The Best Chatbot Builders to Increase Your Conversions

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Do you need a top-rated chatbot builder for customer engagement and help in business?

The days of chatbots are here and you can as well have them as part of your online team. They can boost your sales and enhance customer service support.

What you get in this post is a list of the top chatbot builders out there. I will let you know about each chatbot builder and the outstanding features it’s got. Next is to share experiences with you so you can make the right choice for your business.

Shall we?

1. Tars


With Tars, you can either build your own chatbot from the basics with drag and drop or choose to use from over 650 templates that match the industry.

To set up the workflow of conversation, you are to create your chatbot using conversation blocks on Tars. You get to choose from over ten user input type concerning uploading of files, what questions you want among others.

You can launch and test your chatbot as soon as you are done. And when it’s all good to you, you move on to the design to make it match the colour of your brand.

Tars enables you to download data on the functioning of the chatbot that you can have handy and forward to other channels. The integration of your chatbot with Google Analytics lets you monitor demographics and other relevant information.


There are three plans which begin from $99 per month for 5 chatbots and a thousand chats per month. In addition, Tars has its own experts build a chatbot for you.

2. ChatBot


ChatBot is a brother to LiveChat, from the same builders. It is a simple chatbot builder which enables you to add online assistance to your apps, sites and pages.

Your new chatbot gets published in a short while with templates that meet industry topics. In the alternative, you can use the drag-and-drop to set your preferred conversation flow.

In building your conversation flow, Chatbot gives you both active responses and strong actions together. You can even test it out before making it public. You can also be in charge of keywords recognition and use of filters to influence your chats.

When your chatbot gets launched, you can monitor the workings using the inbuilt stats and reports.  These reports can be sent out as a file to other appropriate channels like the Customer Relationship Manager. 


There are several plans on ChatBot which begin from $50 per month. This covers one chatbot and a thousand chats.

3. Gist


The Gistbot is an all-rounder that automatically includes chatbots in your marketing. This chatbot can sight potential customers and thereafter send them to the appropriate team. By itself, it will fix meetings for you with your potential customers according to your free time. It also links to more than 750 apps through the use of Zapier.


There are different plans on Gist. A monthly fee of $29 covers the lead-identifying bot. A monthly fee of $99 covers the custom chatbot.  

4. MobileMonkey


MobileMonkey is a chatbot builder that links to SMS and messaging apps on multiple social media platforms. In other words, one content fits all when you use Mobile Monkey. All of your conversations will be catered to from a single inbox either on mobile or desktop devices.

MobileMonkey for starters has an array of more than 20 different design samples.

In creating your chatbot, MobileMonkey gives you a selection of widgets to choose from coupled with the drag-and-drop builder to aid the ease of creation.

Your visitors are also given a free hand to chat from any messaging channel they want because your own chat widget gets displayed. You can as well link MobileMonkey to any app using Zapier.

MobileMonkey lets you see the progress of operation by making important data and metrics available to you.


The plans on MobileMonkey begin with a free one which offers a thousand sending options per month.

5. ManyChat


ManyChat is that chatbot builder targeted at marketing and selling of your products and services.

Through Messenger, you will be able to fix meetings, obtain contact information and sight potential customers.  You have the option of using a template that matches your business or simply create yours from the scratch.

Wherever your link is, serves as the access point for your customers. This means that your bot link is available on websites and even emails. Note that Facebook has to grant you Admin rights before you start.

ManyChat enables you to be orderly with provision of content to your potential customers that lasts over time. It will also let you divide your customers and what they do with the use of tags. From the dashboard, you have access to the analysis of your chatbot’s functioning. Lastly, ManyChat will link you to several other tools for marketing.


The two plans available are the free and premium plan which begins from $10 per month for almost 500 subscribers.

6. Flow XO

Flow XO
Flow XO

Flow XO enables you to speedily create chatbots that give you interactive customers on various platforms. It can be combined with about a hundred applications.

With Flow XO, you can decide to build your chatbot to be a separate messenger on your site or have it on other platforms.

If you have decided to have your chatbot on other platforms, the next thing will be to set up your conversation flow. This works for you in a chain-like manner such that your conversation flow can respond to certain keywords with appropriate answers. On the plus side, this can give you an endless flow of conversation.

There are more than a 100 units and combinations to be used to build a conversation flow on Flow XO. Any of these is counted as an action which is linked to another. You should note that any action that leads to another is counted as an interaction. 


Plans on Flow XO depend on your needs of flows, bots and interactions. The free plan covers for 5 bots and 500 interactions. 

7. Botsify


Botsify enables you to create several chatbots for sites, pages and other messaging platforms. It is powered by AI and has all its aspects managed.

There are four templates from which you can choose before setting it up to your preference. You can use the drag-and-drop options and other available tools for the set up.

Botsify enables you to monitor conversations with the option of being in total control whenever you want. It links with WordPress and Zapier to give you access to over a hundred applications.  With Botsify, you can monitor the progress of achievements in several aspects of your chatbot builder. Botsify also combines with Zapier and WordPress so that you can link to more than a hundred apps.


It begins from $49 per month which covers for 2 active chatbots and 5,000 users per month.

What is the best chatbot builder for you?

This absolutely depends on your needs. Let’s say you need a team and coverage of many platforms, and then TARS would be the right option for you.

You should go for Chatbot if you are looking for ease. A chatbot that meets your industry demands can be set up with a visual editor or use of templates. In the alternative, LiveChat which is rated as one of the best from the same company can also be used.

Gist is that single software that can take care of live chats, automatic email marketing and many more.

MobileMonkey is your one fits all mostly for Facebook messenger but can also work for sites and SMS too.

Lastly, if you ever need to sell or market products and services, ManyChat is right for you it’s specifically built for that purpose. You also spend less for more with this software. Remember to take up the offer of free trials so that you can test out different chatbot builders before your final selection.