9 Best Video Hosting Sites To Store Large Media Files

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Do you want to know where to find the top video hosting sites for bloggers, marketers, and business websites?

Merely uploading movies to your website consumes a lot of server bandwidth.  That’s why clever business owners submit videos to video hosting websites, which they can then effortlessly embed in WordPress without hurting performance.

We’ll go over some of the best video hosting sites for bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs in this article.

Let’s begin…

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Quick Review

If you are short on time and just want what the best video hosting sites are, the list below is your best bet.

9 Best Video Hosting Sites

1. YouTube

YouTube Homepage

YouTube is quite certainly the most popular video-sharing and hosting platform on the internet. Hardly anything comes close to the 2.3 billion logged-in users that visit YouTube each month.

However, this does not imply that it is the greatest option for hosting your video online.

It’s difficult for a content provider to go wrong with the potential to tap into YouTube’s enormous innate audience via suggestions and search.

There is really no cap on the amount of content you can save or the available bandwidth you can use, and users can upload single recordings of up to 128 GB. Users of the platform can also profit from the advertising money generated by their videos.

However, if you’re a business, you’re stuck with a boring, branded iframe player as your sole option for embedding the video onto your website.

Although YouTube videos can be an important element of your content marketing approach, they aren’t the best option for hosting premium training videos, reviews, or testimonials.

Let’s take a closer look at their benefits and drawbacks.

YouTube Pros

  • Regarding your video files, you can get unlimited cloud storage for free
  • With 2.3 billion users, YouTube offers industry-leading audience-building options through suggestions, YouTube search, recommendation, and subscriptions
  • Your videos are not visible to the public when they are set to private or unlisted
  • Using specially produced iframe codes, you can quickly insert videos

YouTube Cons

  • Only has basic embedding options
  • Even with commercial information embedded on your website, advertisements will play automatically
  • Each video has a list of suggested videos at the end
  • Without a third-party provider, there are no download alternatives
  • When implementing fair use guidelines, there may be concerns with copyright

YouTube Pricing

YouTube is a completely free platform to utilize.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo Homepage

Vimeo is a video distribution and streaming service aimed towards creative professionals and corporations that is frequently compared to YouTube.

Despite having significantly less traffic than YouTube, Vimeo has a reputation for presenting higher-quality material and providing a better experience for both users and marketers.

After your footage, there is no advertising or suggestions. Videos look fantastic and load fast, and embeds can be adjusted to match the style of your website.

The Basic membership allows you to use Vimeo for free; this gives you 500 megabytes of upload capacity every week, up to 5GB of total memory, unlimited bandwidth, and a few more basic features.

Unlimited screen and webcam recording, ability to create videos with custom branding, customization features for your video player, in-video CTAs and lead generation tools, and Google Analytics integrations are all included in Vimeo’s subscription plans. You won’t have to worry about bandwidth constraints or clumsy embeds, irrespective of your plan.

All of this combines to make Vimeo an excellent bridge between YouTube and the more business-focused sites we’ll examine later.

Vimeo Pros

  • Ability to host a live streaming
  • Even with free subscriptions, ad-free video uploads are available
  • There is a free plan available
  • While there is global dissemination, some sites can be restricted from showing your content
  • Team collaboration
  • Built-in social media connectors that work well
  • There’s also the opportunity to sell or rent your movies, as well as premium member privacy options
  • Editing of video on their platform
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

Vimeo Cons

  • The free plan lacks the majority of business features
  • There is a smaller audience
  • The basic plan has a weekly upload restriction of 500MB

Vimeo Pricing

Vimeo Pricing

Vimeo has four pricing tiers:

  • Plus – It’s only $7 each month. It comes with 5GB per week, 250GB per year, and only supports one user
  • Pro – This is available for $20 a month as a Pro. It includes 20GB each week, 1TB per year, and three team members
  • Business – This is $50 per month. It has no weekly limitations, 5TB of total storage, and can accommodate up to 10 team members
  • Premium – The monthly fee is $75. It includes unlimited live streaming, 7TB of total storage, and the ability to support an unlimited number of live viewers

A free Basic plan is also available, which allows you to test out Vimeo’s features without paying a dime.

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3. Dailymotion

Dailymotion Homepage

Dailymotion is a fantastic alternative to YouTube, despite having a lower viewership than the video behemoth.

But wait for a second: does a fewer audience imply less competition?  That’s exactly what it means.

You’ll have an easier time getting your business up and running and attracting your own following.

Let us discuss the platform’s free plan, yes it does have one available.

