SEO PowerSuite Review: A Complete SEO Toolset for Half the Price

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Generally speaking, SEO tools cost a lot but you need them. As a blogger or business owner, you have to generate traffic as well as attract customers. SEO tools are equipped to optimize your site for this task. But is there a way for upcoming business owners to afford the price?

I have compiled this review to check out SEO Powersuite, its outstanding qualities, benefits, downsides, and cost. When you are done reading, you will have sufficient information on whether to go for this tool or not.

What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is the software that depends on the computer to give your site a continuous spike in traffic. The software is made up of four tools which are:

Website Auditor – It thoroughly checks your site for problems that impede its progress so you do something about them.

Rank Tracker – It enables you to oversee rankings for a higher knowledge of how your SEO is faring. Various ways of researching keywords are also made available to you.

SEO Spyglass – It lets you examine the visibility you give to your link creation as well as let you in on how your rivals create their links. You then choose whether to copy or stick with your own methods.

Link Assistant – With this, you look for email addresses of leads to add to your link building movement.

How to use SEO PowerSuite?

Using the tools of this software might seem tasking at first but it only takes a short while to get the hang of it. You must set up projects for your site on the four tools when you start out. This makes them available to you simultaneously. The next thing to do is to obtain information from the tool itself and by linking the accounts of your Google Analytics and Search Console for more.

You should keep in mind that all of the four tools have the features of Reports and Domain Strength.

The Domain Strength lets you see your site in a range of zero to ten. The Reports feature reveals the rankings of your site to you. You can also get feedback on the reports from your customers but this will cost you more.

Website Audit

The best things about your site will be overlooked when your site has a snail-like speed coupled with lots of technical problems. The Auditor of SEO Powersuite will reveal these problems as well as how to solve them. It works with a Site Structure and Site Audit which are responsible for showing you your site’s SEO makeup and cross-section of your site’s problems.

Keyword Ranker

This tool does more than what the name implies. It is a tool that also works for discovering words that do not fit into keywords easily. It uses a feature called Keyword Research to suggest suitable keyword options.

Ranking Keywords –You discover the keywords ranked by your site here.

Keyword Gap – You discover keywords that another page apart from yours ranks.

Search Console – Utilize the information from Google Search Console to discover keywords ranked by your site.

Keyword Planner – Take out useful keyword suggestions from here.

Autocomplete Tools –Use this to bring your ideas to life with Autocomplete from Google.

Related Searches – Borrow ideas from similar search terms to yours.

 Related Questions –This gives you people’s burning about the particular term.

TF-IDF Explorer – Here, you can discover words that have important meanings that match your term.

Keyword Combinations – Use many keywords together to get the peculiar ones for your site’s improvement. The keywords you can input with the previously mentioned ways are limitless.

SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is responsible for giving you information about the situation of the links in your profile. Your site after a considerable period stores up links or you personally began a creation of awareness for your links. You will want to know the ugly and beautiful effects of these links on your site. This is where the SEO spyglass comes in. In no time, you can use its Backlink Profile feature to examine your link profile. Note that the possession of backlinks from different domains is more beneficial to you than from a single site.

Link Assistant

This tool enables you to put out emails to top sites and in the process obtain a backlink. It’s important to establish a working relationship with other site users. This makes them eager to trust and help you in creating awareness for your links. In essence, this tool aids the publicity of your links.


There are three plans for SEO PowerSuite.

Free plan

The first plan costs nothing which covers:

  • Unlimited use of the four tools
  • Operation of multiple websites and keyword research.

Note that you won’t be able to download data for further use.

Professional plan

The second is the Professional plan which costs an annual fee of $299 which covers:

  • Operation of many sites
  • Up to 20 downloadable and shareable data.
  • Ability to fix the time for task performance.

Enterprise plan

The last plan is the Enterprise plan at an annual fee of $699 which has all the features present in the Professional plan with the addition of getting shareable data in diverse forms.

Pros and cons

Here, let me tell you about the benefits and downsides of the SEO PowerSuite that might not be so obvious from its qualities.

Pros of the SEO PowerSuite

  • It is worth its price and more
  • The software is able to do unlimited tasks efficiently.
  • SEO Powersuite builders offer great customer service to its users.

Cons of the SEO PowerSuite

  • The Link Assistant tool requires improvement as compared to the other three tools.
  • The software does not operate concurrently on all devices. Its functionality also depends on the user’s computer.

SEO PowerSuite Review: Verdict

So far, it’s obvious that the SEO PowerSuite offers multiple and efficient functions at an affordable rate. The major downside is the inability of the software to run concurrently on various devices. You only have access to your account from the device it’s installed on.

You can however use just a license to have the software on more than a device but not the usage. This is to the advantage of users that have SEO experts around but to the disadvantage of non-experts.