4 Ways To Take Your Blogging Business Goals From Okay To Awesome

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Having a goal as a blogger is of utmost importance. When it comes to business and life in general, having a goal is a basic requirement for one to move forward in life as without them, our lives will be laced up with unachieved dreams and aspirations.

You had a goal when you first began blogging, didn’t you? We all did! Over time, these goals are enhanced and doggedly achieved to our utmost satisfaction.

Now, it isn’t enough to just have stipulated goals you hope to achieve, you also need to make them great for extraordinary results. But then, how do you do this?

It’s quite simple really! All you need to do is to identify and analyze your goals for relevance, prioritize them based on a scale of preference, and craft either a daily or weekly system to give them lasting relevance.

It isn’t enough to just create your goals. What are your thoughts towards achieving them? What plans do you have for these goals? The truth is that while 20% of your time will likely be spent creating goals, you will need to spend about 80% of the time making these goals happen.

In this post, I have listed four ways you can take your goals from being merely good to outstandingly great.

Shall we begin?

1. Identify the ideal goals

It is never okay to chase unnecessary goals and dreams. You want to go chasing the right ones, but then you don’t even know what the right goal is. Ask yourself what unique thing you can do that will make your blogging business stand out and make other things to count as unimportant.

You already have your goals drafted out I presume! Ask yourself whether each of them is truly needed for the growth and development of your business. Measure your goals by asking yourself certain specific questions to help bring clarity and get you focused on the right goals. Craft a scale of preference to identify the goals that are most important and then focus on achieving them first.

2. Never multitask your goals

The worst thing you can do to yourself as a blogger and individual is to try doing too much at the same time. I know you have a bucket list of goals and can’t wait to begin achieving them, but I can tell you for free that trying to multitask and achieve them simultaneously can be disastrous in the long run. Truth be told, it is not every time that a stone will kill two birds! Sometimes, we lose both due to our clogged minds.

When you make the mistake of trying to multitask, you not only end up not achieving your goals, but also stress your brain unnecessarily and become ineffective. Multitasking here shouldn’t be confused with our normal daily activities. Whenever you have a project or goal that requires your total attention or focus and decide to pair it with another seemingly brain-tasking goal, you are trying to multitask and will end up not achieving either of the goals.

Multitasking can be quite tempting I must say. I sometimes never realize I’m multitasking until I start having this persistent head and eye ache, and get better only when I clear my brain and take a long nap devoid of noise. The truth is that you will get more work done when you focus on achieving your goals and tasks separately. 

If you have something beneficial to your personal development, rather than try clogging it with achieving your business goals, I advise you draft a time possibly once a week or as you desire to attend to them separately. The aim is to just ensure that you do not multitask these already brain tasking functions, but rather work on achieving them one at a time.

3. Prioritize your goals

Now that you have learnt the importance of not multitasking your goals, it’s time for you to prioritize them. One thing I love telling people even outside the business world is to ensure their set objectives are realistic and can be achieved. You also need to ask yourself if all the goals you hope to achieve are necessary. If you feel there are goals you can live without, take them off your list. After streamlining your goals, prioritize them in order of their importance.

One method of prioritizing I have been using right from my days as a traditional office worker, and which I recommend you adopt for effective prioritization of your goals is to segment my goals into Important/Urgent, Important/Not-urgent, Not-important/Urgent and Not-important/Not-urgent sections. When you do this, you already know that the ones tagged Important/Urgent are of high importance and should be first achieved, while the ones tagged Not-important/Not-urgent can be done much later as they aren’t important.

Prior to coming up with this, I stumbled on an approach used by an author named Amy Lynn Andrews, where she segmented her own tasks and priorities into Fixed/non-negotiable, Fixed/negotiable, Flexible/non-negotiable, and Flexible/negotiable. I like to think that my own idea sprung from reading about hers. You can use either of our methods as they both arrive at the same point.

To make this simpler, let’s say you need to create content for your blog, while also knowing you need to respond to comments on your previous blog post, and also promote your content on various social media platforms, the first thing you need to do is create a scale of preference identifying the task that is most important at the time, as well as the one you can do much later or in your free time. Begin working on achieving the Urgent task and moving to the next one when it’s completed.

Do you understand me now?

You can use either of the methods I mentioned to prioritize both your long and short-term goals. The key is to just ensure that you give the right goal the right priority it deserves.

4. Manage your goals

You must be quite the professional by now! That’s great! We have learnt how to identify our goals, avoid multitasking, and prioritize our goals. Now, we will be learning how to manage these prioritized goals of ours. The first thing you need to understand is that managing your goals isn’t instantaneous. You must go a step at a time. First start by drafting the steps you intend taking to achieve your goals. For example, a blogger looking at writing about three posts in a day needs to come up with a plan to achieve this, stating the possible number of hours to be spent on an article, and ensuring it is stuck to.

I always ensure I draft out my weekly itinerary every Sunday night. I begin by quickly making a list of activities I intend accomplishing over the week, not forgetting to prioritize them, and then make sure I adhere strictly to this. When you have a plan, you not only have a focus but also become disciplined as regards time management.

Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t relapse sometimes! Not at all! In fact, there are days when I feel too lazy to do anything and just stay curled up in bed seeing a movie or just doing anything other than blogging. Don’t be like me though, as I always get to complete my tasks even if it means forgoing certain things and sometimes sleep.

Wrapping it up

Taking your blogging business from one point to another isn’t something you can do overnight, especially if you intend monetizing it. You will need to do a lot of planning and strategizing to come up with the best approach possible.

Your blogging business goals are key to building and sustaining your blog. To ensure you achieve your set goals you need to clearly identify your goals and ensure you do not multitask them for any reason. You must focus on achieving a goal at a time.

You will also need to scale your goals, prioritizing them in order of their importance, and then efficiently manage them. you can opt to use either of the methods discussed in this post. Finally, to ensure that your goals are efficiently met, you need to draft out a daily/weekly plan or schedule you intend adhering, to achieve your goals.