Edit Your WordPress Theme’s CSS Without Learning How To Code Using CSS Hero

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Conversant with the acronym CSS?

This is a coding language that makes it simple for you to style how your WordPress site looks.

It is highly incredible and lets you tweak your site to a level that no subject or module alternatives board can coordinate.

However, a major constraint to using CSS to alter your WordPress site is the fact that it is not readily available to casual users as it requires some distinct coding information.

Regardless of whether you do have knowledge of that information, it can take a lot of time if you’re not a CSS master.

CSS Hero, a WordPress plugin solves these two issues.

It gives you a straightforward and friendly disposed interface where you can quickly alter each component on your site.

How CSS Hero Works

Let’s take a look at how CSS Hero functions.

CSS Hero basically gives you a live editorial interface to effect your changes.

There are two menus on the left and top, while in the main part of your screen, you’ll see a live sample of your site.

Using CSS Hero To Customize Your WordPress Theme

If for example, you need to change the color of every post title on your site, using CSS Hero, all which is required of you is to:

  • In the live preview of your site, click on the post title.
  • Select another color using the Typography tab.

Now, if you want to add a border around the Contact link at the top navigation menu in your site to garner more attention to it, right-click on the contact menu link and select Only This.

By clicking on Only This, you are telling CSS Hero that you want to edit just that navigation menu link instead of all navigation links.

After you’ve done this, you can apply a border quickly by using the graphical interface.

Altogether, CSS Hero gives us 7 segments for styling alternatives:

  1. Typography
  2. Background
  3. Borders
  4. Extra
  5. Spacing
  6. Lists
  7. Border Radius

Getting Advanced with The CSS Hero Interface

Looking for advanced features of CSS Hero?

Listed below are some of the advanced activities you can carry-out with CSS Hero.

1. Control over various devices responsive styles

When you click on the device icon, there are two activities you can carry out, one of which is to set up your own media queries, and also choose from the pre-made media queries for devices that are popular.

This feature is unique as it gives you a live preview of your site on that device after you select one of the different devices.

2. Add desired custom fonts

With CSS Hero, you already have access to multiple fonts.

You can also add more fonts from Google Fonts or Adobe Typekit, using the Font Manager included.

3. Work directly with CSS, especially if you already know about it.

4. Snippets and variables can speed up your workflow, use them

Snippets are saved, reusable edits that you can easily apply, while Variables help to control values that are commonly used.

Snippets and variables are no doubt two cool and beginner accessible features that can improve the speed in your workflows.

5. Switch between navigate and select modes in order to browse other pages.

6. Make use of the redo/undo buttons and manage revisions.

Using CSS Hero To Customize Plugin Output

Have you ever installed a plug-ins that does precisely what you want?

However, the yield is simply terrible even though it’s functioning properly.

This is very common with free plugins.

But then, this is something CSS can help eliminate.

CSS Hero Review

I guess you now have a pretty good idea of what CSS Hero is, and how it works.

I will briefly give a review on CSS Hero laying emphasis on some specific things I feel will impress you:

1. Simple and error-free element selection process

With CSS Hero, you can always grab the right selector on your first try.

So, if you prefer to work with CSS directly instead of CSS Hero’s graphical options, it will probably still speed up your workflow.

2. Utilize multiple editing modes

Interestingly, the CSS Hero has something to give to both casual and developer users.

If you want a feature that can do a great job on both fronts, CSS Hero does the magic.

3. Disable the plugin and send out concluded CSS code

CSS Hero never locks you in. This is because it allows you export all your CSS code from an Inspector tool.

Your normal CSS, minified CSS, and AJSON project file can also be exported from your inspector tool.

And after everything has been finalized, you can export your CSS code, add it directly to your WordPress child theme’s style sheet and delete the CSS Hero plugin from your site.

Although easily seen as the best, CSS Hero has its own down point, and this is in relation to the fact that it requires an active internet connection for it to function.

This means that for you to efficiently utilize CSS Hero, you must ensure you are in an environment with a very strong internet connection.

CSS Hero Pricing

CSS Hero has all its plans fully featured. The number of sites supported by each plan is the only major difference cited.

The plans also come with updates and support to last a year.

  • 1 site – costs $29
  • 5 sites – costs $59
  • 999 sites – costs $199

Final Thoughts

CSS Hero has something to offer you whether you are a beginner or CSS expert.

Using CSS Hero broadens your knowledge on the actual CSS.

It makes CSS not only faster but also easier.

To speed up your workflow, use snippets and variables.

CSS Hero helps you control responsive design for different devices.

CSS Hero offers a whole lot of themes and plugin demos on its site.

Feel free to practice with the full editor and familiarize yourself with its features before settling for it.