12 Proven Tips You Should Know on How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

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Pinterest is huge! What could be more exciting than getting a notification that someone has followed on Pinterest especially when you’re looking for followers? In this post, I will be giving you 12 tips on how to get more followers on your Pinterest account. 

Pinterest is a social network where you can share your interests with others. You can post image collections, which are called pinboards, join groups of followers, and create your own network of friends.

This has made the networks an exciting place for people to show off their interests, promote their businesses, or just share interesting images with friends. Of course, to do any of this, you need followers. 

You will only get so far on Pinterest without making sure that everyone knows that you are there. Here are 12 tips to help you get more followers on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular social media networking website where users can share and find various types of visual information. Also, Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that people use to plan trips and find new things to do. People find ideas on Pinterest for everything from birthday gifts to wedding decorations to DIY projects. 

A home for all things you love, what you want to buy, places to eat, recipes to try, how to craft your life, and more. People on Pinterest share and pin from a constantly updated feed of ideas for everything you do.

Make Pinterest work for your business/blog

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media sites around. There are more and more business owners jumping on board to test Pinterest’s effectiveness for their own marketing plans, and join the ranks of those that are already reaping the benefits.

To have success on Pinterest, you first need to have a strategy. Your strategy should include a Pinterest profile that is set up the right way, boards that are well-thought-out, and pinning tips to engage your audience. 

To help you get more followers, I’ve compiled 12 tips below.

1. Know your target audience

Wow, you’ve finished setting up your Pinterest page and are ready to start promoting. Before you plunge in head-first, take some time to think about whom you’re trying to reach. 

Far too many businesses and bloggers start their marketing strategy by creating a Pinterest account then pinning all sorts of random images.

If you are looking to increase your followers on photo-sharing site Pinterest, then start by knowing exactly who you should be targeting. While the demographic is still being determined, studies show that the majority of Pinterest users are generally women

If you are targeting this audience, or even if you aren’t but just want to be more relevant to women, use a female’s name in your headline so it stands out from the rest. This will help you get started on your marketing efforts as soon as possible.

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2. Engage with what is trending

Engage with what is trending- as you have read above, this is something you probably have to do anyway to run your business. Whether it’s a trending topic, news event, or popular product, many brands can take advantage of trending topics if they want to reach new consumers. 

When it comes to social media, the big things are rarely new. What determines what’s “trending” is how much people are talking about that topic of conversation. By engaging with what’s trending, you join in the conversation. You start to look like an expert. You can create a community around your business.

Also, anyone who has been on social media for any amount of time knows that trends come and go. While this is a good thing from a marketing perspective, you cannot just hop on the bandwagon; you must have expertise if you want to create your own trend.

3. Follow your competition’s Pinterest followers

When you are running a business, you need to know what your competition is doing. On Pinterest, it is easy to identify who the competition is by following their Pinfluencers that have similar content and interests. 

Create followers of your own by following your competition on Pinterest. You’ll be able to follow the users that are pinning the most interesting stuff. This will give you the ability to leverage those pins in your content strategy. 

You can find people who have pinned things related to your own content, and follow everyone who has pinned even just one of your pins. This will increase the likelihood that you’re following some of these users back and it will also make them more likely to follow you back.

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4. Link your other social networks to your Pinterest profile

If you have created a presence on Pinterest and want to draw people to your profile online, consider adding links to it from your website and other social networks. This will direct more traffic to your profile, allowing your Pinterest page to become even more popular. 

Besides, it is also is a free way to get your products in front of your customers on a new network, as well as spread information about your business to other interested customers.

5. Use keyword-rich pin descriptions

Pinterest is an ever-growing photo pinboard platform that requires its users to use descriptions when repinning, adding, or creating pins.

Everything you pin, the descriptions and tags included, will be used to determine whether your post will appear in the potential viewer’s front page stream or if it’ll be hidden. 

