The Best 5 Free Instagram Analytics Tips

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A great percentage of people- especially the youths, are crazy about the use of various social media platforms. One of such is Instagram which helps connect people, especially through the use of images.

Besides being used for pleasure, Instagram has also gotten a great business presence as entities and vendors have resorted to the platform for optimum product performance.

To have an effective Instagram marketing strategy, you need to have foreknowledge of Instagram analytics. Instagram analytics gives you basic knowledge of how your content is performing, who your target audience is, and their engagements.

In order to successfully analyze your Instagram content, listed below are some free Instagram analytics tips that could help in your quest for a better audience and sales.

1. Identify the content that best appeals to your audience

A major challenge in the use of Instagram for marketing is understanding what content works and appeals to your target audience.

This occurs mostly with respect to e-commerce brands. It is a known fact that running consumer marketing campaigns effectively can be very tough, hence the need to have a solid and strong indicator of the type of content needed to achieve your set objective.

Though tedious and time consuming, a good method of achieving this is through the implementation of engagement rate. Here, you compare your posts bearing in mind the number of likes, comments, and shares the posts received over time to know their overall performance. This helps in giving you a clear knowledge of what your audience or followers love and how best to optimize it to achieve more sales or productivity.

If you are looking at boosting your engagement this year, you will need to continuously monitor your content’s performance, including the posts that got a low engagement rate.

2. Monitor your Instagram Stories Analytics

Your Instagram stories should be engaging and able to hold your audience’s attention for a while. It should be able to leave them in awe and in anticipation, whilst serving as a source of inspiration to them. To do this, you need to track your Instagram stories analytics, especially navigation metrics like forward, backwards, and exits, which helps you understand how your audience interact and key into your Instagram stories. This in turn makes it easier to create and post your Instagram stories.

To achieve this, go to any live Instagram story of yours to have access to your archive of Instagram stories. Swipe up to view the analytics. There’s an eye icon there which shows the number of views gotten, and a bar chart icon which shows a detailed description of the actions taken by viewers whilst viewing your story.

A consistent exit tap rate shows that your Instagram stories are not engaging, while a forwards click is a clear indication that your audience is really engaged and want to see more posts.

It is ideal to always monitor your Instagram stories analytics to help you focus on what content theme works for your audience.

3. Identify the best time to make posts on Instagram

It is one thing to know what to post, and another to know when to make the posts.

For optimum performance, you need to know when your followers are most active on Instagram. This helps in giving you more presence, whilst allowing your followers to view and engage when suitable.

You must be wondering “How on earth am I to know when my followers are online?” Well, guess what? It’s possible to know when they are online using the Instagram insights on your profile.

To achieve this, click on the bar chart icon on the top-right side of your profile. This gives you access to your Instagram Insights, then navigate to the Audience tab where you will find the times of the day your audience is most active on Instagram. This will help you create and plan well to ensure your posts are made when your audience is online and engaging.

4. Track your click-through rates to get more traffic

A huge deterrent for businesses seeking to improve their website traffic is the limitations placed by Instagram on where and what method you can use links to drive traffic to an external site.

If seeking to get people to visit your business website, you need to focus on the click-through rates driven from your Instagram stories ‘swipe-up’ feature and the link in your bio.

To track your Instagram Stories swipe-up analytics, swipe up from a live story or archived stories library. Go to ‘Interactions’, you will see the metrics for link clicks. To get a record of all views, clicks and swipes on a story, it is advisable to record this metric once the 24-hour lifespan of the story has expired.

It also gives you a clear view of people who visited your Instagram page from your story, and the number that actually clicked on the link.

Also, to foster a great relationship with your followers and get them to click on your links or swipe-up the next time, you have to continuously make sure that your post-click experience is exciting, accurate, and would benefit your viewers.

If you keep seeing a decline in your click-through rates on Instagram stories, you would need to improve the design style of your stories to give your viewers a cause to follow the swipe-up instruction. You could also add Instagram’s GIF ‘swipe-up’ stickers to further draw their attention to it, but you need to be careful lest it comes off as a pushy sales pitch.

For better feedback and content optimization, you could give a preview, set clear expectations, or ask a question with the solution shared in the “swipe up” link.

5. Create stronger IGTV contents

Another angle being neglected by brands and businesses is the use of IGTV. It has been proven to be successful with influencers on Instagram, as they use the IGTV platform to share their day-to-day activities.

Now, not only does Instagram insights on IGTV offer unique analytical data like the number of people who viewed your video to the end, but it also shows when they swiped away from your video.

To fully utilize and perfect your IGTV metrics, click on any of your live IGTV videos. You will see a symbol with three dots along the bottom of your screen. Upon clicking this, a list of options would be revealed, select ‘View Insights’. This will show you the number of viewers, likes, comments on your IGTV posts and your Average Percentage watched rate. This will further harness your mastery of your audience or viewers’ preference.


Irrespective of your goals and objectives for using the Instagram platform, you can improve your content and marketing strategy by efficiently learning the art of tracking your analytics.

In conclusion, before making your next Instagram post, endeavor to track and analyze your posts and you just may be on your way to garnering more active followers and excellent sales.

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