Social Snap Review – Social Sharing WordPress Plugin To Increase Traffic

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You can completely transform your business and make it thrive through social media when used correctly.

It only takes one post to reach that sweet spot. And before you realize it, your website traffic has skyrocketed.

Becoming viral on the internet is a dream for most businesses and individuals. The true value of social networking, however, is in the relationships you build over time.

Your true audience surface through the patient cultivation and engagement of those who are interested in your product or service.

So, how can you cultivate a natural and authentic social presence?

There are several guides on the internet that will show you several ways to do that. However, I am a great believer in forging one’s own path, which is achievable with the assistance of a few tools.

So, how about we have a look at a WordPress Plugin that makes it easy to harness the power of social media?

Social Snap, a popularly known social sharing plugin for WordPress websites.

Could this be the ideal social networking plugin for your WordPress website? Well, there’s only one way to find out and that is to read through the comprehensive review below.

Here I have written this Social Snap review so that you can decide if this tool can match up with your needs or not.


Okay then, let’s get to it.

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Social Snap Quick Review

social snap complete review

What makes Social Snap shine?

  • It’s fast
  • Easy to integrate and get started
  • 30+ social share networks
  • Device targeting
  • Drive more social media traffic with addons
  • Advanced analytics
  • Boost old posts
  • Recover all your lost share counts almost instantly
  • Fully customizable buttons
  • Place social sharing buttons anywhere on your website
  • Disable buttons on specific pages

Social Snap Overview

What is Social Snap & How Does It Work?

Social Snap is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add social networks share buttons, follow buttons, click to tweet boxes, and other features to your site.

If you’re a design-oriented person like myself, Social Snap is a terrific fit.

It is made with speed and efficiency in mind. That implies it won’t slow down your website under any circumstances.

Many other plugins have serious performance concerns that cause poor loading times after they are enabled.

Social Snap is a plugin that not only looks amazing but also has a lot of functions to help you improve your website’s social game. Whether you need a dependable social sharing option or a feature-rich solution that doesn’t slow down your site, Social Snap has your needs covered.

With Social Snap, you can share your content via social media to attract more visitors and engage them more. It takes just minutes to set up Social Snap, allowing your new and returning visitors to spread your content like wildfire!

Unlike other social sharing plugins, Social Snap loads asynchronously and uses vector icons, so it won’t slow down your website.

Social Snap Features

1. Multiple Formats of Sharing Buttons

The display of social network sharing buttons on sites is one of the most fundamental functions of a social media plugin. This plugin makes it simple to accomplish that task.

There are over 30 different social networks to choose from when it comes to displaying them on your posts and websites.

You may choose the networks to display and the order in which the buttons appear. After you’ve established the networks, you’ll need to decide what kind of social media buttons to include on your site.

This plugin allows you to display various social networking buttons: inline, hub, floating, sticky bar, and On Media Buttons.

You may put them all on display or pick and choose which ones to show. I appreciate how the hub is implemented, which is different from Social Warfare or Monarch.

It may be configured to appear at the bottom right or left corner of your website’s desktop version.

Each kind has its own set of options for customizing the presentation. You may define forms and sizes just as with inline buttons.

The buttons have a responsive design, which means they will look well on any screen size.

On the photos, you may also enable the On Media buttons, like Pinterest. Users will be able to quickly share their photographs on social media as a result of this.

On the desktop version, you can build unique combinations like Inline buttons and Share Hub, while on the mobile version, you can build Inline buttons and Sticky Bottom bar.

This ensures that your users can engage with your site regardless of the device they’re using.

Overall, the plugin provides enough versatility for you to quickly put up social share buttons on your website.

2. Share Counts Tracking

Automatic sharing count updates from several networks are supported by Social Snap.

To increase your social media analytics, you may show the total share count or individual posts on your website. Although there are no explicit choices for determining the update schedule, the built-in method is adequate.

It works with post-publication dates since most modifications can be expected using that information.

The majority of shares usually go to your most recent postings. As a result, posts that were published during the last 24 hours are updated every hour. Posts that have been published for less than 5 days are updated every 6 hours, whereas posts that have been published for more than 5 days are updated every 5 days.

For most sites, this is a good feature, especially for professional bloggers.

3. Social Media Follow Buttons

You can choose to show social media follow buttons in a widget or as a Gutenberg block.

Shortcodes may also be used to show the buttons anywhere on your site.

In the plugin settings panel, the WordPress administrator can choose the social media connection, as well as the basic style element for the social, follow buttons.

To set the output according to your site design, you have complete control over the colors and layout.

Most social media networks’ follower counts are automatically synced by the plugin. As a result, after you’ve set it up, you won’t have to bother about it again.

4. Open Meta Graph

These days, having an open meta-graph is necessary. And it’s included in this plugin.

