10 Best Freelance Job Websites To Find Your Next Gig

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Getting a regular job after graduation or just getting out of the start-up phase has proven harder and harder to do. Working for yourself means you have to find your clients, without a company to back you up. 

Welcome to the handy guide on the best 10 freelance job websites. I have been a writer and online freelancer for the past three years. During this period, I have shortlisted the best 10 websites for finding paid jobs. 

For those who can succeed and make careers out of it, freelancing is an amazing experience. We all want to be our own boss. But how? 

There are so many freelance job websites out there and it’s hard to know which ones have the best jobs for you. But, I’ve got your back. I’m going to give you a list of the best 10 job freelance websites to find your next gig.

What is a freelancer? 

The term freelancer is used to describe a person who works in a profession temporarily, often for several different companies at once. Also, freelancers are considered as ones who get paid to do jobs without any type of loyalty or liability. 

This simply means that a freelancer is an independent worker with the same job profile as any other worker, except that he/she gets paid for a project or per hour, whichever is preferred by the hiring company. 

Many freelance sites offer work and jobs to contract workers. It is an easy way for employers to find qualified people to do specific jobs. There are also many options for professionals looking for temporary contract work.

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What are freelance websites?

Freelance websites are online job marketplaces where people look for a job or a person offering one. Some of these sites are quite big, they cover different categories, and they boast millions of users. 

Most Freelance websites also come with specific job boards, which allow freelance professionals to post their resumes (job postings) and receive messages from potential employers.

Here are the best 10 freelance job websites to consider.

1. Upwork

Upwork | Best Freelance Job Websites

In terms of finding your next freelance job, Upwork is a great option to consider. It has tons of freelance jobs available in your area and all over the world. Upwork, formerly known as Elance-oDesk, has a huge searchable database of clients and freelancers. 

In other words, freelancers and clients can find each other. There are plenty of jobs available for writers, web developers, marketing specialists, and much more.

With thousands of new projects going on every month, Upwork is becoming the go-to place for new job seekers to find their next seemingly lucrative gig. 

2. Fiverr

Fiverr | Best Freelance Job Websites

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for creative and professional services starting at $5. 

It is indeed a marketplace for every creative and digital service under the sun from logo design to restaurant promotion to social media management to app-making. 

If your customers are looking for one of those services, you can bet they’ll turn to Fiverr to find it. Fiverr is a trusted marketplace to connect freelancers with clients who need creative help on a budget.

3. PeoplePerHour

peopleperhour image

A place where you can hire people and pay for services on a per-hour basis. They have more than 25 million users from over 180 countries. It’s the biggest marketplace for freelance jobs in Europe and they are now serving the United States, Canada, Australia, Africa, and Asia. 

PeoplePerHour allows you to hire freelancers for any job you can imagine. Whether you need a logo created, a birthday cake delivered or an entire website built from scratch – it’s all possible on PeoplePerHour.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn image

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional business networking website. It is a great site for listing your experience. LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for professionals. It should be one of your top resources when looking for your next job. 

It offers a wide range of functions for staying connected with people you already know, as well as finding new people and reconnecting with old colleagues.

5. Freelancer

Freelancer image

Freelancer is a platform for connecting businesses with freelancers who can complete their projects efficiently.

With an ever-expanding database of talent and clients, you can find your next freelancing gig in no time. There are plenty of jobs here for people who are creative and curious, capable of critically thinking and applying techniques to innovate. 

This job website is quite new, and already growing a lot. It’s a large freelance job website. So if you’re looking to become a freelance programmer, graphics designer, or copywriter, you should check out Freelancer.

6. Guru

Guru image

Put your passion to work!  Guru is a great platform for creating a second income stream from the knowledge and skills you already have or to share your expertise with others. 

A lot of people are transitioning to freelance work, and they don’t know what their options are. Guru allows them to search through all the different types of jobs in their field and then choose which one they want to be matched with.

Furthermore, Guru provides a platform for customer-based ratings and feedback to help you decide which jobs are right for you.

7. Toptal

Toptal image | Best Freelance Job Websites

Toptal is an extremely popular talent marketplace for top developers. Its consistently growing community offers professionals the tools and resources necessary to search and connect with new projects, establish a portfolio, and further their careers.

Whether you are looking for a developer to create something new or hiring for your in-house team, Toptal is the way to go. Sign up today to access a community of experienced freelancers who are available for hire.

8. SimplyHired

SimplyHired image | Best Freelance Job Websites

SimplyHired is one of the top job search engines online. The websites’ job listings also help in saving time as it offers a job search query.  SimplyHired lets its users set alerts for jobs matching their requirements. Job seekers can also view the Simply Hired list of top-paying jobs.

Simply put, this is an online resource to find lucrative freelance jobs. They have thousands of openings from dozens of sites. When you break it down by category, they’ve got the best listing of jobs in pretty much any category you could think of.

9. Remotive 

Remotive Image | Best Freelance Job Websites

In today’s market, landing a gig that’s in your target field is hard. There’s been an explosive growth of freelance and remote jobs and there’s also a ton of sites creating content to attract those seeking these positions. 

Remotive is the place where people like you who are motivated by meaningful work and a life of adventure come to find their next great role. Remotive exists to help organizations succeed by helping individuals succeed.

