Content Marketing the Right Way: 5 Brands You Can Learn From

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Do you ever struggle to understand the process of content marketing? Are you skeptical about its relevance in your business?

You’re probably looking to make the best return on your campaigns.

I will discuss five top blogging experts and explain some reasons why you need content marketing for your business. You’ll also learn how to use content marketing, and the various types out there.

Just in case you’re confused, content marketing is an aspect of marketing aimed at creating and sharing useful, relevant, and steady content to attract and gain a target audience – with the purpose of influencing profitable customer action.

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Reasons to use content marketing

There are lots of reasons why you need this aspect of marketing for your business. Some of these reasons are:

  1. Content marketing helps build your brand, generate revenue, and drive relevant traffic to your website.
  2. It helps small businesses eradicate the exorbitant fee associated with traditional advertising.
  3. It helps you understand the pain points of your audience and offer solutions.

Using content marketing in business

There are series of ways you can use this type of marketing to generate revenue and increase traffic.

Examples from the brands show that content marketing can be used in business in a variety of ways. Here are some benefits of using this form of digital marketing for your business.

  1. Content marketing helps expose and build your business. It achieves this by merging your passion with the objectives of the business for business profit.
  2. It provides you with the opportunity to grow your email subscribers, which in turn helps you sell your products or services.
  3. Through content marketing strategy, you can provide solutions to public relations issues as well as answer questions relating to social media marketing.
  4. In business, content marketing can be used to identify the needs of your customers which can be obtained from their feedback.
  5. It is used by businesses to set their priorities right in order to achieve their set objectives, by teaching you the basics of content and product promotion.
  6. Embedding content marketing into your business helps you repurpose your content for enhanced visibility. Not only that, you get new followers, as well as generate traffic.

Types of content to use

The first thing to note is the fact that content for businesses differ.

What works for a trampoline manufacturing company may not be applicable for a small financial company.

So, what type of content do we have and which is most effective for brands?


According to Veronika, an Inbound Marketing Manager for Sendible, her company has experimented with quite a lot of content types and settled for emails, blogs, downloadable templates, and guides, which they consider to be the most successful content types for their business.

She also advises that one should aim to generate 50 leads with one blog within two months.

Ian AG

For Ian AG, a Confident Live Marketing consultant and founder of Seriously Social, his main type of content has been written articles.

He focuses on longer and detailed articles to give people helpful and in-depth answers and creates mini-communities around his blog posts.

He is also of the opinion that live videos are a great way to share high-quality content, frequently and consistently.

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More types of content to use


Adam Connell, the founder of Blogging Wizard, in explaining this states that he mostly publishes long-form blog posts and articles made into ebooks for his subscribers.

He also states that infographics work great for earning backlinks and providing you with seed publication.

He also uses SlideShare presentations which he says are easy to embed within your content, and allow you to tap into the built-in audience of SlideShare.

His brand also uses Design Pickle as it offers a flat rate image design service, and though not able to technically do infographics, make infographic styled images once provided with a detailed brief.


Melanie Tamblé, the co-founder and co-CEO of Adenion GmbH, says her company uses its blogs to create and publish its marketing content. They then republish this content in multiple formats and channels.

This republished content includes blog posts, articles, online press releases, infographics, etc., and contents are shared on Twitter, Pinterest, news sites, guest blog posts, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook, SlideShare, etc.

The media receiving this content are chosen based on the type of content to be republished. They also engage on sites like Growth Hackers, Quora, etc.

Ian C

Finally, Ian Cleary, the founder of the digital agency RazorSocial says that he uses images and infographics to create his articles.

Content creation outsourced

Often, entrepreneurs and bloggers have a small marketing team serving their entire organization, and outsource their content creation.


For Adam, he has an editor who proofreads and loads content on WordPress and outsources mostly graphic design works and blog posts.

He believes that works that take time to execute should be outsourced, especially if you have the resources to do so.


Melanie on the other hand says that her company creates most of its original marketing content in-house. She says that they sometimes invite guest bloggers to get content diversity.

Ian AG

Also, Ian AG says he transcribes live videos into captions or blog post transcriptions using a service like Rev. He also states that you can outsource services like research and formatting posts.


Furthermore, Veronika says that her company outsources blog writing to trusted and expert freelancers.

Ian C

Finally, Ian Cleary says that he creates his initial content, but has an editor who proofreads them.

Results from content marketing

These digital marketing experts also explain how effective content marketing has been for their business. Here’s what they have to say.

Ian AG

Ian states that although some of his content didn’t do great, a good number of his content have done exceedingly well as most of them have gotten close to 4.2million page views and about 1,500 comments.

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She feels that this form of marketing has helped double her company’s blog traffic as well as generated qualified sales leads.

She is of the opinion that the key to marketing success lies in understanding your product and its mission, speaking with customers and getting feedback for improvement, understanding your customers’ pain points, analyzing your content performance, and mapping out an ideal marketing funnel to adopt.


He states that this aspect of marketing has helped him grow his business and generate more income for himself.


Melanie states that content marketing has helped her brand create awareness and visibility for its products across multiple channels.

She also states that it has helped their public relations strategy.

Ian C

Ian C states that content marketing has helped him build up influence, authority, and an audience, which has helped him successfully promote his new business.


1. How do I prepare for content marketing?

The very first step is to know your target audience. Then select the best content type for your business. It could be an infographic, blog post or video.

2. How can content marketing help me?

It can help you establish trust with your target audience as well as brand loyalty.

3. How can I improve my brand identity?

Be clear on what to avoid. Use sensory words to spice up your content. Add language you can use to engage your audience.


Thanks to these digital marketing experts, you now have an overview of what content marketing requires and how to use it right.

You can now increase your web traffic, build your audience, and influence to generate revenue. You can access this type of marketing even on a budget.

Content marketing can be used in different formats – blog posts, infographics, videos, and images. Test as many formats as you can until you find one that resonates with your business. Also, don’t forget to outsource tasks where necessary.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Estar bien mi amigo!

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