3 Content Pre-Publishing Tactics To Boost Your Content

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There’s a new trend among successful bloggers. They now publicize their material using content pre-publishing tactics before going live.

You can tap into this new trend by integrating your future content marketing and audience engagement technique into your material when it’s still in development.

This new content marketing technique will generate more links for your blog, increase engagement and eventually rank your content higher on search engines.

Using these pre-publishing material marketing techniques, you will have the ability to create more links, rank your article greater and improve your on-page engagement.

Would you like to learn how to boost your content performance using these content pre-publishing tactics? Let’s get started!

1. Find out who may want to link with your material

As you content marketer, you want to research a topic and see how you can do better before you write yours. Generally, an average blogger will use Google to do some research. Simply search this article on Google and identify the first page results.

You can take a step further and do some link building research. The goal here is to identify the top blogs or websites displayed on Google search engine first page for this topic.

Step 1: Discover high-ranking articles for your target topic

Simply type the target topic to your Google search bar.

This step is really basic. You can go a step further by researching similar content topics. For instance, let’s assume I’m trying to research a topic like “How to start a blog”. I can go a step further by also researching “How to monetize your blog”.

The goal here is to take your content beyond the current competition by adding additional information to your blog.

Step 2: Discover backlinks of those articles

The next step is to identify backlinks associated with these high-ranking articles. Identify the backlinks you’d like to get as well.

The goal here is get the information about the blog author or website owner. You need this information to connect with people behind the website/blog.

Step 3: Connect with the authors before you create your content

You can maximize your backlink strength by planning your article around this new-found link building opportunity. This is quite crucial.

Find contributors, experts, influencers, friends, authors and editors of these blogs and invite them to contribute quotes or recommendation to your content. Their contribution will encourage them to link, share and engage with your article. Inadvertently, increase your prospects of getting quality backlinks.

2. Build excitement on social networks

Blockbuster movies release one or more movie trailers before actually releasing their movies. You can implement this technique to build anticipation for your content.

Start making this your new routine for your top contents. Build excitement around your content before you publish. Let’s find out how.

Ask For Contribution From Your Audience

Engage your email subscribers or social media followers to contribute questions they would like to see in an article under development. You can do this by creating and sharing a simple form with your audience. This will usually drive up engagement with them.

I recommend you use Google forms to achieve this. It is free and will likewise get the email address of each participant. You can use the email for future outreach.

If this is done right, you will amaze by the enthusiasm from your followers.

Create a landing page

Use the landing page to describe some key elements of your article in development. You can let people opt-in to know when the article will go live. Furthermore, you can promote this landing page on other platforms to create more excitement around it.

Once your content goes live, redirect your landing page URL to your actual material. The landing page will re-engage your audience who had visited it and redirect them to your new article page.

Your returning visitors will trust your page more. They will be more willing to read your article in-depth, click a link, share or subscribe as they had interacted with your landing page and expected the article. This is one of the very best on-page engagement strategies out there.

Creating surveys

This is a fantastic way to create content which constantly attracts links. Constantly encourage your survey takers to include their email address if they would like to learn the survey result.

Use surveys to generate leads. If you use wordpress, I encourage you use plugins that can integrate with your blog/website. This will help promote your URL instead of a third-party URL.

Creating your own “Trailer”

You can go a step further to promote your content using a video. If this is done right, you can reach more audience, improve your social media engagement and even generate more response.

Create teaser videos using online video editors that provide you access to creative templates. Using these templates can help you create your videos faster.

Simply edit an existing video template by including your text, images and videos. Go further by branding your videos with your colors, trademarking materials and logo.

You can use this video on your landing page to drive more excitement. Then promote the landing page on social networks if your budget permits. You will have the ability to re-target your previously engaged social media audience when the article goes live.

These techniques are not mutually exclusive. You can use them separately or together in synergy. The goal is to heighten the audience anticipation as best as you can.

3. Write a compelling headline

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of headlines. Headlines determine organic search rankings, click through rates and social media exposure. These are important metrics for your blog success that need to be taken seriously.

You can ask your friends or colleagues to help identify a good headline. If you use WordPress, you can search for plugins that can help you improve your headline by giving you faster feedback.


Content marketing is a highly competitive business. Become a trailblazer in the industry by employing this effective content marketing tactic. Boost your content performance by promoting your articles before they go live with these content pre-publishing tactics discussed in this article.

Using these content pre-publishing tactics will definitely drive your page rankings, increase on-page engagement, improve organic search traffic and ultimately drive your blog to success!