How to Choose a Website Name for Your Blog

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Choosing a domain name is not something to be taken lightly. These days, a domain name holds as much importance as a business name, and they’re technically the same. In this guide, I’ll be putting you through the difficulties of choosing a perfect domain name. I’ve put together these tips to help decide on a catchy and relevant domain name you’ll love.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the web address of a website which people browse to visit your site, without it, no one will be able to find you or your site.

Tips for choosing your domain name

Here, I’ll put you through the process of choosing a domain name and I’ve broken it down into 4 simple steps:

  • Things to consider before choosing your domain name
  • How to create a brand worthy domain name
  • What to check with your domain name
  • How to choose the best domain extension

Step 1 – Things to think about before choosing your name

– Your niche

If your website is a personal blog or lifestyle blog then yes, you’ll use your name as a website name. For instance, if it is a food recipe blog, you’ll try using something catchy that makes it obvious that it is a food blog.

– Keyword or branded domain?

A keyword domain is strictly suggesting a website name with keywords in it, like

A branded domain is one without keywords in it, like

A while ago, it had been beneficial to possess a keyword name supported by an SEO perspective but lately branded domain names seem to figure best. Just don’t make it as general as

– A selected or generic domain name?

This depends on how far you would like to blog to grow. Choosing a selected name works but what if you would like to feature other services or niches to your blog in future? It’ll be wiser and safer to settle on a reputation that covers all possible services you would possibly want to supply later. To help make things easier, try creating an inventory of possible belongings you might want to feature to your blog afterward.

Step 2 – Creating a brand worthy name

– Choose a brief name

The reasons are quite simple, they’re easy to recollect, spell and search. In fact, major brands doing well today all have short names. For instance, Amazon, Ferrari, Apple, Toyota and let’s not forget Google. Having a brief name will make it a breeze for your audience to simply look for your site.

– Make it catchy and memorable

Two-word phrases work quite well in creating catchy names, for instance, ChattyCompanion, HumptyDumpty, etc, consider it as a preschool rhyme, two words that sound fun will always stick regardless of what attempt to make an inventory and say them aloud, whichever one sounds catchy and has rhythm should work just fine.

– Brainstorm and make new words

Now that you simply have a thought of what sort of name to use, get a pen and paper and jot things down. Do not be too hard on yourself; just write whatever involves your mind, you’ll filter it later. Consider names associated with your niche and therefore the services you would like to supply. You’ll shop around your house for inspiration, ask your friends and family and also check name generating sites. There are several blogs that also give lists of blog name ideas that you simply can choose.

If you continue to not find anything you wish, just create a replacement word. People roll in the hay all the time, there was nothing like “Google” for an extended time but look, it’s recognized everywhere now. You’ll combine your names together or your initials, whichever works for you, to get a replacement name for your site.

Step 3 – What to see together with your potential name

By now, you want to have come up with a reputation or a minimum of some ideas for your site, but before you begin registering, confirm to see for the following:

– Avoid the utilization of hyphens and numbers

Remember how I said to use a reputation that’s short and catchy? Using hyphens and numbers can easily defeat that purpose. Not only will it be tacky but it’ll also make it a touch difficult for people to recollect. Let’s assume your blog name is, someone could make an error and look for instead.

– Avoid using difficult words

You need to be really sure your name is straightforward to type. Simplicity is vital when it involves choosing a website name, attempt to avoid the utilization of double letters in words that originally don’t have one as people may forget and find themselves typing the incorrect name.

– Avoid words that are difficult to pronounce

I’m sure this goes without saying but technically you would like to be sure your name isn’t only easy to type but easy to pronounce also. This may help the audience easily mention your site in conversations.

– Avoid using names that have already been used

Now that your domain names are freed from difficulties, it is time to see if they’re available on all social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When it involves branding, one general rule is to make sure your social media handle is the same as your name, so people become conversant with it and simply find you.

Note: Also check to be sure your chosen name has not been trademarked or copyrighted to avoid lawsuit issues.

Step 4– the way to choose the simplest name extension

Now that you’re proud of your name, the ultimate step is to seek out the simplest domain extension.

– Choose “.com”

What’s the hottest extension for websites that you simply know? It’s .com.

“.com” is that hottest domain extension and everybody unconsciously types .com when checking out an internet site.

It’s the foremost used, commonest, and most-trusted domain extension. So whenever it’s available, please choose it. If it is not available, the subsequent best one to use is “.net”

– Consider other domain extensions

There are now many domain extensions to settle on, so you’ll consider choosing from one among them.

Buying your name

Now that you’ve crosschecked everything from the previous section, it’s time to shop for your name. Be sure to shop for your name from a reputable domain registrar company that’s registered with ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). WordPress may be a good place to shop for your name.

Check availability

Go to WordPress and enter the name you would like. If .com is out there, you’ll register it immediately. If not, you’ll see an inventory of all the choice name extensions.

Automatically renew your name subscription

Ideally, you ought to register your name for a year, towards the top of your subscription you ought to get a reminder email to renew your subscription to stop it from being “stolen”. Depending on where you buy yours from, you can set it to be automatically renewed.

Finally, I hope with all the tips mentioned above you’re able to choose a domain name that leaves a lasting memory.

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