Sucuri Security Review: Is Sucuri Worth It?

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Looking for a detailed Sucuri Security review? You’re in the right place. This review will show you all you need to know about Sucuri and if it’s worth your time and money.

Website security is an important component of a website owner’s arsenals. As a website owner, you need to ensure that your site is secured to prevent it from being hacked. A hacked site can lead to different problems such as data theft; which could harm your website.

Thankfully, we have a lot of website security services nowadays, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand how to implement these solutions. Millions of websites run on WordPress; it is one of the best content management systems on the internet. It is also the right choice for those that want to host a website and manage it without being tech-savvy.

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Sucuri is one of the best WordPress security plugins. Every WordPress website needs to have a security plugin and you are making the right choice if you go with the Sucuri Security plugin. The company has a premium subscription that can be used by those that need additional protection, but many users find the free version of the plugin to be effective in protecting their websites.

In this review, we will look at the major features of Sucuri so that you can determine if it is the right security for your WordPress website.

Quick Review

Here’s a quick Sucuri security review:

Detailed Guide

What is Sucuri?

WordPress security is not a child’s play. It requires you to invest some effort. However, some plugins are better than their competitors and Sucuri is one of them. Sucuri is a WordPress security plugin that is meant to harden your website, protect your essential files, and keep your website secure from DDoS attacks or hackers.

Sucuri Inc is a leading website security company. The company creates security software and services for website owners.

Sucuri, which means ‘anaconda’ in Brazilian Portuguese, was founded by Daniel B. Cid in 2010. GoDaddy took over the company in 2017, and ever since it was founded in 2010, it has grown to become one of the leading security companies in the world. Sucuri provides a full suite of services that include website monitoring, website security services, and the direct removal of malware.

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The security plugin is an all-in-one package. But why should you use Sucuri for your website?

For beginners, Sucuri is a reputable company. They are the best at what they do, and their services cater to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Sucuri comes with an antivirus and a firewall. In addition to these, the company also helps its customers with different problems, such as:

  • Getting rid of malware from a hacked site.
  • Stopping any form of DDoS attacks on your site.
  • Giving you access back to a hacked site that locked you out, and
  • Removing your site from any blacklists.

I have used different WordPress security software, and I can confidently say that Sucuri is one of the best on the internet. There are few reasons for this, and I will shed more light on them as we proceed in this Sucuri Security review.

Listed below are the top features of Sucuri that I would like to discuss, and this is why it is a great security plugin to use.

Features of Sucuri

1. Security monitoring

One of the best features of Sucuri is its sitecheck scanner. Apart from running automatic scans on your site and ensuring that it is free from all forms of malware, the scanner also checks for any type of link injections or suspicious redirects. You can set how frequently you want the scanner to run on your website and check it for malware or blacklisting. The scanner will also detect changes in your core files.

The sitecheck scanner will look for any DNS or WHOIS changes. It will also check your site against blacklists that were produced by PhishTank, Norton, SiteAdvisor, Google, Yandex, and Opera.

Sucuri is one of the most comprehensive security plugins in the market. It will be difficult to find another security tool that is as vigilant as Sucuri.

2. Solutions extended to other CMS

Another reason why Sucuri is a top security tool is because of its security solutions that are not limited to only WordPress. If you use any other content management system apart from WordPress (such as Joomla or Drupal), Sucuri will work efficiently with it. If your website is also based on .NET or PHP, you can easily deploy Sucuri on it. Sucuri is also compatible with HTML websites.

3. Security plugin

The Sucuri Security plugin is free to use. You can use it on your website the same way you use other WordPress plugins. It will run in-depth checks on all of your sites and also ensure that all your core WordPress files are safe.

Most people don’t know how important this is. Many hackers usually hide malware in files that look legitimate at first glance, and they keep improving on this trick. Sucuri Security plugin has a one-click hardening feature that will secure your WordPress installation with a single click.

4. Scanning servers

When you are selecting any WordPress security tool, an important feature that you should not overlook is server-side scanning. Sucuri has one of the best built-in server-side scanning features. The Sucuri dashboard (which has an efficient layout) allows you to monitor all activities on your server.

