How To Get More Likes On Facebook: The Beginner’s Guide

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How do you feel after making a post on Facebook and it gets just about 15 likes and zero comments?

Sad, right?

I remember when I used to get frustrated with myself over the low likes and comments my Facebook posts generated. I would spend the whole day going online to check how a post was faring and then leave much frustrated than when I went looking. Over time, I discovered certain methods that have been of immense value to me and have tremendously increased my Facebook likes.

In this article, I will be giving you different strategies I learnt and have adopted over the years, and which has helped increase my Facebook page likes, and which I believe will also help you.

Let’s get started!

Facebook likes and your brand

Facebook as a social media platform is very powerful.

If you know how much salespeople make on a regular basis via the platform, you won’t relent in ensuring your brand makes headway. Not only does it make you go viral, it builds your business, increases your fan base, and serves as a means of content marketing.

What else could you possibly ask for from a social media platform?

Imagine it’s power when combined with email marketing!!! Tremendous I must say!

How to get more likes on your Facebook page

Over the years, I have discovered several methods to increase my Facebook likes, and they have always worked for me. Why don’t you read on and choose the one most ideal for your business?

Use pop-ups and notification bars

A lot of people detest the very thought of having popups displayed on their screens whilst working.

I for one do!!! There are days when I am probably conducting research and upon seeing these pop-ups which are sometimes unnecessary, I fume in anger and impatiently wait for the advert to end so I can continue with my work. Quite annoying I must say.

What if I told you there are certain ways to utilize these pop-ups without getting on the nerves of your readers?

Cool, right?

To learn how to achieve this great feat, continue reading!

For me, I begin by collecting emails to build my subscription list after which I create an Appreciation page and include a call-to-action within it.

I have come to realize that as humans we are prone to naturally feel at home with people who know the worth of Appreciation. Why not include this on your page?

After creating the Appreciation page, I then create a Notification bar to collect email subscriptions and connect it to my Appreciation page. I do this mostly to direct users after signing up to my list, using the SocialLocker plugin to spur them to like my page.

I have also learnt to create a popup triggered by an event. For example, you can have a notification bar welcoming a user who has visited your site thrice in a month back and requesting he/she connects with your Facebook page.

This not only builds a mutual relationship between you and your users, but it also gives them a reason to click and follow the Facebook page.

Getting more likes on your Facebook page; smart tactics you should know

You must have heard that some people tend to buy Facebook pages and likes from unknown brands.

I mean, I was literally approached by a supposed page owner, but this time on Instagram, who kept telling me to buy his page of about 10,000 followers for a fee. Tempting I must say, but to what end? How do you groom people you have never engaged with? How do you advertise your product to these people? The disadvantages sure supersede the advantages and so I refused the deal.

If you are thinking of doing this, I advise you have a rethink, as purchasers often get disappointed in the long run.

Build your page yourself! Nothing beats that. One thing you should note is that it takes time to build a page, but if done accurately, the returns will be impressive.

In my quest to get more likes on my page, I have tried out different tactics, some of which weren’t of much help, while others did get me the desired result. Listed below is a list of smart tactics you can adopt to increase your Facebook page likes.

Begin with familiar people

How do you expect your readers to like your page if they aren’t even aware of its existence? It’s almost impossible.

To be sincere, we always have to start anything advertising from our inner circle, this time our already existing Facebook friends. Invite these friends to like your Facebook page.

It is easier to get referrals from our friends. For example, I have a lot of friends who are online vendors. There are some of them I may likely not be able to patronize due to the nature of their products, but I still get to refer them to my own friends I believe would love their products.

When a friend follows your page, there is a 90% possibility that he/she will refer you to others. Now imagine how the circle will keep growing, and your reach keeps increasing.

Use trending topics/events

This is the part I love the most. I always ensure that in making certain posts, I include current trends and events to further buttress my point. This has greatly helped my page as people naturally love knowing the latest happenings and in giving them this, I draw them into my page.

Try mentioning current events while posting on Facebook to help garner attention to your page. Whilst at it, I advise you avoid making it too salesy and promotional.

Outside this, I advise you always include a touch of humor in your posts. You don’t want to bore your target audience, do you?

Include a link in your emails

If you always send a huge amount of emails daily, I advise you include a link to your Facebook page within your signature. This can harness more likes on your page.

Try using a free tool like Wisestamp to achieve this. It is easy to set up and makes the call-to-action to follow a page stand out much better than anything else I’ve seen so far.

Use Hashtags

I can imagine the frown on your face right now! Yes, I can totally relate. We get worn out coining relevant hashtags, but the truth is that they are an essential part of any social media strategy, including Facebook posts.

Don’t worry, it isn’t as tiring as that of Instagram. Try using just about 1-2 relevant hashtags per Facebook post. I advise you try using hashtags on your posts and then measure your engagements.

Comment on pages in your niche

Yes, I know you may probably be thinking “Why should I comment on a similar page?” Well, have you ever thought of the person managing that page? Have you ever thought of how the person can be of help in increasing your visibility?

Even with my number of followers, I still find myself sourcing for more. This means I still get to visit pages in my niche to source target audience, in order to increase my reach.

I mean, who doesn’t want an extra source of income?

Try fostering meaningful relationships with influencers in your niche. It always pays in the long run. Comment on their pages, likes their posts, engage them in the comment section, and watch them and even their followers get familiar with you and your comments.

Organize giveaways

How many times have you followed a page simply because its owner was giving out something for free to followers? You can’t count, right? Have you ever asked yourself why a page keeps getting new followers effortlessly?

While carrying out this research, I have come across tons of giveaways and freebies being organized by brands on their pages.

I once tried organizing a giveaway on a page I used to own but made the mistake of making the criteria to be strictly liking the page. Let’s just say Facebook closed the page down. To ensure you don’t make my kind of mistake, try conducting a free giveaway but subtly ask that the intending participants follow your page.

What’s a like to be compared to winning something of great value?

Utilize other social media platforms

I don’t know about you, but I use all my social media platforms to promote my products. You can’t solely depend on Facebook to generate massive sales and audience.

Try using platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, to promote and boost your content visibility. I advise you try Instagram as it is great for promoting your FB page and seeing actual results. You can request people follow you and use CTAs in your images.

Try using Facebook Ads

You may have noticed that it has recently been quite a herculean task getting likes on your page, especially when you aren’t using Facebook ads. It sometimes feels like your posts are intentionally been hidden from your audience, thus not getting enough reach or engagement.

Try enlisting for Facebook advertisements to increase your reach and boost your products. Don’t worry about making it perfect as it isn’t easy getting it totally right. You should however ensure that you use the platform correctly. It is even easier if you already have a budget for ad campaigns.

I strongly advise you to put this into consideration the next time you want to promote a product or service on your page.


Facebook isn’t what it used to be. Try test running all its options to identify the one that best suits you.

Never forget that getting followers isn’t where it ends. You need to ensure that you keep them engaged and never bored.

In conclusion, I advise you stay current and post current trends to draw attention to your page.