5 User Feedback Tools to Start Using Today

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User feedback tools help small businesses and marketers to acquire useful information about customer’s experience with the service or goods they provide. These lead generation tools help businesses generate data relevant to their business.

These data form opinions and analysis. However, it is quite important to review the opinions of your customers about your products and services, rather than looking at the analytics.

This is because, it offers great insight about your product or service, and thus helping you identify and improve your business strategy.

Receiving users’ feedback equally helps you determine your customers’ level of satisfaction and also helps improve customer retention.

To collate customer feedback, there are a series of methods you can adopt some of which are surveys or user activity.

Today I will be taking you through some user feedback tools known to make collecting customer feedback a whole lot easier.

User feedback tools can help you identify unhappy customers thus reducing customer attrition, and also improve your product or service for customers’ satisfaction.

Let’s dive in!

1. Typeform


This is an easy to use modern interfaced web-based user feedback tool. Its features are quite interesting and unique.

Features of Typeform

  • Creates questionnaires, forms, polls, surveys, and reports.
  • Customizes each form using the drag and drop form builder.
  • Creates a welcoming survey by including background image, videos, brand fonts, colors, etc.
  • Possession of real-time data.
  • Displays a question at a time on its surveys and forms.
  • Allows you to create personalized surveys using the user data available.

Pricing: It has a free plan which gives you access to templates, reporting, ready-made forms, and data API access.

It also has a Pro plan with its price at $33/month. This plan has features like logic jump, calculator and hidden fields on your forms, and many other features.

Finally, it has a Pro+ plan which gives you priority support and webhooks and allows you to remove features like Typeform branding. Its pricing starts at $63/month (£46).

2. Hotjar


This is an analytics and feedback tool that gives you an overview of your website performance, conversion rates, and also gives you great knowledge of your website and users’ behavior. It helps look for ways to improve them.

Hotjar is your all-in-one insight tool as it helps record visitors’ activities on your site, heatmaps to visualize behavior, and when there is a decline in your customers’ conversion funnels.

With its surveys and feedback, Hotjar can help you identify your audience’s wants as well as the factors preventing them from satiating these wants.

For surveys, you may opt to distribute them in your email and at critical times. This may be when you notice a visitor is about abandoning your website.

Features of Hotjar

  • Includes 300 hours of recordings
  • Heatmaps, surveys, funnels, forms, and polls.
  • About 10,000 page views a day and unlimited features (if with low traffic). This is applicable to their Plus plan and goes for €29/month.
  • About 2,000,000 page views a day. This is the Business plan, is applicable to small and medium businesses, and is inclusive of the Plus Plan.

3. UserEcho


This is an online customer support software tool used in creating a survey or questionnaire and can be easily integrated into your business.

It has a copy and paste code in its forum and chat which can be easily added within your site.

It lets you create a forum, helpdesk, and install live chat.

Features of UserEcho

  • UserEcho makes the process of replying customers’ questions easier and more efficient.
  • Creates a branded customer support forum.
  • Creates a sub-domain on your site to easily handle customers’ incoming queries.
  • Integrates chat functionality to your website.
  • Google Analytics and chat apps like Slack and HipChat can easily be integrated.

Pricing: It has a limited free plan.

To get extra features like analytics, integrations, helpdesk, feedback forms, live chat, and easy customizing, opt for the full plan which costs about $25/month. You can also opt to pay $19/month (paid annually).

4. Qualaroo


This CRO tool can be rightfully said to be made for big brands, what with clients like Burger King, Hertz, and Starbucks.

It is solely a survey and feedback tool which helps create forms and surveys used to get feedback from visitors as to their time on your website.

It has greatly helped big brands improve their conversion rates.

Hold on! This doesn’t mean they aren’t ideal for small scaled businesses.

Qualaroo can be said to be one of the best customer feedback tools as it possesses seven survey options ranging from 2 Minute Setup to Skip Logic, and more.

You can set up your survey questions to target visitors based on the number of times they visit your pricing page.

Price: It has a 14 days free trial plan and then it’s pricing starts from $99/month.

5. Drift


This is an email marketing and messaging tool which focuses on already existing visitors on your website, thus growing your business.

Features of Drift

  • It has a live chat option which lets you talk to your visitors at the right time, thus increasing your website’s conversion rate.
  • It is integrated with chat apps like Slack, HubSpot, Segment, and many others.
  • Lets you set up an email capture campaign to grow your email list. This can be displayed on a specific page and to certain subscribers.
  • Sets your time availability. This is to ensure customers know when you are available or not.

Pricing: It has a free plan for 100 contacts, but with limited features.

If with a contact list size of about 1000 contacts, opt for its price plan of $50/month (paid annually).

Finally, if you have an excessively large number of contacts, you can go for its price plan of $1000/month (paid annually) which covers up to 50,000 contacts.


Although with lesser features, use simple user feedback tools like Typeform and Drift if you run a small business.

Consider using a user feedback tool like Qualaroo, if you want extra features and customer feedback options.

Use Hotjar, for an all-in-one insights tool as it lets you decipher customers wants using heatmaps and feedback polls.

Finally, if looking for a tool that creates a page with a forum and helpdesk on your website, UserEcho is your go-to user feedback tool.

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