How To Create A Simple Welcome Email Series For Your Blog

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Looking to sell products or boost engagement with your email subscribers?

Do you wish to promote your older blog posts?

What if I told you that all these are achievable using a welcome email series for your blog?

Yes, it is!

Read further to learn how to generate revenue and drive traffic by simply creating a simple welcome email series.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Welcome series: What are they?

What do you know about welcome series?

Well, a welcome series simply put consists of a number of emails sent to a new subscriber upon joining your email list.

It is very important as it can either draw the new subscriber in or make them hit the unsubscribe button.

It can be automated to ensure that every new subscriber receives it.

These series range from 3-7 days but vary depending on factors like your niche, or the type of product or service.

Reasons why you need a welcome series

There are a lot of reasons why you need to always send out welcome email series when you get a new follower. Some of these reasons are;

  1. Most new subscribers expect one from you.
  2. It gives you room to introduce yourself and your brand to the subscribers
  3. Generates more revenue than regular emails/newsletters
  4. Gives you a healthy connection for business growth
  5. Helps build a level of trust with your subscribers
  6. Allows you to prove yourself to your subscribers

Ensure you have a near perfect welcome email series as this will garner new subscribers to your email list and also increase your engagements and traffic.

Welcome email series list

Although there are some fixed components, what your welcome series is made up of is solely dependent on your business or blog. This means that it may vary.

Email One

This type of email is automated using any email marketing provider of your choice, to go out immediately after a person subscribes.

It accords you the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business and also enchant them into being regular and active.

Avoid overdoing this so you don’t come off as thirsty.

Also, ensure this email is perfect and without unnecessary errors.

You don’t want to lose them before they settle in, do you?

Here, you can tell them what to expect, services you render, reasons to trust you, request they follow your social media handles, amongst others.

Give them a hint of what to expect in your next email. This leaves them excited and eager.

Email Two

This mail is sent a day or two after the first one.

Here you can gather information about your new subscriber.

Get to know them! Build meaningful connections and relationship. It will come in handy later.

Ask questions concerning their wants, struggles, pain points, et cetera.

Don’t be downcast if you do not get a huge number of replies. But there will definitely be people willing to share some personal information with you.

Email Three

This mail mostly gives your subscribers an insight about you.

Let them know you personally. It makes you more relatable and trustworthy.

No one wants to work with a faceless brand.

You can alsoinvite them to follow your social media accounts.

All these will help generate revenue overtime.

Email Four

By the time you have done the other three mails earlier mentioned, your subscribers will be comfortable relating with you.

Now, you need to standout from others.

You can go a step further by giving away free content.

This is a strategic move and will further earn you their admiration and trust and also get them to become loyal followers.

Email Five

Now is the time to bring up your paid services.

It could be an e-course, e-book or any service you are rendering for a fee.

While at it, be subtle in your approach.

Email Six

This email focuses on driving your subscribers to purchase whatever product or service you are offering.

It is a little tricky though as you have to ensure you don’t come off as too profit oriented.

Send gentle reminders to them on why they should get that product or enlist for that service and its expiration.

You can also use a countdown timer at the end of this email to show the purchase time left.

Email Seven

It’s now time to segment your subscribers! Figure out where to place each of them.

Doing this helps you show relevant content to individual subscribers.

You can also ask for feedback to better serve your new subscribers.

Figure a timeline

Some welcome email series lasts for about three to seven days and should be sent consecutively.

A new subscriber is most active within the first 38hours of joining your followership. Utilize this!

Depending on your individual business or brand, your timeline and frequency will likely differ.

Rather than focus on the number of welcome emails sent, focus on their contents as it is more important.

Also, to avoid your mail getting lost in their spam folder, request that they whitelist you in their contact.

This is common practice and you shouldn’t be embarrassed saying so. Most competitors also do this.

Personalize the series

Make your subscribers feel like family.

This means having friendly conversations with them even outside your blog posts to make them feel they matter.

You can do this by personalizing your welcome series and mentioning their name in-between the welcome series.

Let the welcome series look like it is directed right at a particular recipient. Do this for all.

Winding up

No two email marketing campaigns is ever the same.

Email marketing entails keeping up with current happenings.

As your business grows, you will need to adjust or rewrite your welcome series by making a series of alterations.

Don’t worry about the time expended in creating the welcome series! It will definitely pay off big time.

Find an ideal strategy for your business.

Ensure you segment your list and utilize welcome emails.

You have the tips, you know what to do!