16 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Group 3x Faster

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Do you have a low number of Facebook followers on your group? Or are you just building a Facebook group for the first time?

Looking to grow your group faster?

In this post, you will learn how to effortlessly grow your Facebook group for better sales.

Ready? I bet you are!

Send mass messages

Ensure you inform potential followers before sending them group invites, if done otherwise; it may trigger bad feedback.

Look out for people you are certain will value your product and services and likely patronize you.

To send mass message, search your friend list for potential customers, add them to a new message on Messenger, and then invite them to the group stating its description and purpose.

With time, you will gain more followers.

Use your “thank you” pages to promote your group

 “Thank you” pages are for people with opt-in offers or paid products on their blogs, and it is greatly neglected.

The moment you get a follower’s email address, you can ask them to join your Facebook group.

Link to your Facebook Page

Facebook business pages though almost obsolete due to the decline in organic reach, is still worth a trial as it allows you link your group to it.

To do this, click on Settings and then Edit page.

Add the tab marked Groups onto your page to give your audience access to your Facebook group.

Utilize Facebook Live to promote your group

Facebook live offers you the opportunity to promote your Facebook group for a long period of time.

Ensure you always mention your group whilst creating a Facebook Live video.

In addition, merge this with a link in the description of the video.

Pin a graphic link on Twitter

Twitter is another great site for promoting your products, services and Facebook group.

Create a standard graphic, post and pin it to your content to the top of your feed so it doesn’t get lost amongst the millions of daily tweets.

It will be the first thing seen when someone views your account.

Include a link to your blog’s menu

To get new followers in your group, add a link in your main navigation menu.

The probability of them joining is high, as these followers read your content already and can pass as your target audience.

Include it in your social media content schedule

Rather than just post a stunning graphic advertising their group, cross -promote your Facebook group on other social media platforms using a social media scheduling tool.

You can opt for tools that allow the recycling of social media posts, as they promote your Facebook group on autopilot.

Construct a welcome email

Mention your Facebook group to every person who subscribes to your email list by creating a welcome email and adding this detail.

This indirectly serves as an invite to your Facebook group.

Also, include the link in every newsletter or email sent.

Instagram offers just a spot to which you can complete with one link.

If creating a Facebook group for the first time, frequently use that link for your Facebook group to grow your group on autopilot.

It’s display can be alternated.

Link to your group in other Facebook groups

If used correctly, you can use the traffic from other Facebook groups to grow your blog traffic.

Every Facebook group have thread prompts daily.

Before promoting your Facebook group ensure you read each thread rules.

Use the link to write something eye-catching and convincing.

Place it on your website sidebar

Another place to advertise your Facebook group is on your website.

This is because your target audience for your blog and the Facebook group will be the same, thus making a follower on your blog agree to join the group.

Include your Facebook group link to your email signature

Including your Facebook group link in your email signature is also a good idea, as every email sent out may gain you a new member.

Add links around your website

Sparingly add direct links to your group around your website. 

You may consider using your website to grow your group, as your audience already view your content.

You can add this link to either your homepage, about page, the end of each blog post, amongst others.

Create a Pinterest graphic

Pinterest has become a ‘hot cake’ for bloggers, marketers, and business owners, and would be an ideal place to promote your Facebook group.

It lasts longer than posting on Facebook and is one of the fastest ways to get your content seen on the web.

Use a tool like Canva to create graphics to be used.

Place a link on self-owned Pinterest group boards

These are standard marketing powerhouses that can reach millions of people.

Bloggers on Pinterest run at least one group board.

Place a link to your Facebook group at the end of the board description for the group.

You can mention the Facebook group right in the group board description if you are the group board owner.

Share it on your YouTube Channel

Video content is gradually taking over the business world.

You can promote your Facebook group on Youtube as it has tons of subscribers. To do this, either mention your group at the end of your videos or add your Facebook group link to all your videos.

Wrapping it up

Creating a Facebook group isn’t a herculean task as imagined by many.

It is efficient in boosting your business when you have the right strategies, and it’s faster.

You too can build a thriving community full of active, engaging and loyal fans eager to attend any webinar and training offered, patronize you, help grow your site and business, digest every blog post written.

Ensure you share your link on all your social media channels for more visibility and sales.

In all, having a large community of followers is every business owner’s dream.