When shared, the open graph improves the appearance and feel of your blog content.

This is how Facebook and Twitter make huge graphics and meta cards for shared links possible.

You can even use your editor to create unique photos for Facebook and Twitter and customize how they appear when someone shares them.

5. Social Media Meta Tags

All of the appropriate social media tags are also added to the site header by Social Snap, ensuring that your site displays appropriately on social network sites.

It also works nicely with other SEO plugins, like Yoast, to show all of your site’s meta tags.

You may also configure some of the fundamental Social Media Meta Data settings, such as your Twitter handle, Facebook Page, and so on.

These options operate in tandem with Yoast’s configuration options.

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6. Click to Tweet Boxes

The Click To Tweet Box feature in Social Snap is built-in. It has the advantage of using the same shortcode.

As a result, if you’re switching from another social sharing plugin like Social Warfare, you won’t notice any differences. Your site will continue to function perfectly and you will still be able to use the Click To Tweet Boxes.

From the settings panel, you can choose from six various styles of click boxes.

The default layout may be modified in the options, and the individual box layout changed in the Gutenberg editor.

7. Analytics

When it comes to social media statistics on your website, Social Snap takes a unique approach.

It allows you to add UTM tracking to your social media shares so that Google Analytics can track them.

In Google Analytics, UTM Tracking will allow you to identify visitors from social media. You may filter traffic based on your monitoring term to see how well it is performing.

The site also has a nice statistics area where you can examine some of the metrics like total share and last week’s stats.

The page may be used to measure broad statistics about how the share buttons are used, while Google Analytics may be utilized for more detailed tracking.

These figures should give you an indication of how your site’s share buttons are utilized.

9. Social Locker

The Social Locker add-on allows you to conceal a section of your blog post that will only appear when a reader shares it.

This is a really effective approach to generate more shares from individuals who might simply read and leave a comment on your blog article.

10. Social Auto Poster

By automatically publishing your content on your social media accounts every time you publish a new blog post, the social auto poster addition will help you gain more visitors from your social network accounts.

It has the ability to automatically post to the Twitter and LinkedIn networks.

On the post editing page, you’ll also see a meta box where you may specify the social media message and hashtags.

The social auto poster is something I would strongly advise you to employ.

It will keep your social accounts alive if you fail to update them on a regular basis, and it may also help you gain more followers.

11. Social Old Post Booter

The social old post booter add-on is quite similar to the social auto poster add-on, with the exception that it distributes your past posts based on your preferences.

You may choose how many previous posts you wish to automatically distribute each day, as well as how old they should be.

Additional options include classifying old content, the number of posts that should be published each day, hashtags, and so on.

It also includes a meta box for each post, allowing you to simply personalize each one.

12. Social Login

If you run a membership WordPress site, social login is really useful.

You may allow your members to sign up for your site and log in using their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

If you know how to utilize these add-ons, they will be quite useful.

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Social Snap Pros

1. Mobile-friendly

Social Snap plugin is a mobile-friendly and fully responsive WordPress plugin that allows you to make sharing of any images or content super easy.

You can generate share buttons for your posts, pages and custom post types with ease, setting it up in no time.

2. Fully Customizable Buttons

Social Snap is a fully customizable WordPress plugin that helps you create social media buttons supporting over 30 social media networks.

It connects your social media to your WordPress site through completely customizable sidebars.

Customize your social media button as you want and get your visitors to share your posts on social media channels with just one click.

You have complete control over the look, feel, and functionality of these buttons; no coding is required.

You decide what goes into the widget and where it will appear inside your sidebar area.

Add as many buttons as you wish to the interface. Take your Social Media to the next level with Social Snap.

3. Social Proofing

The more shares and interaction your article receives, the better, because popular material (that already has a large number of shares) attracts even more people.

You may display both the individual and overall share counts to your viewers.

You may also choose a minimum share count number after which your share counts will show.

Other data elements include share counts obtained via API and share counts obtained through click tracking.

4. Place Buttons Anywhere

Social Snap allows you to add interactive buttons (Likes, +1’s, Shares, Tweets) anywhere on your site.

Within a post or page, in a widget area or sidebars, or any other custom position.

These buttons allow your readers to Like or +1 or share the post they are on or the entire page of posts with one simple click.

You only need to choose from one of the available options below, and your buttons will appear right away:

  • Before/after content
  • Floating Share Sidebar
  • Inline Buttons
  • Share Hub
  • Sticky Bar
  • via Widget
  • On Media Share Buttons
  • Pinterest Pin It
  • via Shortcode
  • via Gutenberg blocks

5. Fast Loading Social Sharing Plugin

Social Snap is a quick-loading plugin that delivers excellent results.

