60 Blog Post Ideas For Entrepreneurs, Marketers, And Businesses

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Ever sat down to make a business post and you turned blank?

Are you currently out of ideas for your blog and looking for innovations?

Worried your audience will soon get bored and opt out?

Don’t panic, here’s your ‘Fairy Godmother’ to the rescue.

You are just in the right place as I will be giving you some ideas to help create your content. They have been proven to spike the interest of people, retain their attention, and further generate massive traffic when properly utilized. These ideas include;

  1. Make an educative post teaching them something new. It may be either an old or a new recipe you just discovered, or any post you find engaging. These posts are easily sought after not just by your audience, but by most internet users. The headline should read ‘how to…’
  2. Host a giveaway on your page. This has been proven to generate massive engagements and traffic. I mean, who wouldn’t want to win something at zero cost?
  3. Feature a customer’s story on your blog.
  4. Give trending news in your business that you feel will excite your audience.
  5. Lock the content of your post. This way, a reader will have to either like or share it to view the full content.
  6. Keep your target audience updated by displaying new features or services you render.
  7. If need be, make a protest post on what is going on in your business.
  8. Your audience wants to meet the brains behind the blog. Give them that. Make a post about a staff in your team. This excites the audience and draws them closer.
  9. Make posts promoting your webinars. It helps ensure a high attendance rate.
  10. Run a relevant experiment on your product or service.
  11. Blog about your product competition.
  12. Be transparent and show when you fail.
  13. Update your readers on things done behind-the-scenes in your business.
  14. What other way to engage your audience than to share your own mistakes. Now, while this might generate massive traffic, ensure it isn’t click-bait and will not negatively affect your business.
  15. Make a post on the thoughts of different experts in your industry.
  16. Do a giveaway post. It increases traffic.
  17. Create sporadic seasonal posts and liken them to your product or service.
  18. Show a real person’s success using your product or service as it helps show how valuable your product or service is.
  19. If you just recruited a new team member, make a post welcoming them.
  20. Make a tutorial post on your product usage.
  21. Make posts on trending topics and gossips. Everyone wants to be current. What better way to boost your engagement than to give them these topics.
  22. Blog the success story of a customer.
  23. Conduct a quiz. It’s exciting, engaging, and helps you understand your audience better.
  24. Blog on a detailed list of stats.
  25. Make a post thanking your customers for their continuous patronage. A great way to thank your customers is to blog about it. Without them your product or service might not exist, right?
  26. Make a post reviewing non-competitive products.
  27. Make a blog post via video.
  28. Make a post showing how your product is used by customers. This will get good feedback as humans are naturally curious.
  29. Get experts in your industry to write a guest post for your blog.
  30. Post a roundup for the month/year on your business or product.
  31. Get interactive with your audience by doing a survey of your product usage and then publishing the results.
  32. Tell an interesting and detailed story.
  33. Blog on news and statistics in your industry that relate to your audience.
  34. Write a history of your industry or business. This garners respect from the audience.
  35. Blog on a common problem in your industry/product and give answers.
  36. Make a post answering questions frequently asked by your audience.
  37. Give your audience true value and share valuable tips by interviewing an expert in your industry.
  38. Create a takeaway post. Give your opinion on certain issues.
  39. Post about common myths in your industry, dismissing them.
  40. Post a topic and create a cheat sheet from it.
  41. If your product review or rating is high, why aren’t you already blogging about it? Get to work!
  42. Interview an influencer.
  43. Make a post possibly offering to help readers with their problems and challenges.
  44. Post an open letter to your audience stating your position on a particular topic.
  45. Blog on the pros and cons of using your product or service.
  46. Do a series post on how you use your product.
  47. Blog on annual events relating them to your product or service.
  48. Make a post reviewing other products.
  49. Feature a customer and their problem and also proffer solutions. This gives your audience a sense of belonging as they can relate to the topic in question.
  50. Compare the post with something unrelated.
  51. Make a post showing your audience what a typical day looks like for you. This heightens their interest in you.
  52. Blog on activities carried out behind-the-scene.
  53. Blog on a topic series.
  54. Make a weekly news recap post. It should cover the events of the week.
  55. Focus on key people in your business by blogging about them
  56. Compare two popular and similar products.
  57. Make a post on an update or past problem relating to your products.
  58. Blog on your favorite products. They mustn’t necessarily be yours.
  59. If something big happens in your business, post and rant about it.
  60. Organize a project or challenge and allow your audience to see what happens backstage. You can make it in the form of either a personal or collaboration project.


Create a content calendar! It will help you regulate and vary blog posts you publish.

Ensure you have a catchy headline. That’s the motivation to click on your post.

Excited and eager to begin, right? I am too.