10 Profitable Blog Niches That Will Make You a Ton of Money

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Creating a blog niche could be the most important step in making a profit from your online business. In this article, I will share with you 10 profitable blog niches that will make you a ton of money.

Making money online is not easy unless you have a niche to sell your products or services. A blog niche is the topic of your blog, and it’s very important that you choose not just any topic, but a profitable one that will generate the traffic you need to make money from your blog. 

Finding such blog niches can be off-putting, especially if you are new to blogging. However, once you find it, all your worries would subside, and the process of blogging will become easier for you. Let’s get started.

What is a blogging niche?

A blogging niche is a topic that your blog will be dedicated to.  Niche blogging refers to creating and marketing a blog that follows the topic of a specific niche. The goal is to reach the largest audience possible by targeting your blog around topics that people search for on Google.  

There is no right or wrong number when it comes to the number of blog niches that you should have.  It will depend on your business goals and how many areas of expertise you have.  

A new blogger can get away with just having one niche, but more experienced bloggers tend to have two or three niches generating their income in order to stay fresh and keep things diverse in their blog communities.

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Why do you need a blog niche?

A blog can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make because a blog can create a never-ending stream of traffic that will put money in your pocket. However, picking the right niche is something most people don’t do right. 

You see, there are hundreds of blog niches to choose from and each of them has profitable potential. Blog niches are more than just a topic that you’re passionate about. It’s what will make you to be able to market your product or services with ease. 

Finally, blog niches are a key part of content strategy for 2 reasons: It can enable you to build authority and drive traffic directly to your offers, and it can give you the ability to sell more.

There are 10 profitable blog niches below that could be worth thousands of dollars per month for you!

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1. Real estate blog

real-estate-blog-10 Profitable Blog Niches That Will Make You a Ton of Money

Make money by blogging about real estate. In fact, this field takes the leading position among other blogging niches. There’s a lot of possible topics so you can choose what you’re interested in.  

A real estate blog is a site that provides information or advice on buying, renovating, and selling houses. A blog means you can reach an audience instantly, with new posts easily being added as market conditions change. 

This niche is perfect for anyone, and combining it with topics such as home design or renovating would help you stand out from your competition. 

Bloggers in this niche can earn plenty of revenue through affiliate marketing, advertising platforms such as Google Adsense, and by providing consultation services to their readers.

2. Health and fitness blog


It’s a no-brainer that health and fitness information is one of the hottest niches out right now. Whether it’s personal training, sports nutrition, growing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or just staying motivated, people are always looking for ways to get into shape or stay in shape.

A blog in the health and fitness niche can attract a ton of traffic if you know what you’re doing. A blog on how to lose weight fast or how to gain muscle quickly would rank very high in the search engines. Health-related keywords are at the top of the list when it comes to generating traffic. 

So if you have a blog about health or fitness you can literally write articles forever and not run out of topics to write about. So if you are able to become one of the best bloggers in your health and fitness niche over time, you could make some serious money from it.

3. Parenting blog

parenting blog

This is a super niche that appeals to all ages. Children are messy. Babies are even messier. And let’s be honest, kids are expensive. If you’re a parent, then you know what I’m talking about.

There’s so much that can be written about parenting. It’s a rich subject matter, because honestly – who could say they know it all? A parenting blog could be a place where parents can get advice on anything from the best way to potty train their toddler to what stroller to purchase for a newborn.

If you’re passionate about parenting, why not create a blog and share your advice and expertise? You’ll be surprised at how many parents are willing to pay you to provide products and services for them. 

Here are some great parenting blog topics: teen parenting, playdates, holistic parenting, toddler/preschool parenting, and parenting a newborn baby.

4. Travel blog


The travel blog niche is extremely competitive. Google loves these kinds of blogs and people are constantly searching for new ways to travel right now. This makes it a very lucrative niche.

The wanderlust of going someplace new, unique, and exotic is in every person’s blood. The travel niche is one of the most profitable niches in blogging. The best thing about travel is that there is so much information available in almost every country and city. 

Many people dream of scaling Mount Everest or even just navigating the Grand Canyon, but most people do not travel because they don’t have much money to spend. Blogging about your trips can be a profitable and enjoyable task for those who do not have the ability to travel a lot, yet dream of doing so. 

There are different types of travel blogs, and they all have their own niches such as backpacking, luxury, family, adventure, etc.

5. Food blog


You can’t go wrong with the food niche. Food bloggers can make a very nice living if they have a following. Imagine sharing recipes for delicious food that you’ve cooked; people will find you from the pictures and link back to your blog when they try your recipes, this is how it works.

Food blogs are a nice source of passive income for certain people. It’s all about the recipe; the best food blogs show you how to cook, what ingredients to use, and why they go well together. This is another special niche because people visit your site to get help with cooking and related issues. 