If your demands are simple, the free plan includes all of the tools you’ll need to build an audience. You can, for example, modify your video, start a channel, include social network links, and make feature videos.

Although ads come at the end of your video, which is a comfort compared to YouTube, which floods the viewer with ads from the outset.

Furthermore, there are no storage or bandwidth restrictions, though videos ought not to surpass 2GB or be more than 60 minutes.

Dailymotion Pros

  • Video hosting is completely free and unlimited
  • There is an option to make your videos password-protected or even private
  • Some audience-building opportunities with less competition
  • When contrasted to YouTube, the benefits of choosing Dailymotion to host videos are minor
  • As there is less competition, you may find it easier to create a following from scratch, but the possibility for expansion is much less

Dailymotion Cons

  • Total viewership is smaller than on YouTube
  • Maximum file sizes are less
  • You won’t be able to download your videos unless you use a third-party service
  • Before, between, and after videos, ads are automatically played

Dailymotion Pricing

Dailymotion is a 100% free platform to use.

4. SproutVideo

Sproutvideo Homepage

SproutVideo is another business-focused video hosting provider with capabilities to help marketing teams monitor interaction and acquire new customers. It allows you to use a customized player to embed on your website, videos that are ad-free.

Social sharing buttons, lead capture forms, and CTAs may all be turned on and off in videos. You can create playlists for training series and online courses, unlike some of the other options on this list.

With built-in interaction tools, you can share your analytics with your team and put everything in line with an audit trail of activities.

While the services provided by SproutVideo are equivalent to those provided by Wistia, this service has more price options, two of which are less expensive than Wistia’s single $99/year plan.

SproutVideo Pros

  • Ability to collect leads from the video itself
  • Viewers can enjoy seamless playback thanks to automatic bandwidth identification and resolution adjustment
  • Comprehensive video analytics will provide you with more information
  • Audit logs help you keep track of changes
  • Permissions depending on roles
  • Create an endless number of distinct video players
  • Playlists created specifically for you
  • Small firms and solopreneurs might consider this alternative
  • It comes with a 30 days free trial

SproutVideo Cons

  • Complexity
  • Existence of a bandwidth restriction
  • There is no platform audience
  • Using it is costly

SproutVideo Pricing

Sproutvideo Pricing

SproutVideo offers four different plans.

  • Seed – This costs $24.99 per month and includes no login-protected viewers as well as support for three team members
  • Sprout – This costs $59.99 a month and includes 125 password-protected viewing accounts as well as support for 5 team members
  • Tree – This costs $199.99 per month and includes 500 password-protected viewing accounts as well as assistance for 15 team members
  • Forest – This costs $499.99 a month and includes unlimited password-protected viewer accounts as well as support for 50 team members

5. Wistia

Wistia Homepage

Wistia is a digital marketing platform rather than a video storage platform. Users can employ it to post and embed videos on their website, but it isn’t Wistia’s main selling point.

Ads will never appear on Wistia videos, just like they do on YouTube. Advanced interaction and analytics tools are also available on this video hosting platform.

Wistia users can add interaction options such as call-to-action buttons and email forms. On Wistia, these are known as turnstiles.  The chapter feature of Wistia’s engagement tools is where they excel.

Users can use chapters to highlight sections of the video that contain section breaks or areas of relevance to the viewer. Viewers will subsequently be able to move through longer content with ease.

Wistia also provides rich video analytics, such as viewer history, heat maps, and A/B testing, to help you better guide your efforts.

While Wistia’s plans are dependent on the number of videos posted, most of their features prioritize your viewers. These features include a fantastic user interface as well as features such as channels, up-next videos, and resumable content for users who exit a page and return.

Wistia Pros

  • There are no advertisements
  • Video tools that are interactive
  • Embed player with complete customization
  • Showcase some of your channel’s other videos which mean that there are no external video recommendations
  • Create Facebook/Instagram custom audiences
  • Capture leads from the video itself
  • Individualized branding
  • Integrations with CRM

Wistia Cons

  • Too expensive
  • The free plan is extremely limited
  • There is no built-in audience

Wistia Pricing

Wistia Pricing

Wistia has three different pricing tiers:

  • Free – This service is completely free, including Wistia branding on your video, and allows you to embed up to three free videos or podcast episodes anywhere
  • Pro – This costs $99 a month and includes the ability to customize the video player with your own branding as well as 10 free videos or podcast episodes to embed anywhere
  • Advanced – $399 a month, includes the ability to customize the video player with your own logo, 1 premium integration with Pardot, HubSpot, or Marketo, and 100 free videos or podcast episodes to embed anywhere

6. Brightcove

Brightcove Homepage

Although you may not be familiar with Brightcove, this corporate video hosting service is used by large brands such as Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Burberry, McDonald’s, and Adobe.

