Content Repurposing: 24 Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Next Blog Post

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Blogging for me has always been a passion! I started blogging not just because of the financial gains attached to it, but because I also wanted to be seen and heard.

To maximize the visibility of your blog as a blogger, you need to get your blog post out there for people to see and read.

But then, the major challenge you will likely face is churning out original content on a regular basis.

You just may not have the time to produce quality posts that will grab your audience’s attention and make them read, sign up to your email list, and share your post, as creating such content takes hours of research, writing, re-writing, proofreading, and editing before they are published.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the time consumed trying to promote the post on various social media channels.

On the side, I advise you hire a freelance writer to help fill up your content schedule if your budget is up to it, as combining it with creating content for your blog is going to be extremely tasking. But then, what do you do when you want to grow your blog, but don’t have the time to create content? It’s simple! Repurpose your content!

When you repurpose your content, you not only get to reach more people but also rejuvenate highly informative and well-written posts that are old. But then, you are probably a new blogger and don’t know how to repurpose your content. Don’t worry, I’m here to assist you.

I will be showing you 24 ways you can improve your current content and use it to reach more people. Ready? Let’s go!

 1. As a Facebook Live

If you have ever done a live stream, you will understand what role it can play in generating traffic for you. Over time, live streaming has become quite a popular way of quickly building your brand and reaching people. Try repurposing your blog post by using Facebook Live on your Facebook page or group.

2. As a free course

One of the most effective methods of growing your email list and promoting a sales funnel is to offer free courses, especially if you have a paid course or service you want to offer. You can repurpose old blog posts and lead magnets into a free course.

I recommend using a platform like Pinterest to do this. You also need to ensure you create a strategy to fill your sales funnel.

3. SlideShare presentation

If you have ever searched for a way to turn a blog post, or any type of content into an engaging and visual representation, SlideShare is just for you.

You will love how SlideShare turns your uploaded files, whether PowerPoint presentations or PDF slides into a slide deck presentation, enabling viewers to learn about your content by clicking through your SlideShare. Now, just imagine what repurposing your content this way will fetch you. Yes, you are right! An increase in your traffic and shares!

When you want to choose a blog post or content to create your SlideShare with, I advise you to ensure it presents a problem and proffers the solution. You can use images to enhance your content and make it relatable. Try adding SlideShares into your blog post and upload them to your LinkedIn profile.

4. YouTube vlog video

When I need to search for a video online, I opt for YouTube. One thing you don’t know is that a lot of bloggers are using YouTube to reach a new audience. Creating content using videos will give your brand a sense of authenticity and draw your followers closer to you, as they get to not just hear you, but also see you. This in turn can help you make more sales and increase conversions.

To repurpose your content using YouTube, create a video version of some of your blog posts and link them from your YouTube channel.

5. Quora

You must be quite familiar with Quora. I first discovered Quora when I needed answers to a question. Upon typing the question, Quora and some other sites were displayed. Quora is a Q&A site, where you can ask questions or give answers on any topic related to your niche. To increase your blog’s visibility and repurpose your content using Quora, you can write a disclosure stating that the post was originally posted somewhere else.

Another thing I have watched some users of Quora do and which I feel you ought to do is to try converting the answers you provide to Quora readers into a new blog post.

6. Update and refresh old blog posts

We all love reading something new and relevant, sometimes not knowing we have possibly read that exact content on the same site. You can try repurposing your old blog posts to look appealing to your audience and drive more traffic by updating these older blog posts while correcting possible errors earlier made, and fine-tuning them to look new and rich.

7. As Twitter updates

Not everyone knows this, but you can repurpose a blog post as a tweet using snippets of phrases from your blog post. You can also use a Click to Tweet quote as text on a graphic or create a graphic of a phrase from your blog post to share on Twitter and increase your visibility.

Rather than tweet on just your latest blog posts, you can provide valuable tips to your audience using Twitter.

8. Email newsletters or series

As a blogger, you need to ensure you have an idea of what to email on your list. You must ensure you provide exclusive tips and strategies for your subscribers to capture their interest and draw them to the post. The major constrain you may have with this would be doing it regularly, as it can be quite tasking and tough. To make this less stressful and quick, try repurposing questions on your Facebook group.

You can answer questions from your followers in your newsletter emails, or work on old blog posts ensuring you pick out relevant tips and make them reflect in present happenings. I advise you use old blog content to welcome your new subscribers, when you want to create an email series.

9. Republish your content

Another way you can increase your content visibility is by republishing your content. You can do this by reposting it to either Quora, Flipboard, or you use LinkedIn Pulse, as they let you include call-to-actions to landing pages, and have a large built-in audience to leverage for traffic. By doing this, you increase your chances of growing your email list.

10. As a challenge

Healthy challenges spice up life! One thing I sometimes do to grow my email list is to create a challenge for my subscribers, anything to spike their interest and make them engage in my post.

I once did a music challenge, and that alone got me close to 1000new followers as the gift attached was quite tempting. Outside this, organizing challenges foster a relationship and let your subscribers know you on a different level.

You can get ideas from old content and use it to create your challenges.

