Fastest WordPress Themes That Can Help You Rank #1 on Google

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WordPress themes are an important aspect of blogging. However, choosing the fastest WordPress themes can be a very difficult task. This article provides a comprehensive list of the 10 fastest WordPress themes available on the market.

WordPress is one of the most famous CMS in the entire world. It has attracted millions of users and trust me, it’s not a fake record. WordPress allows you to create awesome blogs or websites by using its various plugins

There are many free WordPress themes out there, but they’re not all worth using.  All of the themes were carefully selected. In addition, these themes have been used by popular companies from all around the world, so you can be sure that you won’t make any mistakes if you choose any of them.

What are WordPress themes?

A WordPress theme is a powerful tool for customizing your WordPress blog. Themes help influence the overall look of your blog. WordPress themes can contain templates for many different types of web pages such as blogs, shopping carts, and more.

Choosing one of them can be difficult as you need to analyze and compare multiple options. I have made this research for you so that you can choose the fastest WordPress theme effortlessly!

1. GeneratePress


GeneratePress is a stylish, professional, flexible, and easy-to-use fast WordPress theme that can help you to create your WordPress site with ease. It allows you to generate unique content according to your needs without any problem. 

GeneratePress can be free WordPress themes that serve as a great starting point for WordPress website development. This blog theme also has many features and a unique design with customizable widgets and simple but powerful theme options.


  • Total Page Size: 39.8KB
  • This theme can be customized with a wide range of colors and fonts
  • Your website can be enhanced via hooks and filters
  • Over 20 languages can be translated into the theme
  • The mobile headers and sticky navigation will help you develop an advanced site menu


The software is available for free download. Premium themes cost $49.95. Continuing support and updates are available yearly.

2. Hello Elementor

Hello Elementor image

Hello Elementor theme is one of the most professional WordPress themes and arguably the best WordPress Elementor compatible theme in the market today. It’s very clean, elegant, and highly customizable. 

It’s designed to be used with the Elementor Page Builder but it’s fully responsive and functional on most major browsers, tablets, phones, and web-enabled devices.


  • Total Page Size: 24.5KB
  • It integrates with one of the easiest page builders out there, Elementor.
  • Its simple theme and base design allow for fast loading and a clean interface.
  • You can design any type of website with the page and theme builder included in the Elementor integration.
  • The design for all devices is beautiful and responsive.


A free version of Hello Elementor is available for download. Free templates, widgets, and element builders are offered by the Elementor Page Builder, as are paid plans (starting at $49).

3. Astra 

Astra theme

To make money online you need to find the right niche. There are a lot of opportunities in the field of blogging, but choosing the right theme is essential. Astra is not just another blogging theme for WordPress, it is among the fastest themes available. 

The performance is very impressive: your search engines will appreciate good content that loads quickly, and visitors will appreciate high-speed page loading too.


  • Total Page Size: 107KB
  • Extending functionality is easy with hooks and filters
  • The theme is available in several languages
  • Mobile headers and a mega menu are featured in the theme


It’s free and has a premium version. The price of the Astra Pro is $59. It is $523 per year, but the company often offers discounts.

4. Neve

Neve is a fast WordPress theme with a responsive and clean design that looks good on any screen size. It features a professional touch with its simple, yet powerful, theme options.

 It’s ideal for online stores selling digital and physical products, service providers or businesses with catalog-type listings, and service providers that want an elegant-looking website to showcase their work.


  • Total page size: 57.6KB
  • Compatible with most page builders
  • With the theme, users can create user-friendly interfaces using AMP
  • According to testing and the theme’s file size, it is lightweight and fast
  • Customizing of headers and footers is available


Download the free Neve theme, or upgrade to the premium version for $49/year. Besides header and blog boosts, custom layouts, and unlimited support and updates, the theme offers more features for the paid versions.

5. StudioPress

Studiopress image

StudioPress is a collection of multi-purpose, professional-grade WordPress themes that make building your website fast and easy. 

This theme allows you to quickly set up your website and have your, blog, business, portfolio, church, band, restaurant, or blog up and running in minutes. The page has so many features it’s hard to know where to start.

It is estimated that over 200,000 WordPress sites (including this one) use a StudioPress theme. Your site is engineered for speed by StudioPress themes that are designed to be mobile responsive, with lightweight code.