Brightcove specializes in creating innovative, adaptable ways to incorporate video into your enterprise’s marketing and content distribution initiatives.

Brightcove’s main product, Video Cloud, is one of the company’s many offerings. This video publishing platform promises customizable, dependable, and secure video streams with high quality and performance.

Brightcove also offers video marketing solutions, which include extensive analytics, social posting, live streams, and integrations with marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot. You can blend these features to create a stunning video experience and attract even more viewers.

Smaller companies and those just starting with video will likely be unable to justify Brightcove’s pricing and will be better served by the other solutions on this list. Brightcove, on the other hand, should be on the map of businesses trying to improve their video game.

Brightcove Pros

  • You’ll be able to manage and market your own video ad inventory
  • Great support
  • Stream live video to your website or app
  • Compatibility for advanced marketing automation
  • A content management system that is suitable for businesses

Brightcove Cons

  • Expensive
  • Complexity

Brightcove Pricing

Since pricing is not displayed on their website, you’ll have to contact sales to find out how much it costs to use this fantastic video hosting platform.

7. Cincopa

Cincopa Homepage

Cincopa is a digital asset management system that also provides dynamic video hosting services.

You can make bespoke videos, send them via email, embed videos on your website, and use powerful analytics to understand your viewers’ activities in real-time.

Cincopa’s HTML5 player may be customized to give extreme 4K video quality. It’s simple to add a logo, alter the player color, set speed controls, queue playlists, and more.

In addition, the platform allows you to integrate your videos in email and marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot. Even still, you may use on-video forms, email collectors, and call to action to increase your marketing efforts.

But wait, there’s more!

The platform has unrivaled live-streaming capabilities, with the potential to accommodate many thousands of people.

You can also arrange your videos into chapters, sessions, and seasons, which is even better. Cincopa video galleries work with most content management systems, including WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, and WooCommerce.

Cincopa Pros

  • Uploading, managing, and embedding videos has never been easier
  • Make your own logo
  • Trial period of 30 days
  • Add annotations and call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Heatmaps and improved analytics, measurements, and insights
  • Videos that can be found by searching
  • Asset classification, sharing, and a well-stocked library are all available
  • Management of metadata
  • In only a few clicks, you may create video channels

Cincopa Cons

  • Depending on how much media you have, file storage constraints may be an issue
  • User interface that is clumsy
  • Bandwidth restrictions
  • The platform may be unreliable
  • Tools for organization are limited
  • Documentation and instructional materials are scarce

Cincopa Pricing

Cincopa has three distinct pricing plans to choose from:

Cincopa Pricing
  • Plus: $25/month; offers 100GB of monthly bandwidth, one team user, 2GB file size limit, 200 audios, 40 movies, and no password protection
  • Corporate: $99/month; provides unlimited monthly bandwidth, ten team users, a 10GB file size limit, and password protection for up to 200 audio and video files
  • Agency/Enterprise: $350/month; includes unlimited monthly bandwidth, 50 team users, 30GB file size, unlimited audio and video files, and password protection

8. Vidyard

Vidyard Homepage

This is a video hosting site for corporations that allows you to get data on user behavior.

Vidyard, like some of the other options on this list, is an ad-free video hosting service that allows you to post videos on your website and elsewhere.

Customers of Vidyard can record and publish an infinite amount of videos, in addition to basic editing functions, powerful video analytics, and automatic transcription services.

While free users are restricted to 5 embeds, you would rarely have to think about file size or administration, which is a significant benefit.

Users may embed additional videos and implement forms and calls-to-action right in their videos to collect lead information with their premium plans, effortlessly integrating video with nurture efforts.

Vidyard is a top-to-bottom solution because sales representatives can deliver short, customized films to their prospects via the Vidyard Chrome extension GoVideo.

Vidyard’s key value proposition to marketers is customized video, which is still a fairly new medium.

Users can take data from their CRM and insert it straight into videos with this functionality, which requires bespoke pricing. A viewer can watch your video and see their name, employment, or any other data from their contact record show in real-time.

This video hosting site also hosts HubSpot videos, which are accessible to anyone with a HubSpot professional or enterprise account.

