with the visual editor
  • Multiple campaign types
  • Countdown timer
  • Time zones supported
  • Multiple trigger types
  • Mobile responsive designs

Thrive Ultimatum Cons

  • For even better functionality, Thrive Leads integration is required
  • It takes longer to set up advanced features

Thrive Ultimatum Pricing

A Thrive Suite purchase of $90/quarter is required to use the plugin.

It comes with the whole Thrive Suite, including Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Optimize, and Thrive Quiz Builder.

Alternatively, for only $228 a year (or $19 a month), you can opt for Thrive Suite membership to access all their plugins and themes.

You will receive lifetime support, updates and unlimited features for this price.

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15. Sumo


Sumo is one of the best lead generation plugins on my list that can help you expand your email list, enhance conversions, and increase revenues from your website.

It’s a freemium conversion rate optimization program that operates on a subscription basis.

A basic version is accessible for free as a WordPress plugin, and you can decide to upgrade to Pro for enhanced functionality.

Sumo is a good choice for small businesses that need a few email collecting capabilities like autoresponders, visitor targeting, and email campaigns.

However, because the free plan is restricted to 200 members, you’ll quickly run out of space if your business expands.

Sumo Pros

  • Email opt-in forms
  • Fully customizable design
  • Adds social media share buttons on your website
  • Automated email drips along with welcome email
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Supports different types of Listbuilder popups
  • Good customer support
  • A/B Tests
  • No Sumo Branding
  • Ecommerce design templates

Sumo Cons

  • Free version includes visitor-facing branding
  • Premium plans relatively expensive

Sumo Pricing

There are four Sumo Pro price options to select from, in addition to the free service:

  • Small: $29 /month for up to 5k monthly website visits.
  • Medium: $59 /month for up to 50k monthly website visits.
  • Big: $119 /month for up to 500k monthly website visits.
  • Sumo: unlimited usage. You will have to contact their team for pricing.

16. Elementor Pop Builder

Elementor popup builder

Elementor is a popular drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress that is free. When you upgrade to Elementor Pro, you’ll also get the Popup builder included.

With Elementor Popup Builder, you get the simplicity and attractiveness of Elementor. There are more than 2 million active downloads of Elementor.

Pop-ups are given the same capability by the Popup builder It is in no way inferior to its competitors, with over 100 beautiful popup designs, complex form types, triggers, and customizations.

It also offers a reasonable price structure.

Elementor Pop Builder Pros

  • Variety of pop-ups available
  • Content lock and announcement feature
  • Unlimited page views
  • More than 100 Elementor widgets to help you create the perfect form
  • Style controls with flexible responsive layout
  • Set advanced triggering per page load, click, scroll, exit intent, inactivity, etc
  • Integration with major email marketing tools

Elementor Pop Builder Cons

  • No two-stage pop-ups
  • Lack of A/B testing
  • Lack of analytics
  • Limited number of integrations

Elementor Pop Builder Pricing

Elementor Popup Builder is included in the Elementor bundle, which also contains Theme Builder and WooCommerce Builder.

Personal, Business, and Unlimited are the three options.

The characteristics of all three are the same. However, the only difference is the number of sites that the plugin may be used on.

Each subscription comes with 50+ Pro widgets, 300+ Pro templates, one year of support, and updates.

For a single site, the Personal plan is $49 per year. The Business version is $99 per year and allows you to use the plugin on three different sites.

If you have more than three websites, the Limitless plan, which costs $199 a year and allows you to access unlimited sites, is a good option.

With this plugin, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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17. ConvertPlus


ConvertPlus is another famous Envato Market plugin. It calls itself an “all-in-one and most cost-effective WordPress popup plugin.”

You can make use of their pre-made designs and layouts, which are completely editable. You may also start from the beginning.

The straightforward interface requires no technical skills to create a campaign, adjust a design to your needs, configure triggers and filters, publish a module, and track its performance.

This is a well-liked plugin with a lot of features.

