Thrive Optimize Review: Surprisingly Simple A/B Testing For Your WordPress Site

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How difficult is it driving traffic to your site?

Quite difficult, right?

Hold on! What step have you taken to get more from the existing traffic?

Do you A/B test your content?

A/B testing allows you to optimize your site by comparing two or more versions of a page in order to find the version with the most clicks, and generates the most email signups.

A/B testing has always been out of reach for many WordPress users, due to the fact that it is somewhat complicated and expensive.

We will be discussing how Thrive Optimize can help create unlimited A/B tests on your WordPress site.

Features of Thrive Optimize review

Gotten from Thrive Architect page builder, Thrive Optimize lets you launch A/B tests for WordPress pages easily, from within Thrive Architect editor interface.

Some of its core features include;

  • It basically works on just WordPress pages.
  • Thrive Optimize includes a helpful statistically significant Automatic Winner feature.
  • It gives you options for Revenue, Subscriptions, and Visit Goal Page.
  • Thrive Optimize lets you add as many variants as desired.
  • It creates a variant and makes some changes by allowing you replicate your existing page.
  • Allows you divide traffic between unlimited variants.
  • Helps create a new variant from the beginning to test different changes.

Using Thrive Optimize content with Thrive Architect

We often ask if Thrive Optimize works only with contents built using Thrive Architect.

Now the answer is dicey as it leans between a Yes and No.

This is because for you to use Thrive Optimize, Thrive Architect has to be on your site. This is also same for editing a page to start a split test.

On the other hand, Thrive Optimize can be used on all WordPress pages as Thrive Architect opens pages for you to create with the regular WordPress editor without replacing the existing content.

Creating a new A/B test with Thrive Optimize

Using Thrive Optimize isn’t as complicated as presumed.

In creating a new A/B test with Thrive Optimize there are series of relevant steps to take, some of which include;

Step 1: Open the control/existing page you want to test. This is the page you want to test against new variants.

Step 2: Create new variants on the Variations interface. Here, you add variants to be tested against your existing page.

To do this, you can either click the Duplicate button, or you click on Add new variation.

Step 3: Edit your variants’ names. To do this, click the Pencil icon and then Edit Variation.

Step 4: Choose your desired traffic distribution pattern, adjusting the Thrive Optimize percentage using Traffic sliders.

When set, click the Set Up & Start A/B Test button in the top-right corner.

Step 5: Enable Automatic Winner settings (optional)

For each time you create a new page, ensure you create a duplicate variant with some minor tweaks like a different CTA or headline.

Step 6: Determine the goal of conducting your test i.e. if it’s for revenue, subscriptions or Visit Goal page.

Once your goals have been set, click on Start A/B Test for your test to go live.

A/B test viewing analytics

Individual tests Analytics dashboard

In the Edit Page interface, Thrive Optimize gives you basic analytics.

Besides showing you the conversion rate, Thrive Optimize in the Improvement and Chance to Beat Original columns, shows how each variant compares to the others.

Thrive Optimize Dashboard reports

Besides the individual charts data, you get access to the Optimize Dashboard to view all your active tests and their overall statistics, as well as bring up already completed test data.

Thrive Optimize and SEO

Thrive Optimize does not negatively affect Search Engines Optimization (SEO).

On the contrary, during your tests, Search engines only see the control page. This means you don’t need to worry about penalties on duplicate content.

The variations you create prevent Google from indexing them as they have a No Index tag.

They also indicate that they are a copy of the original control page.

If using the Automatic Winner feature, search engines see the winning variation after the declaration of a winner by Thrive Optimize.

Thrive Optimize pricing

The pricing plan of Thrive Optimize is dependent on three options and prices namely,

$127 – If you’re a new user, you can purchase both Thrive Architect and Thrive Optimize. This gives you a single site license.

$67 – If you’re an existing user of Thrive Architect, you can purchase the standalone Thrive Optimize plugin. This also gives you a single site license.

$19 – This is if you want access to all of Thrive Themes’ products. The price is for the purchase of a Thrive Themes membership and is calculated monthly and billed annually.


  • Very easy to use
  • It tests conversion rate for email opt-ins by integrating with Thrive Lead boxes.
  • Does a one-time payment unlike other tools with monthly fees
  • Access to unlimited A/B tests and variations
  • Unique interface and reporting options
  • Accurately track data in real-time and shows how to view the data.
  • Ability to use the Automatic Winner feature


  • It works only with WordPress pages.
  • Thrive Optimize is almost dependent on the Thrive Architect page builder interface

Is Thrive Optimize ideal for your site?

Thrive Optimize is the most insightful A/B testing solution as it keeps things simple and gives you a level of flexibility for running meaningful A/B tests.

It doesn’t permit advanced split tests types like multivariate testing, but this isn’t necessary.

Thrive Optimize only works on WordPress pages and is highly dependent on Thrive Architect.

In terms of functionality, Thrive Optimize is one of the best WordPress-specific A/B testing tools.

For a successful A/B testing, you do not necessarily need attractive charts. However, it definitely makes things more pleasant!

It’s okay having to be dependent on the Thrive Architect interface, do go ahead and engage with Thrive Optimize.