How To Get More Twitter Followers: 25 Effective Tips To Grow Your Following Fast

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Ever felt a pang of jealousy upon scrolling through a Twitter user’s profile and seeing he/she has a massive number of followers?

Struggling to build your followers and searching for tips?

Twitter has been proven to increase one’s influence and content visibility and generate massive traffic.

I will teach you how to setup a unique account, increase your reach, and leverage your blog to grow your following.

Are you ready?

Setting up your Twitter account

Never have a plain profile!

The first thing to note in building a solid Twitter profile is the fact that it has to be unique and radiate your personality.

Create an engaging bio

Contrary to common thought, having a killer bio is very important.

It clearly gives potential followers a reason to either follow or skip your profile. An engaging bio gives you a chance to let your followers in, and tells them the services you render.

Use hashtags

Always include relevant hashtags in your tweets to boost your visibility.

Ensure you use the right hashtags. You can try using a tool like RiteTag for this.

Avoid forwarding multiple tweets

You don’t want to be caught sending multiple tweets in a short period!

This will make you lose followers.

Tragic, right?

Space out the forwarding timing of your tweets.

Use Triberr

If looking to multiply your reach and have your content before other blogs, use Triberr.

Triberr is a social platform that focuses mostly on Twitter and has different types of bloggers ranging from social media bloggers to travel bloggers.

It thrives on returned favours – I share your content, you share mine.

Begin by registering an account, adding your RSS feed and following relevant bloggers.

Pin valuable contents

To share something valuable with your audience, pin it to your profile.

It is likely the first thing a visitor will see upon visiting your Twitter profile.

Schedule your tweets

Target sharing contents when your audience is most active to get more engagements.

Schedule your tweets to be published using a tool like Buffer.

Share relevant contents

Ensure you tweet just relevant contents.

It should be something of interest to your audience.

Partake in Twitter chats

Partaking in Twitter chats helps you meet people, develop significant relationships, and get more followers.

Ask for Retweets

You can request that your followers retweet your tweet.

This can help expand your reach and possibility of garnering followers.

Simply add “Please retweet” at the front of your tweet.

Include a follow button

Ensure there is no hindrance to people locating your Twitter profile.

Add a follow widget or social media button to your blog. This makes it easier for potential followers to immediately follow you, especially if they love your content.

Whilst at it, remember to change the Twitter username.

Engage other users

Thinking of building your Twitter followers, but not engaging with other users?

You aren’t ready to achieve your goal then.

Engage other users. Some follow back just because you engage them severally.

Isn’t that you already getting a new follower?

Link out to influencers

Influencers are good for getting more content reach as they have a larger audience and may even have control over some of yours.

To increase your posts engagement, link out to some influencers and notify them via Twitter or email the next time you publish a blog post.

Use a unique image

People connect better when they can place a face to an account.

Use your own image on your display picture.

If a brand Twitter account accessed by different people, ensure you tag individual tweets so followers know who they are presently talking to.

Avoid automated Display Messages (DMs)

A lot of people dislike automated DMs.

Although likely to make you lose followers, avoiding automated DMs can help generate traffic or cross promote your other social networks.

Share and tag other users

To build a mutual relationship and gain more followers, share contents of other users. They will do same for you.

This is a great method and works every time.

Continue Tweeting

Never make a tweet just because you feel like.

Never tweet excessively. You don’t want your followers getting tired of your content.

Understand the need to create a balance.

Use an exclusive header image

Consider adding a header image to your Twitter profile. This helps in making your Twitter profile unique.

Create a link to your Twitter account

Another easy way to garner more followers is to add a link to your Twitter profile in your author bio.

This is also ideal for bloggers who contribute to other blogs within their niche.

Vary your content

It is important you learn to vary your contents.

Do not stick to a particular style of writing.

Share other types of updates like quotes and engaging questions.

Create Twitter cards

Creating Twitter cards is important as it ensures that whenever anyone shares a link from your blog, your original post will also reflect, thus showing the viewers who you are.

Doing this increases your engagements and possibly followers.

Add tweetable quotes

To build your Twitter and blog audience, use the ‘Click to tweet’ boxes in your blog posts to share a quote with your followers.

Color scheme customization

Make that profile shine! Add colours!

To ensure branding consistency, use colours similar to the design of your blog.

Add a share button

Please tell me you have a share button on your blog posts?

Having a share button is very important as it allows your readers to easily tweet your posts.

If you don’t have this, ensure you do so immediately.

Include tweets to blog posts

To garner attention and engagements on a particular tweet, include it in your blog post.

To achieve this, click the ‘More’button next to your tweet and then ‘Embed Tweet’ to get the code to include in the HTML of your blog post.

Follow people with similar interests

This is a popular approach and works every time.

Some may not follow back, so you may need to start with people who already know and value you.


Growing your followers isn’t instantaneous. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve.

Vary the contents you share.

Tweet with a purpose.

There, you have it! Growing your following shouldn’t be hard anymore.