  • Total page size: 1.26Mb
  • Website loading times are fast, and security is emphasized
  • The Genesis Framework codebase is search engine optimized
  • The software automatically downloads and installs new updates, so you are always up-to-date
  • Support available for all your needs and access to a large community of experts


$99.95 (including Genesis Framework)

6. Skylar

Skylar is one of my favorite fastest WordPress themes as it has a large variety of layouts and is very easy to use. The theme comes with features like Custom Widgets, Featured images and scheduling, Page templates for posts and pages, Post formats, WooCommerce support, etc.

Skylar is also Retina ready – meaning it’s compatible with high-resolution displays like the new MacBook Pro with Retina display – so your designs will look crisp on any screen size, big or small.


  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Rapidly loading WordPress theme
  • More than 90 shortcodes
  • This is a responsive website.
  • SEO-friendly
  • Suitable for Retina displays


You’ll only get 6 demos. If you decide to purchase this theme, it will cost  $59.

7. OceanWP

best wordpress membership themes and plugins OceanWP theme

OceanWP is one of the fastest, most powerful WordPress themes built by professionals. It’s a fully responsive template that looks great on all devices and screen sizes and features the latest trends in web design. 

That, combined with its outstanding support, makes it one of the best-selling WordPress themes by far. It works perfectly with all caching solutions such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and others.


  • Total Page Size: 356KB
  • The theme has translation tools built-in
  • A fully responsive and well-performing theme that looks great on smaller devices. 
  • It offers several extensions, such as pop-up notices, Instagram integrations, and full-screen scrolling tools.


Everyone has access to OceanWP’s free version. Premium features include access to additional sites as well as ongoing support. Agencies pay $129 per year to start, but it starts at $39 for individuals.

8. Divi

Divi theme

Divi is one of the most versatile and fastest world themes that was ever developed. The possibilities are endless with this next-generation WordPress Theme. Every creative concept or idea can be easily implemented with Divi since it’s completely responsive and powerful. 

All of the new features and techniques used for Divi are fully integrated into the new Visual Builder interface, making it the most intuitive design experience theme users have had to date.


  • It has its icon set
  • There is a visual editor for it.
  • A CSS control you can customize
  • Fully optimized for SEO
  • It follows all contemporary coding standards
  • Pre-built web designs with over 800 layouts and 100+ full web packs


Both annual and lifetime access plans are available. You will pay $89/year for the annual plan, and $249 for the lifetime plan.

9. Schema

schema image- fastest WordPress themes

Schema is a fast WordPress theme for people who want to show off their content in an attractive and modern way. It offers great flexibility and is packed with stylistic touches that make your site stand out from the crowd. 

It comes packaged with the powerful options framework which includes tons of features out of the box, and easy ways to customize the finishes and layout of your site.

Also, with Schema you can manage your articles with ease thanks to the custom post types, easy taxonomies, featured posts, and category-specific widgets.


  • Total page size: 529 Kb
  • The support for Google Fonts means your website can use hundreds of fonts from Google
  • Supports related posts by default. 
  • Support for breadcrumbs built-in
  • Responsive design
  • This plugin includes a panel to manage the ads on your website, making it simple for you to maintain them.


The price is $59 and the money-back guarantee is 30 days.

10. Sydney

With the Sydney theme, aThemes provides a fast, minimalistic design, which is ideal for small businesses and freelancers. Aside from the fact that it is fully compatible with Elementor, the theme offers full layout control and is tested fairly well with speed tests.

A great advantage of Sydney for small business owners is that they can keep website costs low without having to worry that the product will turn out junk. Businesses can save on-site building costs and extend the platform’s flexibility with Sydney’s easy-to-use interface.


  • Total Page Size: 365KB
  • You can link your social media accounts using several social media buttons
  • With a click of a button, you can upload a video to your site’s header
  • You can customize many aspects of the theme, including color, fonts, and blog layout options


Sydney is available as a free theme download, as well as a $59.00 Pro Version. In addition to extra page templates, a header template, and other features, the Pro theme will enhance the creative process of your website

What makes a WordPress Theme fast?

1. CDN

Themes that are hosted on a Content Delivery Network are instantly faster. The CDN allows for the theme to be served up from a server close by, you will notice an immediate speed boost.