Vidyard Pros

  • It is undeniably a marketing-focused service for increased conversions.
  • Teams of marketers and salesmen
  • Viewer interaction, history, and attention span are all included in the detailed metrics.
  • Other business software integrations
  • Custom calls to action and A/B testing for multiple video thumbnails are simple to implement.

Vidyard Cons

  • Unpredictable user experience
  • A backend that is difficult to understand
  • There is no support for China.

Vidyard Pricing

Vidyard offers two different price plans. That is to say:

  • For individuals
  • For Groups
Vidyard Pricing
1. Packages for Individuals

Free Forever: Free; includes limitless recording and uploads, as well as sharing via social media, email, and other methods.

Pro Package: $15/month for the Pro Package, which includes password protection and the ability to set a call-to-action for your films.

2. Packages for Teams

Teams Package: $300 per month; includes access for three or more users, comprehensive video analytics, and unique branding.

Business Package: $1250/month for a Business Package that includes access for 5+ users, CRM/MAP connection, and fully configurable video CTAs.

9. Jetpack

Jetpack Homepage

Before now, has it ever come to your reasoning that by combining a Jetpack subscription plan with a WordPress.com account, you can obtain ad-free video hosting in a WordPress-only environment?

You can also embed these videos on your blogs by simply inserting an embed code. Furthermore, because the movies are kept on WordPress.com servers, they won’t take up any of your hard drive space.

While the Premium version of Jetpack has a memory limit, the Professional version does not. You can also enable privacy settings on these plans.

When you upgrade, VideoPress is immediately added to your account, with no additional charges for bandwidth consumption or a limit on the number of video plays. VideoPress is a simple video player that was created with WordPress in mind.

It lets you host and embed videos on your website, and it supports files up to 1GB in size.

Jetpack Pros

  • Video hosting solution for WordPress that is completely ad-free and highly optimized
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • Multiple video formats are supported by the ad-free video player
  • In your article, you can make videos autoplay and specify video container size limits
  • It also works with the media library and posts editor directly
  • You may preview videos and apply custom styling with CSS

Jetpack Cons

  • Other premium videos hosting sites have more advanced capabilities
  • There isn’t a ready-made audience to tap into

Jetpack Pricing

Jetpack is available in three different price plans.

Jetpack Pricing

The prices displayed above are for a yearly payment.

Backup Daily: For $4.77, you get daily automated off-site backups, unlimited site storage, and one-click recoveries.

Security Daily: For $11.97, you get all of Backup Daily’s capabilities, as well as comment and form protection, daily and automated scanning, and unlimited video hosting.

Complete: For $47.97, you get everything Security Daily has to offer, including real-time and off-site backup, real-time and automatic scans, site search for up to 100k records, and CRM: Entrepreneur bundle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the definition of video hosting?

Video hosting is the method of storing videos on high-performance web servers that are both reliable and resource-rich, with the goal of delivering those videos to viewers.

Video hosting is designed to display video content that may be streamed or downloaded, as well as live-streamed.

2. How much does a video hosting server set you back?

Monthly fees for cloud-based video hosting servers can range from free to under $100 per month, depending on your needs and the amount of storage or functionality given.

Hosting for an on-site server can be significantly more expensive upfront, and the continuing costs are likely to be significantly higher. Furthermore, hosting your video on your own server carries a number of hazards, including the possibility of an outage, server failure, and a shortage of server space.

3. Is Rumble a better alternative to YouTube?

YouTube has a larger audience, faster servers, and greater monetization. Rumble is considerably superior in terms of free expression and assisting smaller content creators in gaining attention. Both systems provide dependable streaming and uploads, and the decision is based on personal preference and ideology.

4. Can I use WordPress to host videos?


WordPress may be used to host videos. It allows you to store content, including videos, because it is a CMS. By installing and setting the appropriate plugins, WordPress now allows you to stream films.

However, because the WordPress CMS is not designed for video-heavy content, a CDN can be a valuable addition.


I hope you enjoyed reading about how the incredible list of the best video hosting sites listed above can benefit you and help you achieve celebrity status like Pewdiepie.

In brief, the ideal video hosting platform for you is determined by your requirements and financial constraints.

For example, if you want to attract traffic to your website and improve your Google rankings, use YouTube.

If you’re a creative professional looking for a place to share your unique short videos or nature clips, Vimeo is a great place to start.

Wistia and its comprehensive capabilities make it a top choice for organizations and successful web businesses, while Dailymotion may help you increase traffic by acting as a second distribution channel.

There are numerous solutions available to you. There are lots of other vendors to choose from in addition to the nine on our list.

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