6 Ways to Get Paid For the Content You Create

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You consistently dish out content no matter the type but do you ever earn from doing this? I have written this post to teach you 6 effective methods of earning from your content. I will begin from the most popular to the ones you never cared about.

6. Freelance writing

Freelance Writing

This happens to be one of the top ways of earning for content creation. It is evident from research that the United States has got over 57 million freelance writers.

In freelance writing, the customer tells you what he/she wants before you reach an agreement. You can choose to charge from the onset or after delivery of the content. Although there are other means of making money from your content, but freelancing is a quick way. In fact, there’s no massive following or audience required to start. There are numerous freelancing sites for you to fish for gigs.

What I suggest if you get overwhelmed by too much competition is to start a blog of your own. This blog will be about the type of content you want to earn from. Your chances of getting hired increase because they can see samples of what they need on your blog.

5. Affiliate marketing


Here, you earn depending on a cost-per-action method when people click on a product or service contained in your content. A lot of times, you don’t earn until sales are made. You still have to wait for a considerable amount of time to be paid and it’s not all rosy without an audience. Some affiliate partners also put a limit to how much to pay you.

A plus of affiliate marketing is the eradication of direct dealing with customers and the increment in traffic it provides.

The two overall popular ways are:

Influencer product & service recommendations – Gaining traffic and a credible reputation are the focus here. After which you endorse products or services to your readers or audience. Most of the time, you have to stand by one of the products or services you are promoting.

Scaled product & service comparisons – Your attention here will be directed at posting solely about certain products in your specialty.

To discover affiliate programs, you might need to look them up on Google. In the alternative, you can start out with big platforms of affiliate marketing like Shareasale.

4. Advertising


Everyone raves about advertising as a means of earning for bloggers. It actually works but it depends on situations and majority of bloggers don’t do it right.

They go ahead to publish content that work for other programs. What you should do is to frequently post content that generates massive traffic. This does not seem easy especially for starters. It is advisable to ditch advertising till when your blog gets a large traffic. As soon as the traffic of your blog starts to climb, you should migrate from meager-paying ad networks to better options. There are also platforms that can buy ad space from you for an agreed amount of time.

3. Sponsored content

Google Tag Manager

This for you is a bridge between freelance writing and affiliate marketing. It gives you faster payment than affiliate marketing and more writing liberty in freelance writing.

As you should know, it’s not all rosy. It is totally not feasible for new bloggers because charges are mostly based on how large your following is. There are a handful of options when your blog overcomes this hurdle.

A)  Set up an advertising page with different plans.

B) Become a part of the sponsored content marketplace and put out sponsored links perhaps using Google Tag

2. Continuity programs and donations

These programs have stepped up but not ditched their fundamental ideas.

You are to deliver fresh content to your audience frequently but this is not free. You can choose to have a compilation of exclusive members or generally put out your fresh content to those willing to pay. The second alternative is give everyone access to your content but there will be extra toppings for donors to your site. Generally, donations are not of high monetary value but the plus side is you increase your audience base. Youtubers are among the highest content creators that take donations and the best-known platform for donation is Patreon.

1. Build a sales funnel around your products/services

Your products and services top the list of the most important things on your site. You should strategically direct a large share of your audience’s attention to them. The point of a sales blog funnel is to create a reasonable chain of selling your products and services in a step by step manner. This exactly is the attractive benefit of a blog sales funnel.

How to get started

First, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge of how the blog sales funnel works. You decide what you need through careful planning. Begin with the product or service which costs the most. Then you create a reasonable chain of events to unify the process. Your customers should be able to move from one stage to the other without hassle. Your blog sales funnel should be the guide.

In getting your blog sales funnel set up, you require some tools.

You need tools to set up funnel and landing pages like OptimizePress which works with WordPress or Leadpages which works otherwise.

You need email marketers.

You need tools to run business dealings and delivery of products. The previous tools mentioned for setting up pages also work for this.

Wrapping it up

It can be tasking to make an earning from your content but not impossible. As seen above that there are methods to it. What you should keep in mind is to have any method you use to be in accord with your blog or business’ development. Whatever content you put out for sale should not deviate from your blog sales plan.

There are some ways of earning that don’t seem so daunting to begin no matter your level. One of such is freelance writing. Other times, using another method requires further growth of your blog or business like affiliate marketing. The more your blog grows, the more opportunities arise to earn income. In order to maximize your earning opportunities, you should not dwell on a single method of earning. The smart thing to do is to have several methods to earn more and faster too.

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