5. Malware cleanup

Sucuri is capable of getting rid of any type of malware that your site is infected with. This feature is not restricted to the number of the web page you have or the frequency. If your website has been hacked, Sucuri will remove the malware for you if you purchase one of their subscription plans. The Sucuri team will even go the extra mile by ensuring that they remove your website from Google’s blacklist.

6. Dashboard

The Sucuri dashboard shows how secure your website is. After activating Sucuri, you will see all the activities that are going on within your website. The dashboard shows the core integrity of your site. The plugin scans your WordPress files to detect any unknown files or malware and keeps a list for them.

Once malware shows on the list, you can be assured that you can remove it from the next scan. Simply check the item in question and use the marking as fixed. You can also delete and restore any files at the same place.

7. Support

Support should also be considered when you are selecting a website security tool. There will be times when you need to contact support, and you must get through as soon as possible. Sucuri claims that their support is available 24/7.

They also claim to address all support tickets within 4 hours. The Sucuri takes security very seriously. You can reach them between 8 am and 8 pm EST from Monday to Friday. You will also be able to get through to them even if you send them a message outside these hours. The ticketing system on their website helps you to track the status of the requests you have made; so you can also use this system to contact support.


Sucuri has three packages that you can choose from. The packages include; Basic, Pro, and the Business.

The Basic package subscription goes for $199.99 per year. The Pro costs $299.99 per year, while the Business package goes for $499.99 per year.

Sucuri also offers custom enterprise solutions. If you have multiple websites and need enterprise solutions, this is the right option for you. The Basic Package does not offer the Malware Removal SLA neither does it support SSL certificates. The Pro does not include the SLA, however, it supports SSL certificates.

The scan frequency for each of the packages is also different; the Basic package can scan your site after 12 hours while the Pro package can scan your site after every 6 hours. You pay a premium for the Business package because it scans your site after every 30 minutes.


  • Free core plugin.
  • The firewall plans can be assessed from $10 per month.
  • It has swift support.
  • The plugin saves all the patches and data to the server.


  • Its functions are limited
  • The price is too high on some features for small businesses


1. Why should all WordPress websites have a security plugin?

Although WordPress is a secure CMS, security depends on the actions you take on your website. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, powering over 32% of all websites on the internet. Unfortunately, this also makes it a target for hackers.

Tens of thousands of websites are hacked every day. They aim to steal sensitive data, hijack your email to send spam or carry out fraud, infect your visitors with malware and, other malicious activities.

Since most WordPress users are not security pros and are not aware of how to keep their sites safe, it is important to use security plugins (like Sucuri) to automate and guide them through the processes they need to follow to fight hackers.

2. Why Sucuri Security?

Sucuri Inc. is a globally-renown and reputable company that offers security software and solutions to both small and large businesses around the world.

Their security products include firewall and antivirus, and these solutions can help you to:

  • Get rid of malware from your website.
  • Gain access back into your hacked website.
  • Remove your website from blacklists, and
  • Prevent hacking or DDoS attacks.

3. Who is Sucuri for?

Sucuri is a very solid security platform. The free version of the software helps users to scan their websites with all the required tools to manually get rid of threats and keep their website running optimally. Everyone needs to have the login monitoring feature. The website hardening feature of the plugin is hard to find in other WordPress security plugins. Sucuri is designed for those that want a quick update and check for their website.

The Sucuri platform is worth it. The platform is meant for those that need a full security solution, like larger sites and e-commerce stores, Sucuri will provide real-time DDoS prevention and also help in removing malware while providing enhanced support. You will not be disappointed if you put your trust in their team.

4. Is Sucuri necessary?

If you need the most comprehensive security tool for your WordPress website, Sucuri is the plugin you need. Its DNS-level firewall makes it a must-have for your website.

5. What does Sucuri do?

Sucuri is a website security company that offers WordPress security. They help to protect your WordPress website from malware, hackers, DDoS attacks, and blacklists. When you install Sucuri, your website traffic will go through their cloud proxy firewall before getting to your hosting server.


Sucuri Security Review Final Verdict: Is Sucuri Worth It?

Every WordPress website needs to be secured. The content marketing system will be prone to attacks if you don’t guard it.

In this Sucuri Security review, we can deduce that Sucuri is a great choice for those that think their sites might have been intruded on already and want to increase the security on their websites. Setting the hardening rules on Sucuri will repel many threats from your website.

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