Shorby Review: Drive Traffic from Social Media with Landing Pages + More

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Mostly, your aim as a blogger is to use social media to drive traffic to your blog. Unfortunately, there are limits to how much you can share. Shorby is the tool that comes to your rescue for this. In addition, it performs other functions of tracking, analytics, shortening links, and interaction with clients by chat.

I have written this review to give you the benefits, workings, and a concluding opinion of Shorby.

Shorby review summary: What does it do?

Firstly, you need to know how Shorby can aid you to achieve optimized marketing with the use of social media.

Create optimized micro-landing pages

Being able to set up improved micro-landing pages is a top feature of Shorby. Now you can display the link to such landing page on your social media.  You will set up this landing page however you want with the inclusion of your desired and content. Your price list, list of messengers, and all social media links can also be included.

The landing pages are majorly built for mobile devices which lets your audience have a smooth transition from their social media down to your landing page.

Shorten URLs (with detailed analytics)

Shorby will compress your links to be shorter and simultaneously offer effective alternatives of analytics. Just in case you need elaborate analytics, Shorby offers tracking assistance for the best-known tools. Right, shortening links is no longer a biggie but the special factor is being able to match this function to other tools of Shorby like messenger chats.

Open chats via a short link

With Shorby, you can have a short link that opens by itself to a live chat that offers diverse services. This is a plus for any one-man business. These types of link function with the top messaging apps. On some networks, you are able to set the opening message to what you want and include tracking pixels from services.

Hands-on with Shorby

Shorby has got a straightforward dashboard. It comprises fundamental analytics for your existing landing pages followed a prompt to paste a URL for shortening and lastly the alternatives to carry out the three functions of:

  •  Shortening URLs
  • Building a landing page.
  • Integrating chat.

How to create a short link

Create → Short Link. Thereafter you input the URL you want to cut short. Set your short link with the preamble as before having it your way after the preamble. Only the paid plan lets you have your own preferred domain name. Shorby after this gives automated analysis of clicks on your link. You can also go further to compile numerous pixel lists for tracking purposes. It is a bonus when you own many sites.

How to create a chat link

Create → Messenger Link. Thereafter you input answers on a form that’s similar to the one of shortening links.  Note that your link should have service to which it directs. Next, you input the details of your message’s recipient. Set the shortened link as you want before a message preamble if available for the service. Lastly, include your tracking pixels and that’s it. Go on and share.

How to create a micro landing page

This part has elaborate functions than the earlier two. This is where you set a lot of your preferences and also select the content you want to be displayed on the landing pages.  The micro landing pages of Shorby use a simple template. Whatever you fill in the template is up to you. You start with an image or logo, then title, messengers, blocks, and social media links.

Shorby shows you a demo of your landing page whenever you add a new content. For messengers, there is the drag-and-drop to help you change the order of arrangement.

You get to select from an array of layouts plus the use of background images when you include a card or button.

You are able to display active feed from any source of your content or products. The number of content to display and layout is up to you.

Lastly, you can include many social media links right at end of your landing page.

Note that you cannot alter the arrangement of sections in the template but just the content of each section. There are settings in the Settings menu to give more options for customization. Then it’s time to share.

Shorby – Pricing

The plan to choose on Shorby is largely based on your needed features and how many pages or links you want.

A big plus of the paid plans is the freedom to have a custom domain name. It will appear on your social media bio and improve your branding.

Final thoughts

From all angles, Shorby is highly effective to improve interactions with your audience and customers on social media. Shorby helps to fulfill the purpose of your social media to drive traffic and increase clients.

Micro-landing pages enable you to have a single link that does a lot of promoting for your content. You have the URL shortener to display your content on social media in a concise manner. You have the analytics to follow up and see the efficiency of every link. Messenger links gives you a better avenue to relate with guests on various messaging platforms.  This is a huge plus if you are involved in a one-man business.