This is the place where you can earn your own little spot in the Pinterest universe by adding your own keyword-rich description to a visual medium. Adding these keyword-rich descriptions to your Pins is a simple and effective way to draw more traffic to the Pin page.

Since Pinterest displays these Keywords in every pin’s main description, they become a form of SEO for your pins. Also, if you are using a Pinterest plugin for WordPress, you can also use rich pin descriptions on your Pinterest categories and tags.

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6. Ask your friends and their friends to follow you on Pinterest

If you already have some Pinterest following, use your network to spread the word by asking your friends and their friends to follow you. All they have to do is click the ‘follow’ button on your profile. This will spread the word about what you are pinning and re-pinning. 

You can also ask them if they have a website or blog and then ask if they can pin some of your images there too! In addition to getting them to follow you first, ask them if they would be willing to share a few of their favorite pins with you. 

That way, once they follow you, they’ll be sharing links to pins that they’re already pinning.

7. Get more followers on Pinterest by optimizing your profile

Pinterest is a haven for users in search of artistic and interesting ideas. It’s a place for everything from DIY projects to delicious food. So, if you want more Pinterest followers, how do you do it? Well, the best way is to optimize your profile so that it matches the interests of your target audience. 

The question is how to do this. Do this by adding complete information such as your location and the links to all of your websites and blogs.

The most important piece of information is your website address and your blog’s description. Make sure the first description you put in is the one that resonates best with your audience, as it will become a clickable link on Pinterest.

In addition, choose a custom cover image that will catch the eye of anyone browsing Pinterest pages. Also include information in your description that will make people want to follow you, like your prices or a link to a free gift.

8. Repin relevant content from other users

There are no shortcuts to success. If you want to get more Pinterest followers, then being an active member of the community is vital. Repinning relevant content from other users will help you to build relationships and give your own boards more definition and depth. 

To boost your repins, find interesting or attractive pictures and images on Pinterest, then re-pin these images to relevant boards. Relevant content can range from posts about upcoming niche holidays to vintage decor ideas, or anything else that fits in with the kinds of things that you pin. 

When you re-pin a pin from another user, they will get notified and receive a notification within their feed that you have repinned them.

9. Add your brand logo to your pins

Adding your brand logo on your pins, which is the small icon or image that appears with the post on Pinterest, will also help your posts get discovered by more people who are interested in the interests related to the pin. 

Furthermore, add your logo to your pins for a professional touch and the added bonus of having an extra CTA. By using a custom made logo pin you not only show people what your brand is but can also take advantage of the space to add a call to action with your website address.

10. Always use attractive images

Just like in a store, people always look at the pictures before they read the text.  It takes images to get featured on Pinterest, but that’s not all you need. When you have an attractive image, you can create a more emotional connection with your potential customer. 

One of the most important things you can do to improve Pinterest performance is to use attractive pin images. Attractive images get more re-pins and more followers. Use only high-quality images – high resolution, perfectly framed, uncluttered, bright photos.

You should be aware that it is not only very well thought out words, which makes a positive impression on others, but also the choice of images, colors, and fonts you choose.

11. Run a Pinterest contest

Get creative, because Pinterest followers love a good contest! Running a contest on Pinterest can generate a lot of new followers because they want to be motivated, they want to win something. 

This will increase your audience and help you get more exposure. You can actually pin a contest graphic to your Pinterest board in order to get people going to that pin and may be entering the contest. 

The giveaway can be for something as simple as a pinback button or a t-shirt, but the strategy is still the same. To make this tactic work, the only thing you need to do is make it clear on your giveaway page and within the pin description that pinners are entering for a chance to win something from you. 

12. Add relevant hashtags

“Hashtags” are one of the most underused marketing strategies. This is where you can build your authority in a specific niche by putting together a relevant hashtag that describes your post.

By adding hashtags to your Pinterest post, you’ll make it easier for Pinterest users to find your content.

Add relevant hashtags to your post descriptions. For example, if your post is about camping, use hashtags such as #camping, #outdoors #nature… etc. Use no more than 3–5 relevant and popular hashtags per post.


