How To Use Social Listening To Find High-Quality Guest Blogging Opportunities

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As a seasoned blogger, you already know that guest posting is a proven way to promote your blog.

The first thing to note about guest blogging is that your content should be featured on a blog where it will get massive attention and engagements. But then, how do you even get these guest post opportunities?

Getting top-notch blogging sites to feature you as a guest blogger isn’t going to be easy.

Today, I will be teaching you how to get quality guest post opportunities using a tool called Awario.

Let’s dive in!!

Using Awario to identify guest blog opportunities

First off, what is Awario?

Awario is a web listening and social media tool, which monitors sites like Twitter and YouTube for certain specific words and collates them in a dashboard. It also helps you identify blogs with lots of followers.

To use it to find guest post opportunities, start by contributing to sites that have an engaged audience and drive massive traffic.

Awario interface

Creating an ‘Alert’ is very easy. Simply enter your keywords and click on ‘Go’.

Upon signing in, you will see a dashboard that contains a summary of the various alerts/topics to be monitored.

Use keywords that align with the sites you want to guest post on.

Use the More options icon to get additional options to find mentions of a specific URL, get alerts from specific languages etc.

After creating your alert, give Awario some days to collate mentions and quality opportunities. 

Identify top influencers with existing reports

Awario has three built-in reports one of which is Mention Statistics which shows the most active sites with huge audience for your alert keyword.

Most top bloggers tend to have websites you can guest post on.

To ascertain this, click on their social media profiles. If they have a website, you will see it included.

You can also dig deeper to get the actual alerts monitoring, as the existing report is sometimes fine-tuned to display just top opportunities. Using the actual/real-time alerts interface, you have access to other quality guest blog opportunities not earlier shown.

Dig into the Influencer reports

To further check out the influencer report, click on any of the ‘Show more’ links on Mention Statistics. As a case study, on Twitter, you can identify guest post opportunities available through its influencers report.

Pitching with Awario

Finding guest post opportunities for your blog is one thing!! Pitching your guest post is another.

You need to ensure your topic perfectly fits your target blog, as the quality of your pitch topic is a key determinant to whether you will get a favorable response or not. To achieve this, set an alert for your target sites using Awario.

It shows you the content they publish as well as the ones with the most engagements. This further helps you shape your topic pitch in line with the ones with the most engagements.

Never forget to check out the ‘More Options’ icon when using Awario to create an alert for a specific website.

Other uses of Awario

Awario is not primarily just for finding guest post opportunities. It is mainly used for influencer research and social media listening.

Monitoring social media and websites

Due to its ability to identify mentions for your keyword in real-time, you can use Awario to keep an eye on your competitors, as well as monitor and interact with your audience.

These mentions include buttons that allow you interact directly without having to leave the Awario interface.

Conduct an Alert Competitive analysis

Never forget to do an Alert Comparison report.

Though not helpful in searching for guest post opportunities, this report is very helpful in terms of competitive analysis. It helps you compare multiple alerts against each other.

For example, if you pitch an alert for your brand against that of your competitor’s brand, you could quickly see how they compare in terms of their reach and mentions.

Besides this, you can also compare influencers for the two different alerts, keeping tabs on Influencers who mention your brand a lot and Influencers who mention your competitor a lot.

Now, your aim should be to convert some or all of the influencers mentioning your competitor to your side.

You want to win, right?

Focus with custom folders

If using Awario for different projects, you are in luck as Awario makes it easy for you to stay organized and spin up new projects, thanks to its custom folders system.

With this, you can with just a few clicks, switch between projects which in turn helps keep your dashboard uncluttered and relevant.

Pricing Awario

Depending on your needs, Awario offers three different plans.

If a sole blogger, you can opt for the lowest tier Starter plan which is billed monthly and costs $29 per month or $290 per year. It lets you set up 3 alerts, has 3,000 stored mentions for each alert and 30,000 new mentions per month.

If aiming for more power, you can use either of the two higher tier plans which are:

  • Pro – costs $89 monthly for 10 alerts, 10,000 stored mentions per alert, and 100,000 new mentions per month.
  • Enterprise – costs about $299 monthly for 50 alerts, has 50,000 stored mentions per alert and 500,000 new mentions per month.

Winding up

Awario is a multi-purpose tool as it can be used to monitor different types of content.

Outside its two primary uses which are for influencer research and social media monitoring, Awario helps you get helpful information like identifying guest post opportunities on blogs with active social followings and engagements.

Awario also offers a 14-day free trial of its Starter plan. This means that even if you may likely not enlist its service, you can familiarise yourself with its tools up to 3 alerts, and 30,000 mentions without having to pay a dime.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a great tool to help you monitor social media, conduct an influencer research, identify guest opportunities openings, and a whole lot more, try using Awario and you just may fall in love with it.