The only downside usually is that people don’t always know how to monetize their food blog, but if you can figure that out, you’ll be good to go! In addition, if there are any hot topics in the news involving food, there’s a good chance you can write something about it that will get a buzz and attract readers.

6. Pets blog


A pet blog article is a good way to connect with people and relate to them. Many pets lovers are fascinated with all things related to pet animals. A pet blog can be written about anything that relates to animals such as dogs, cats, or even horses. 

Just think about it – how many millions of people have a pet? If you run a blog related to pets you will get an endless amount of traffic because people love and care about their animals so much. 

They will become a regular part of your life and you want to learn everything there is to know about them, how to take care of them etc. 

However, it’s not as easy as you might think because you cannot create whatever you want since the market is saturated with niche blogs. So what are some of the best niches for pet blogs?

If you are an active pet owner, then you are likely knowledgeable about particular dog breeds, different styles of dog food, and you might be interested in keeping up with new products related to treating your pet and caring for your pet. 

Start blogging about these things and you will become an authority in this niche which translates to many online sales opportunities.

7. Beauty and fashion blog


This is a very popular niche. A beauty blog is a perfect place to show off your knowledge and experience with beauty products and techniques. This niche can also make you a lot of money. Have you looked in the mirror lately? 

Everyone needs beauty and fashion tips. If you have a passion for helping others look and feel their best, this blog niche might just be for you. Another one of the most profitable niches for webmasters to earn money online is fashion. 

Start a fashion blog and you can tap into the desire women have to look fashionable at all times. While it can be hard to make a popular fashion blog, most people can find something to write about. You could write about makeup, accessories, hair, or other fashion accessories. 

Even topics like skincare are very popular. If you want to delve deeper into the beauty aspect of a blog, consider skin conditions like acne or acne scar removal products.

8. Entertainment blog


With the growing popularity of social media sites, online video streaming sites, and other entertainment websites, there has never been a better time to start your own blog about entertainment in general.

An entertainment blog is a blog that entertains the readers. It covers stories, news, and updates from relevant sources and also keeps them posted with the latest gossip and trends in the entertainment industry. The information is presented in a fun and interesting manner which makes the readers come back to read more regularly.

A music blog, movie blog, gossip blog, celebrities, TV shows, video games… these are all very profitable topics and they are relatively easy to rank in the search engines as people are searching for these topics every single day.

9. Technology blog


There are many reasons to start a technology blog: high profitability, loyal readers, ad revenue, and the opportunity to test new products. Technology is intertwined with every aspect of our lives, which makes blogging about it one of the best ways to earn money from home.

Blogs about technology are great for SEO and have always been some of the highest-performing blogs online. Technology encompasses everything from computers and laptops, to smartphones and tablets, to apps, software, operating systems, startups, and software development. 

A technology blog can bring in a ton of high-quality traffic and fresh leads. If you are a techie by hobby or profession then this is a field that will help you grow it big. However you approach it, there are tens of thousands of profitable ideas for full-scale blogs in this category.

10. Dating and relationship blog


There is a huge demand for dating and relationship blogs. From posts about maintaining healthy relationships to offering advice on how to choose a dating partner, these types of blogs are in demand.

It is due to the fact that many people don’t have people they can trust for relationship advice. If you want to create a blog that will grow year after year, then you should take your time and think of creating one about dating and relationships.

A dating and relationship blog is a blog that is about the art and experience of meeting people, falling in love, getting married, doing just about anything related to dating, relationships. 

A dating and relationship blog can earn money through affiliate marketing or self-branded products or services like courses, coaching, consulting & more.

So, you’ve selected a profitable niche for your blog, now what?

Come up with a blog name

Selecting a profitable, search engine-friendly blog niche is important to building a successful blog. But what’s even more important is how you name your blog. The name of your blog is the first thing people will see so it should be a reflection of what your blog is all about. 

You should use keywords in your blog name that a person searching for the topic you plan on writing about would type into a search engine. In addition, you want to come up with a name that is memorable.

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Solve a problem that exists within the niche you have chosen

Before you begin to write, ask yourself what kind of content your readers want. What are the missing pieces of the puzzle that your article will solve? 

Are you going to tell them exactly how to do something they’ve been struggling to figure out on their own, or are you going to teach them why something works using logical reasoning and data? 

By doing this, you are actually solving a problem for your readers. And as we bloggers know, the more value we give away for free (or at least cheap), the more readers we will get to our site.

Get a domain name and hosting 

A blog isn’t much to look at without a domain name and a place to host it. Two of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when starting a blog are choosing a blog name and getting a blog hosting account. 

If you’ve taken the time to select the right niche, you’ll have an easier time selling your blog idea to advertisers who want to reach the people you’ll be writing for. 

Good advertising equals more money in your pocket, so make sure your blog is easy to find by getting a short and memorable domain name. 