A CDN is a Content Delivery Network, and it means that your site’s files will be served from a network of geographically dispersed servers. It sounds complicated, but all CDNs do the same thing—deliver content efficiently, from points close to the user.

Learn more: Best CDN services.

2. Responsive design

Like most things on the web, websites are best viewed across multiple devices. From business owners looking at their site on their smartphones to serious mobile web users, responsive design is a must-have in a good WordPress theme. 

Responsive design adapts a website to different screen sizes based on user-agent, DPI, or CSS media queries. You want to make sure your website is being shared by people who can see it the best possible way, not squinting to read the article.

3. Lightweight

Lightweight themes are fast because they don’t contain big libraries of items that aren’t necessary for the presentation layer of a site. They’re smaller, easier to load, and often faster than those with more elements. 

A fast theme can help a blogger attract more traffic and get more people talking about their content. Think about it. Your site will load faster and this means your visitors will spend more time on your website and increase the chances of them buying from you.

4. Quality of its code

A fast WordPress theme is not the only thing you need to make your site loading fast. You have to also optimize your site’s content. However, if you use a well-coded WordPress theme with minimal CSS, your page speed will be much better.

5. Reduced HTTP requests

A lot of WordPress themes have too many HTTP requests. These additional requests can slow down a website. This impacts the performance because the browser needs to wait for each AJAX request which significantly slows down the page load.  

The good news is that there are fast WordPress themes out there. They have been optimized to be lightweight and include only the necessary resources.


What is the most important thing for load times? 

The most important factor in page load time is the speed of the server a user is connecting to when viewing a page (host/ISP), and not necessarily the amount of data being transferred. 

Web hosting services can make or break a website, many companies offer cheap hosting services but they don’t offer the same features and speed of service that some other higher-priced options do. 

To ensure your site loads quickly it’s best to go with a reputable hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space.

How can I find the fastest WordPress themes? 

There are WordPress themes that are optimized for speed. Usually, a good examiner can tell the difference between a fast and slow WordPress theme just with a quick look at the demo page. 

You can also easily check it yourself by loading a demo page on your computer and looking at its load time in the browser’s Developer Tools or by using Pingdom Website Speed Test. 

Another way to find the fastest WordPress themes is to analyze the ratings & reviews, benefit ratings, price, number of support, and such. Besides, You can go through this list of the top 10 fastest WordPress themes.

Learn more: Best WordPress landing Page for guaranteed leads.

What is the ideal loading speed for a website?

For optimal user engagement, the loading speed of a website should be around 2 to 4 seconds. Page loading speed is an important factor when it comes to how quickly a page renders on the Google Search engine results page (SERP). 

The target speed should not only be fast and consistent across devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) but should also remain constant on all pages of the website and avoid any kind of slowdown during peak hours.

What is the impact of theme speed on overall site speed?

Theme speed is one factor that contributes to a page’s overall load time. Although a well-written, highly optimized theme can help to improve site speed, the majority of site performance should lie in optimizing other elements.

The impact of theme speed depends on the number of elements (such as external scripts or styles and widgets) there are on the page. And this difference is visible on pages that have a lot of elements, but not so much when the pages have a few elements.

Sites should aim for a load time of fewer than two seconds and an overall page size of 50 kB or less.

What is the best way to test the load time of a WordPress theme?

The simplest way to get a good measure of your WordPress theme’s load time is by using the Pingdom Website Speed Test. All you need to do is enter your domain, and run the test. 

You can also use Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It takes a few moments to get the results after you enter the URL you want to test.

What affects my WordPress speed?

WordPress performance is affected by multiple factors including theme, plugins, server configuration, and hosting. By choosing a WordPress web hosting service that has everything you need, you can make sure your website will be running at top speed.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the most important feature of a WordPress theme is speed. You don’t want your visitors to see any moments of stuttering or slowing down while they are browsing your website. 

The good news is that there are plenty of themes that are specially designed to run perfectly in all environments, quick and easy to use, and efficient on loading. This article highlights the 10 fastest WordPress themes so far.

GeneratePress, Astra, and OceanWP are the best themes for anyone who wants a multifunctional theme that can be used for anything. If you want to create a nice business site, then go for Neve.

I hope you found this post helpful. If your WordPress site has ever been hacked, I have a post on the best backup WordPress plugin to prevent possible future occurrences. As well, if you’re unsure which website builder to choose, check out my post comparing WordPress and Wix.