It is among the fastest plugins and uses a new technique to display the icons which can also help to reduce load times.

This plugin is built to revolutionize the way people share content from web pages. All of this is possible since the social media plugin is designed to keep the website’s speed and performance high.

It loads JS files asynchronously, which means your website won’t be slowed down.

6. Recover Share Counts

There are times when you need to alter the URL of an article, transfer your domain from HTTP to HTTPS, or totally redirect it to a new domain name, and you lose your social share counts as a result of the URL change.

But with Social Snap, you can restore all of the share counts using Social Snap with just a few clicks and assign them to the new URL.

When you modify the permalinks or redirect an old article to a new one, it also allows you to recover your social share numbers.

7. 30+ Social Share Networks

Social Snap is a powerful automated social sharing tool. It integrates with over 30 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit & more.

The social sharing revolution has started, and you’re missing out if you’re not using Social Snap. No more hunting around for social alternatives on each of your blog posts.

This is one powerful tool that seamlessly integrates with 30+ social networks and handles the entire process for you.

8. Advanced Analytics

Social Snap is more than simply a social sharing plugin; it also includes a number of other features.

Users can view a detailed report on the overall number of shares, click to tweets, and overall like counts using the advanced analytics option.

When you have specific data to work with, you can make better judgments in the future and figure out which postings are successful and which aren’t.

You can simply track top-performing articles, filter out unnecessary data, and even offer a post view metric (similar to pageview in Google analytics) on the front-end with Social Snap’s social sharing statistics tool.

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Social Snap Cons

1. Designed For Only WordPress Sites

The disadvantage is that the plugin only works for WordPress websites. So if your website does not run on WordPress, you will need to find another solution.

There are several social networking plugins that work with other website hosting companies, but they may be less flexible than Social Snap.

2. Add-ons Are Only Available For Pro and Agency Plan

Another disadvantage of Social Snap is the fact that the amazing add-ons are not included in the Plus plan.

So to access the add-ons, you will need to upgrade to the Pro or Agency Plan which is costly.

Social Snap Pricing

social snap pricing

Social Snap is available in 3 paid plans:

Plus Plan

The plus plan starts at $39 per year for a single site.

You get all of the features listed above, with the exception of the addons. As a result, you won’t be able to utilize social login with the social snap add-ons.

Old Post Booster, Social Login, Social Auto Poster, and Social Locker are not accessible.

However, because this is the most affordable plan, I feel it is ideal for rookie bloggers on a tight budget who want a good social sharing plugin.

Pro Plan

The most popular package is the Pro plan, which starts at $99 per year.

The plugin may be installed on up to five sites, and it includes all of the features included in the plus plan, as well as access to all add-ons.

Small companies and professional bloggers that manage numerous sites and need a social sharing plugin would benefit from the pro package.

Agency Plan

The Agency plan is the company’s most premium option, and it starts at $299 per year.

The only difference between the free and Pro plans is the number of sites you can use the plugin on, which is limited to 15.

The Agency plan, as its name implies, is designed for developers and large enterprises that manage clients.

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Does Social Snap offer free trial?

No, but it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Use it for the first 1 month to test the product and make sure it fits with your goals. Within or after your first month, you can request a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Is Social Snap better than Social Warfare alternative?

Social Snap is, without a doubt, better than social warfare. It is a stable plugin, unlike Social Warfare, with no update-related issues or flaws.

Custom button branding, comprehensive analytics, content locker, social media auto poster, and additional social media platforms to share are just a few of the features available.

Is Social Snap SEO friendly?

Social Snap is search engine optimized. It’s incredibly light, operates asynchronously, and doesn’t come with a lot of customisation options that may slow down your site.

It automatically distributes your content with settings like “boost old posts” to ensure you obtain a lot of social proof and traffic.

Any alternative to Social Snap apart from Social Warfare?

None that I can recommend.

Social Warfare used to be one of the top social sharing plugins for WordPress users.

Social Snap, which is much better, and the restricted but free Scriptless Social Sharing plugin are two of the best social sharing plugins WordPress offers at the moment.

How do I get help if I have problem using Social Snap?

You can always contact them through the WordPress help forum. Also you can as well reach out to their support team through their website.

They are fairly prompt there, so I don’t believe you’ll have to wait long for a solution if you ever run into issues.

You receive a year of complete support from the social snap team if you purchase the Pro plan.

If you contact them by email, you will receive a faster response and resolution to your problem.

They also provide documentation for practically all of the questions you’ll have when utilizing the social snap.

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Social Snap is without a doubt one of the top WordPress social networking plugins. It’s quick, adaptable, and comes with a slew of features you won’t find in other similar plugins.

If you’re searching for a social media plugin that has it all, I recommend Social Snap. Social Snap offers just the right balance of simplicity and features to get the job done.

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