11. Infographics

Infographics are a visual representation of your blog post and a great way to boost your social shares. For me, I use infographics not just on my own blog, but on other blogs. I also recommend you use either Piktochart or Venngage to create free and professional-looking infographics, and TweakYourBiz to repurpose your content. You also need to draft your infographics to look like a blog post, ensuring it has an eye-catching headline, clear topics, and a conclusion.

12. Part of a course

You don’t need to develop a course for your audience from scratch. You can repurpose your old blog posts into a course, going deeper on the topic discussed. This is because there are readers who would rather purchase a detailed course on a topic or post than go hunting for it on your blog. As a person, I hate having to follow up on a story or post online. I would rather just make a one-time purchase than read in bits.

13. Periscope

If you are a blogger with an active Twitter following, Periscope can help grow your blog and brand. It is a live streaming platform and can be used to repurpose old blog posts, courses, emails, etc. To repurpose content, you can change a post to a video or video to a podcast. Your aim is to ensure people learn via the channel most ideal for them.

14. Ebook

I totally love Ebooks, as it’s a fantastic way to acquire more subscribers and monetize your site. You may not like it as it does take up time, and that’s one thing we have already agreed we don’t want to waste. But then, you can get ideas from your popular blog posts and repurpose them into an Ebook, instead of having to create new content for it.

You will also need to set up a landing page to increase your conversions, irrespective of whether you sell the Ebook or give it out for free.

15. Convert your content into Facebook post

I have been an active user of Facebook for some years now, and I can tell you that the platform is great for getting more blog engagement. Utilize this engagement to incite discussion by repurposing your blog post into a Facebook post for a Facebook group or your page and remember to always share valuable content. Doing this will help increase your visibility and also drive traffic to your site.

16. Guest Posts

If you haven’t been guest posting, you may need to start doing that. As a blogger, guest posting will help you and your content get noticed. All you have to do is to give it your very best to get conversions, as it will be read by an entirely different audience. Always remember that the amount of traffic you get will be dependent on how you go about the guest blogging process. You can also opt to repurpose your old content or post, using ideas from the content in other places as a guest post.

17. Video tip series

If you don’t want to try YouTube, another way to repurpose your content using video is with a video series. It lets you convert repurposed old blog and Facebook posts, emails, or any type of content into a video series for a lead magnet.

18. As Instagram posts

Instagram is one platform I never joke with as it has always been one of my major means of making massive sales and getting seen. Just with the quality of images and Instagram stories you upload, Instagram can boost your brand and help you grow your audience.

As an entrepreneur looking for business posts to share on Instagram, you can repurpose your blog posts as an Instagram post, ensuring you use appropriate hashtags, provide a link, and be authentic and personal in your post.

19. Syndicate your content

We have already established the fact that the main aim of repurposing content is to increase the visibility of your blog posts and brand. Another way you can do this is by syndicating your content. I recommend using Business2Community to do this, as the site is simply amazing at syndicating content. You can also do a paid advertisement with content discovery networks to have your content included in their site.

Outside this, I advise you to syndicate content you don’t intend ranking on search engines, or old blog posts with low traffic rates. I also advise you to wait a while, probably a month before syndicating another content.

20. Lead magnet

It is quite challenging growing an email list, as it can depend on your audience, or your opt-in freebie to see how successful your strategy is. When creating an opt-in freebie, you can use your blog post to craft a lead magnet.

I run different businesses and rarely have time to create content. I had to repurpose blog series in my blog and turn it into my lead magnet. I was happy I did, as it really saved me ample time as the content wasn’t new and I didn’t have to conduct fresh research.

Try to ensure that you create a lead magnet capable of solving your audience’s problems or challenges.

21. As webinars

Another great way to grow your email list and get more personal with your target audience is through organizing Webinars, as they give your audience an idea of your personality, and experience in your niche. You may have trouble coining topics for the webinar, and this is where I advise you to repurpose your old blog posts to get a solid topic.

22. Podcast episode

If you are a seasoned blogger, you should be quite familiar with podcasts. You can repurpose content from your blog and site and turn them into episodes, ensuring you build the theme around your blog and podcast, to help form episode ideas.

23. As audio

We often listen more than we read, and this is applicable to content repurposing. It is now common for one to repurpose content as an audio version or podcast. This will be beneficial to readers who would rather listen to your content due to certain reasons, or simply because they enjoy listening to reading.

24. As new blog posts

As a blogger, you are often burdened with creating new content every month for your blog. Now, this often poses a problem as it can be a struggle finding new and unique topics. Why don’t you use your old blog posts and simply tweak them to look new, adding certain things not previously included in the article? You can also get the subheading of an old blog post of yours and simply build a topic around it.

Finally, you can also ask influencers in your niche to contribute to popular posts on your site, as this will also help trigger traffic from their own audience.

Wrapping it up

It will take you time to grow your blog traffic, as other activities related to sustaining your blog especially content creation and promotion strategy, will take up a greater part of your time, and if you have a family of your own, it will likely be very difficult keeping up with blogging. Try repurposing your blog posts to cover up for this and save ample time.

Just like we have learned in this post, I advise you to repurpose your popular blog posts into webinars, periscope, guest posts, podcast episodes, lead magnets, or even an ebook.

Finally, you can opt to repurpose your content into social media posts or syndicate them to promote your blog and drive traffic to your site.