ConvertPlus Pros

  • Exit Intent technology
  • Two-step opt-ins
  • A/B testing
  • Inexpensive
  • Detailed conversion statistics
  • More than 100 ready-made templates
  • Variety of pop-ups available
  • Advanced triggering
  • Seamless integration with a good deal of email marketing tools
  • The software’s import/export capability allows you to use it on numerous websites

ConvertPlus Cons

  • No free plan
  • Confusion with ConvertPlus and Convert Pro

ConvertPlus Pricing

The price of $24 for a Regular license is the most important takeaway.

This pricing includes all future upgrades as well as 6 months of support. This is a one-time charge.

ConvertPlus is a full-featured lead generation plugins that are both user-friendly and cost-effective.

18. Optinly

best lead generation plugins optinly

Optinly is a WordPress lead generation plugin that makes it simple to increase your email list.

The goal-based approach to campaign building is what sets this plugin apart.

You choose a marketing goal and an appropriate popup template before launching your campaign.

You can design a wide range of pop-ups with the plugin, including:

  • Fullscreen overlays
  • Sidebar widgets
  • Floating bars
  • Notification popups 
  • Gamification popups

Exit intent, time delay, page-based, and device-based are some of the mechanisms for triggering a popup in the tool.

Using the re-targeting settings menu, you can also show popups to the same visitor after a set number of days.

With Optinly’s user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, you may make practically any adjustment.

With animation options like fade-in, zoom, and flip-in, you can immediately grab a visitor’s attention with your popups.

HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber are just a few of the email marketing systems that can be readily integrated with Optinly.

Optinly Pros

  • Variety of advanced triggering options
  • Many pop-up form options
  • In-built pop-up builder
  • Seamless integration services
  • Templates you can readily use
  • Customer support to help you solve problems
  • Exit-intent technology feature enabled
  • Game pop-ups

Optinly Cons

  • Offer no free version
  • Lack lead notifications

Optinly Pricing

The free version of Optinly is available to all interested users, and the Pro version is also available. This is how the pricing for Optinly looks:

  • Free version (Free lifetime access – no credit card needed)
  • Growth plan – $25/ month (Excellent for growing businesses)


How can I automate lead generation using SEO?

It is vital to identify the right keywords for your business before you can figure out how to generate leads through SEO.

By engaging with relevant keywords, you can gain a competitive advantage, so don’t limit your options.

Incorporate keywords that you’ve selected into your content to ensure the search engines are able to find them.

The fact is that using the specific keywords that are most relevant to your business will produce much better results than general terms.

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What is the best Lead Nurturing solution for B2B?

The HubSpot platform is known as one of the best lead generation plugin with a plethora of features to help you capture leads and nurture them. HubSpot helps you gather and analyze data on your leads to help you nurture them into well-qualified leads.

Furthermore, you can capture and score leads based on their actions, automatically send emails, manage and track activity history to find the best time to reach out next and more.

What is a Lead Conversion Funnel?

A Lead Conversion Funnel is a sequence of steps that web visitors can go through to become buyers.

This funnel starts with traffic Sources (where the potential customers come from), moves to a Landing Page (an organized set of value proposition, benefits, and call to action designed to encourage action from the visitor).

From that to an Initial Conversation (a phone call or email initial contact between the customer and sales rep), which leads to information gathering, analysis, and proposal, where the customer is eventually qualified as a lead.

The lead becomes a customer when a sale is completed.

What makes a good lead magnet?

Every lead magnet should have, at the very least, a strong headline. The lead magnet headline is the first thing people see and will determine whether or not you get any attention.

If you currently have many subscribers to your list but no opt-ins, then it might be time to try a few different headlines.


As you can see, not all lead generating plugins for WordPress are created equal. Some offer a full range of functionality, while others are more akin to opt-in form libraries.

However, overall, OptinMonster is the best, fastest and most effective lead generation plugin to build an email list. You’ll find that the lead generation system has all the functionality you’d expect.

You’ll find it quite useful for turning your abandoned visitors into email subscribers, whether you run an eCommerce site, a company website, or a simple blog.

OptinMonster is a stand-alone application that may be used on any website.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a WordPress blog, a Shopify store, an HTML website, or something completely else.

If you want to know more about OptiMonster, read my comprehensive OptinMonster review here.

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