How To Bring Back Your Email List Back From The Dead

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Often, people miss generating revenue and driving traffic due to lack of an engaged and active email list.

Not emailing your subscribers after a long period of time can be terrifying, especially as you may get worried about losing credibility and authority in your areas of interest.

However, any damage that was done when you were absent can be resolved easily.

Be optimistic that you can grow back your list to new heights and even come out bigger and better than you previously were.

The particular kind of people you will actually want to have in your email list are people who will understand your absence and have always believed in you from the beginning.      

Now that you want to revive your email list and take it to greater heights, what are those steps expected of you?

1. Decide on an action to re-engage your email list

Deciding on the step to take in growing back your email list can go in one or two ways. Firstly, you need to let them know what has been going on by letting them know of the ongoing situation. By doing this, you acknowledge their absence. Secondly, it’s ok not to address it at all. All you need to do is to get straight back as usual and deliver emails to gain back their trust.

According to reports, marketing via email has the best returns on investment when compared to other means of marketing.

Gaining more traffic, building authority, and standing out in your niche are other benefits of having an email that is well engaged.           

2. Create emails to win them back

Yeah, you might be scared to write your first email to bring them back in. Fight that fear and start brainstorming on what you want to say and how to put it down. You can start by welcoming them after a long setback and introducing or re-introducing yourself. Ensure you reveal your personality by making it shine through.

You can start off your email by introducing yourself first, sending out the free services you promised, sending the email with your best resources, and letting them know of what they will reap and expect from subscribing.   

You can also start by apologizing to your audience or start with sentences such as back to business, I am sorry for not keeping in touch, forgive me for all my misbehaviors, etc.

When you email them with this creative ways, they will want to follow up again.

3. Offer A Show Stopping Free Service Full Of Value

Offering a show-stopping freebie is one of the ways to resurrect and bring back your email list for the best. Your email list might be wondering why you want to give out a freebie that is so valuable and yet free. This one time offer will keep so many real and active subscribers as soon as possible.

The big question now is how do I create a freebie full of value?

A freebie that interests your subscribers and at the same time offers major value is a main component of an outstanding freebie. Some ideas for freebies include an ebook, a free course, a workbook, an Email course etc.

4. Ensure you prepare yourself for unsubscribers

Whether your email has been abandoned for long or still active, there’s no doubt that you’ll always deal with unsubscribers from time to time.

The bigger the list you have, the more subscribers you’ll get every time you send out an outstanding email. Also, note that some might unsubscribe.

Now, don’t fret it! This doesn’t mean you aren’t good at what you do.

I mean you do have some active subscribers, right?

The truth is that while some unsubscribes may have subscribed due to your giveaways, others may probably not just be a good fit for your email list.

5. Create an email marketing plan

In email marketing, consistency is key.

To achieve success with your email list, you should always be consistent, use great copywriting and let your subscribers know what to expect from your next email.

Note that the best way to write emails for your subscribers is to write them in batches.

This will save you a lot of time and also make it easier for you to tell subscribers what to expect in the next email.

6. Learn from your mistakes

Now that you’ve known some of the mistakes you made in the past, find solutions, and ensure that such mistakes do not repeat themselves.

Ask yourself your reason for spending much to revive your email list.

Is it for more income?

An easy way to do this is to itemize your goals with email marketing and your business in general. Keep your list and plans the way you do it, especially if you are keen on reviving your email list.

Keeping Your Email List Alive

  • Draft out emails in batches and schedule them ahead of time.
  • Know what exactly works for you and what doesn’t.
  • Read! Conduct researches! Broaden your knowledge! It pays off in the long run.
  • Draft out your email marketing plan and ensure you stick to it.
  • Create a few more free services that will interest your subscribers and help solve their problems.
  • Be consistent and keep to your promises. If you want your subscribers to stay, your word should also be your bond.


Never feel discouraged just because you probably neglected your email list for a long time.

Truth is that it can actually be revived!

If you are determined and have a set goal, you can come out on top of your game.

All you need is that push and a reason to plunge back into email marketing.

It might not be perfect in the beginning. No, it is never perfect!

Just show your audience why they should sign up to your email list.

Everything is a learning experience, that’s how you get to grow as a blogger and entrepreneur.