How do I make my Pinterest board popular?

Pinterest, like any form of social media, takes a little bit of time and dedication to make your account grow. It will eventually become popular on its own, but the only way to set it up with success is to plan out your board from the first moment. 

A board is only as good as the pins that you upload. To make a board popular, you have to pin interesting things that you think are worth sharing with others. Posting a variety of high-quality images will get your pin and your board noticed. 

Take a look at some of the top boards on Pinterest to see what distinguishes one board from another. A successful board will have multiple types of media, including videos, infographics, and product pins.

How many followers do you need on Pinterest to make money?

There is no specific number of followers that you have to have. However, it is safe to say that the more engaged your followers are with your Pinterest content, the more money you will make. 

To get more paid followers on Pinterest, create great-looking visual content that engages your current fans and prospective customers. 

How do I get noticed on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual social network and a fast-growing major social network. Hence, getting noticed on Pinterest can be a daunting task, if you don’t have the right mix of followers, boards, and pins. Fortunately, everything you need to get noticed is at your fingertips. 

One of the best ways to get noticed on Pinterest is by promoting your Pins. Promoting lets you highlight your Pin when someone views a specific Pin, so they can quickly discover other Pins from you. 

Instead of letting visitors find your Pins one at a time, you can “plant a seed” and have them stumble over your great content in their search results. 

Can I make money on Pinterest?

Yes, you can. However, it is super important to understand that Pinterest makes most of its money from advertising. You can also make money with Pinterest through affiliate programs and selling products on your pins or blog posts.

Do hashtags work on Pinterest?

Yes. Use hashtags in your pin descriptions to increase the chances of your pin being discovered by people searching for a related topic. There are some best practices that will help get the most out of using hashtags on Pinterest.

Is it easy to get followers on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a great place to share your passion or expertise. Getting a lot of followers on Pinterest is not easy. As this is a very active social media platform, you should expect that it will take time to grow your followers. 

Learning how to get more Pinterest followers requires you to build credibility by sharing quality content and not just asking for follows all the time. It’s important that you engage with your followers, pinning their pictures back to them and commenting on their pins. 

Start making friends and they will realize you are the real deal, retweeting your pins and following you right back!

Why do I keep losing followers on Pinterest?

It’s never a good feeling when you lose someone as a Pinterest follower. However, it does happen for a variety of reasons. The top reason for people unfollowing you on Pinterest is that they don’t find your pins interesting. They’re not necessarily from the same niche or even industry as you, so it doesn’t matter how many new followers you get.

Another reason is that Pinterest like other social media updates its policies, terms and conditions, and whatever it is called. It is possible that Pinterest has suspended spam accounts, so if they were following you, then you’ll lose them.

If you are losing followers (and this is most likely the case as you’re reading this article), the problem isn’t how to get more followers, but how to stop losing them.

Is it a good idea to buy Pinterest followers?

You might be tempted to, but in my own opinion, the best kind of social media followers are organic followers (real followers that are attracted to your account by their own choice.). The reason is simple, they not only follow you but don’t always engage with your brand. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a good idea to buy Pinterest followers. This is actually against the terms of service of Pinterest and you will be banned as soon as someone at Pinterest notices your account out of the ordinary (too many new followers or a large spike in traffic).

Final thoughts

Let’s face it, a good percentage of the 45-60 minutes most people spend online is on social networks. Social networks are powerful tools that can be used for lead generation and creating backlinks to your blog.

What you will learn in this post is an effective and well-researched method to gain more followers. For some time, I have studied every Pinterest and have come up with a foolproof, streamlined method for gaining more followers. I have spent hours studying how to get more Pinterest followers so that you don’t have to.

My goal is to show you how to use Pinterest more effectively for your business and in turn, grow your Pinterest following. I hope you find something useful here.
Lastly, if you would like to convert a personal Pinterest account to a business account, I have a post that will walk you through the steps.