10. 99designs

99designs | Best Freelance Job Websites

Discover the world’s largest marketplace of graphic designers. Membership is free and it is one of the best places to find work, especially if you’re a designer yourself.

If you can dream it, someone will imagine it. At 99designs, the members create a design and work directly with designers from all over the world to bring their ideas to life. 

By giving creative people a place to showcase their work and clients access to thousands of products, they connect talent with opportunities like never before.

5 tips to promote yourself as a freelancer

1. Seek referrals

A referral is the number one source of new clients, and it’s also the fastest lead-generating stream. A happy client will recommend you to her friends.

When you’re trying to find work as a freelancer, word of mouth is your best advertising. People won’t know you exist if no one talks about you. 

Promoting yourself as a freelancer depends on a large network. Instead of looking for work directly, approach your circle of friends and colleagues first. Hoping to secure your next freelance writing gig? The best way to promote yourself is with referrals.

2. Build relationships with clients

Many times my most enduring relationships are with my clients. A close relationship will build trust and you’ll both work harder to make each other successful! I think the single thing that has made me a successful freelancer is my client relationships. 

Building relationships with your clients takes effort and time. This happens when you spend more time understanding your client’s needs and strive to achieve them.

Besides, I’ve found that when you take the time to get to know them personally the results are much better for everyone involved.

3. Take advantage of social media and enhance your presence there

Social media has become a very powerful marketing platform where freelancers promote their services and gain new customers. Many freelancers have taken advantage of it significantly to promote their skills. 

With millions of active social media users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many other sites, it is no surprise that businesses are taking time out to market their products and build relationships with this network of users for the sake of publicity.

4. Create an online portfolio

Indeed a portfolio should be considered to be one of the most crucial elements that define your reputation and professionalism online. Your portfolio should be a collection of all your statements, work, projects, etc to create a branded environment in which you comment on your experience. 

This is almost always the main reason why people are interested in following you and eventually collaborating with you in your online career as a freelancer. A powerful portfolio can be one of the best competitive advantages as well.

5. Maintain consistency 

The single most important element for building a freelance career is that it needs to be consistent. This was a huge concern that existed before the Internet became a household tool and it still exists today. People judge others on their consistency. 

It’s important to always have your freelance career for something and remain clear with your promotion while remaining free from being too repetitive or developing a pattern. 

By establishing yourself as a resource for potential customers, you can improve customer loyalty through consistency.


Is it worthwhile to be a freelancer?

Of course! In fact, there is a lot of fun and lucrative advantages to being a freelancer. If you enjoy working on your time and can keep up with deadlines, being a freelancer may be the career path for you. 

There is no limit to what you can charge, so if you have technical skills or other talents that can be translated into a service people need, freelancing may be a great career progression. 

But freelancing means more than just hard work. It means being able to take control of your professional life, define your schedule, and even work alongside other creatives on occasion.

Is it possible to make money as a freelancer?

Yes, it’s possible – plus freelancing has benefits too. Freelancing is a business model that is quickly gaining ground. With the increased ease of reaching people and conducting business online, it’s become easier than ever to start making money as a freelancer. 

Although, it’s tough to make a living as a freelancer, even if you know your craft well. In fact, most do not earn enough money to live on. But you can make good money freelancing if you find work that pays well and repeats customers. 

So it’s important to learn how to build good relationships with clients as a freelancer.

What kind of work is best for freelancing?

Freelancing can be a suitable career choice for almost all professional fields. Freelance work is skilled work. In a situation where you are working for yourself, you can set your hours, and keep a hefty portion of what you earn if you negotiate well. 

But you have to bring a lot to the table to be successful as a freelancer and to be able to make good money. Gaining experience and expertise in your field makes it easier for you to find work on freelance sites. 

Since employers want someone who can produce high-quality results for their clients, large portfolios of your best work are key.

With no experience, how can I become a freelancer?

It’s now easier than ever to become a freelancer. Most freelance job websites have beginner tiers that allow you to bid on jobs without requiring previous experience. These lower-paying jobs are used as training grounds for new freelancers. 

If you’re looking for free beginner-only resources, check out Freelancer, Guru, and Upwork where you can find thousands of easy-to-complete projects or gigs that pay as little as three dollars.

Nonetheless, work on yourself, get better and be an expert in what you do. 

Which website is best for freelancing?

The best website for freelancing is the one that will get you the gig. Each of the websites has a distinct look and feel, so different people will prefer one over another. 

If you’re looking for the best freelance website, then look no further than these top 10 freelance job websites listed in the post. 

These sites can get your name out there, put you in front of potential clients, and help you find that steady flow of work that every freelancer needs to stay afloat.

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, freelancing is a hot topic nowadays because of its appealing benefits, especially for people who are looking to fill short-term projects or supplement their main job. 

The idea of freelancing is to get paid for work done through temporary jobs. There are so many websites that allow you to find freelance jobs, and I have listed 10 of the best freelancer websites in this post.

Here are my recommendations.

  • Upwork has the best freelancing tools to facilitate career development.
  • The Freelancer network offers the largest collection of remote jobs.
  • Fiverr gives you the option to get a job while advancing your skill in terms of online courses for free.

I made a post on how to find and hire talented freelancer bloggers. It is insightful for blog owners who need professionals to jump on projects with them. 

I wish you all the best!