8 Best Instagram Stories Tricks to Engage your Followers

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It is no news that a lot of Instagram influencers are switching their focus to Instagram stories due to the high engagement rate with IG Stories. As it stands, Instagram Stories has a massive number of daily active users, and it is showing no sign of slowing down.

Besides connecting with your followers, what else do you use Instagram Stories for? More so, do you know that consistently making Instagram Stories increases your reputation with the Instagram algorithm? I bet you didn’t!

All the interactions received on your Instagram Stories are recorded in their algorithm.

I will be taking you through 7 ways you can outsmart the Instagram algorithm and increase your reach using Instagram Stories.

Before we discuss the best Instagram Stories tricks, let’s briefly try to understand how IG stories work.

How the Instagram algorithm works

Recently, Instagram has been continuously reviewing its algorithm to give relevance to the time you post your content. Instagram feed is still algorithmic rather than chronological. However, the factors that affect its algorithm have slightly shifted and continuously do so to improve user’s experiences.

This means that its users need to come up with new ways to boost their engagements.

How to use Instagram stories to your advantage

Instagram Stories continues to dominate Snapchat and has become one of the best channels to drive engagements, and an essential part of marketing products and services.

Now let’s discuss Instagram stories tricks you can use to outsmart the Instagram algorithm.

1. Include hashtags & location stickers

Adding hashtags and location stickers to your story makes it easier for users to find the story if they search that hashtag or location. It also gives you massive reach and possibility of garnering new followers.

To add a location and make it appear on search results for that vicinity, click on the location sticker and type the location of your story. You should receive a notification afterward.

To add a hashtag you can either type in the hashtag, or use the hashtag sticker to add your desired hashtag.

2. Promote audience interactions

Interactions received on your Instagram Stories are also recorded by the Instagram algorithm. Take advantage of Instagram Stories’ engagement opportunities and the useful polling feature. The features let you ask questions and see results as your followers vote.

You can use poll stickers to entertain your followers, get product feedback, or crowdsource ideas. This in turn helps you increase your reach and build a deeper connection with your audience.

You can also request they send a direct message for a direct link to a product. Influencers do it! It helps build relationships with your followers and drive up the engagement on your accounts. More so, it increases your post’s chances of been seen on their feed.

You may not have noticed, but the Instagram Stories that appear closest to the beginning of the row above are from accounts you engage with the most.

3. Use Instagram stories analytics to track your progress

You can view the analytics for your Instagram Stories if using an Instagram Business profile.

To come up with a time saving fine-tuned strategy, take on your Instagram Stories strategy with a better understanding of what’s working.

Select the Insights icon in the top right corner of your profile, in order to see the Insights for your Instagram Stories.

Scroll down and click “Get Started” in the Stories section to gain access to your reach, impressions, and other related metrics.

In addition, Instagram Stories Analytics clearly shows your active and dormant followers based on their activities on your stories.

4. Add links

Instagram recently made it possible to add links to Instagram Stories, but it is available to users with about 10k+ followers. Adding links to your Stories will help you generate more traffic.

If you have the number of required followers, drive traffic to your campaigns, product pages, blog posts by including a “Swipe Up” option in your Stories.

5. Exhaust all Instagram Stories features

A key factor used by the Instagram algorithm to determine its popularity is the amount of time spent viewing your content. Looking for ways to ensure your followers don’t scroll past your Instagram Stories? Read on!

The first thing to note is that Instagram regularly releases new features for its Stories. How can you leverage these features?

  • When adding a post to your story, click the sticker icon in the top-right corner to display all the feature options.
  • Frequently add hashtags, stickers, GIFs, and locations, ensuring you do not over-use them. Doing this gives you a better chance to engage your audience and make them view your Instagram Stories frequently.
  • You can also use creative text styles and backgrounds to share what’s on your mind, using the “Type” mode recently introduced on Instagram.
    To do this, open your camera and click on the Type button which is next to ‘Live’ at the bottom of your screen. This feature is great for keeping your audience engaged!

6. Create Instagram stories adverts

Instagram Stories ads help increase your visibility to potential followers, and can be spotted between regular Stories at the top of your feed.

You have the option to share a photo or video which you must ensure is a captivating introduction to prevent users from running through their Stories.

7. Retain an organized brand aesthetic

Your Instagram stories should be such that a follower can easily recognize them as yours without having to see your name on the screen.

To brand your Instagram Stories within the app, you can consistently use different tools like fonts, brush options, and stickers. This helps you build a uniform brand aesthetic, add personality to your Stories, and convert your followers into brand advocates.

The eyedropper tool can help you keep your story elements cohesive, as it can be used to select a color directly from your story. You can also opt to create templates for your Instagram Stories. If not sure of the tool to use, try Canva.

8. Use external apps

Asides from Boomerang, you can create and share more engaging content with apps like GIPHY by adding GIFs to your Instagram Stories. With apps like GIPHY, you can create GIF albums and share them at the right time to keep your audience engaged.

Another app is the ImgPlay app. ImgPlay allows you to create GIF content with your own images on your phone. You can edit images and videos on your phone to create your own GIF or slideshow.

You can as well use other apps that can help you create great content – apps such as Coub, Gfycat, Tenor, InstaBooom, GIF Maker, and so on.


Your feed is affected by the Instagram pages you engage with the most. Frequently interacting with your Instagram Stories increases the chances of your posts showing on your followers’ feed.

Utilize the constant changes in Instagram algorithm to optimize your strategy, create deeper connections, and produce high-quality content. Ensure you constantly try out the latest features within Instagram Stories.

Doing all these Instagram stories tricks gives you one result – you will exponentially grow your IG stories view count!

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