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Carry out a competitor research 

The next thing you want to do is carry out competitor research. The purpose of this exercise is to help you to identify the content and niche competitors of your chosen topic/ product, as it can be very useful when creating a strategy for publicizing your blog. 

In particular, you are interested in identifying your direct competitors, both the ones that are doing better than you and the ones that are not so successful and might represent potential sources of ideas for new articles.  

Furthermore, it will also give you a good understanding of what your potential and realistic earnings can be like from the niche you are about to enter. 

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Engage your audience

Blogs are a great way to express opinions and thoughts about things that interest you. To do this successfully, you must learn how to engage readers.

Once you feel your blog is getting the traction you need to engage your audience, start trying to get comments from people on a regular basis. Comments are great because they offer links and they build relationships. 

They display that there are people out there reading what you write, which results in more readers. Once you have comments like this, begin reaching out to your reader base and try to give them even more value that will make them remember your blog. 

The relationships you build with your audience can mean the difference between success and failure for your blog.

If your goal is to make money, monetize your blog

Monetizing a blog is essential to making money from it. Once you’ve written your first post and published it on your blog, you want to start thinking about how you will make a profit from it. 

There are a number of different ways to monetize a blog including putting ads on it, selling ad space on it, selling products on it via affiliate marketing or e-commerce platforms, offering consulting services, subscriptions, and more.


What kinds of blogs will make money?

All of them! 

Whatever blog idea you have with a niche in mind (which you should) is most likely something that can make money! I know this might not be the answer you’re looking for, but most blog ideas are probably going to make money if you execute them correctly. 

Remember, if it has a market or niche, there’s money to be made. Besides, some topics will make more money than others, but that’s to be expected. It also depends on your writing skills, the traffic coming to your blog, and your ability to promote affiliate links.

What is the best niche for blogging?

There is no best niche. The blog niche that you choose should be one that you feel passionate about writing about. Nonetheless, I have listed 10 profitable blog niches that will make you a ton of money in this post. 

I hope you will find one that interests you as you go through them. Also, note that profitable blog niches are not limited to those listed in this post. The world is your oyster.

Is it possible to earn money blogging?

Yes, it is possible to earn money blogging. Most bloggers start with a side hustle as a way to build their brand and become a recognized authority within their specialty. The most common way to earn money is by receiving affiliate marketing income. 

You can also advertise and/or sell your own products or services using a brand that you’ve created for yourself. Blogging is definitely a legitimate and lucrative way to make money!

Is there any way I can come up with a blog idea?

Yes, there are a few ways you can come up with a blog idea. Many bloggers spend a lot of time trying to come up with an idea and end up burning out before they ever start their blog.

There are a few tactics to coming up with blog ideas that are worth mentioning. 

One popular way is to hop on google trends and do searches in your desired industry to see what pops up, you can then brainstorm what kind of articles could be written. Another way is to research your competitors, see what they’re doing in terms of content and come up with how you could improve upon them. 

Besides, you can come up with a blog idea by taking the time to think about things that you are interested in, have knowledge of, or are always talking to others about.

What not to do: don’t write when you don’t feel like it.

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How narrow or broad should your niche be?

When choosing a niche you want to make sure there is a demand for it; however, making it too generic or broad will attract non-specific traffic and people who are not interested in the purpose of your site. 

The key here is to choose a niche that is narrow enough to have substantial demand.  For example, instead of blogging about all home improvement jobs, choose something more specific like kitchen remodeling designs.

But if I feel uncertain about what to write about, what can I do?

As a blogger, I think the best way to start is to write about what interests you. If you’re interested in something, chances are others are too, so you can focus on that one thing instead of trying to be everything to everyone. 

However, if you want to know what your audience likes, it’s easiest to start by doing some research – ask friends what they like reading about and see if there are blog posts that have done well around a certain topic so you get insight and ideas on how to go about yours.

What makes blogging interesting?

Interesting one, what makes blogging interesting for different bloggers is vast. For me, it is the passion to create something out of nothing. Blogging allows you to share your thoughts with the world and be appreciated for that.  

It also allows you to learn things about a topic you don’t and may actually enjoy learning for that matter. Every day fresh content. Posts are written on any topic and with any voice. Blogging is fun!

Final thoughts

In conclusion, in my years of blogging, I’ve discovered different profitable blog niches. Profitable blog niches have the potential to bring in a steady flow of traffic, subscribers, and customers. 

Some of these blog niches have the potential to get you more views than others, and some can be extremely profitable based on a single conversion or even lead generation (like real estate). 

It is my hope that by now, you are thinking of a profitable niche to start blogging about. Or you might have a niche idea already and you are worried about how to get traffic for your new blog. Don’t worry, I have created a guide on how to increase traffic for your blog in 30 days. You should check it out.

Best wishes!