Genesis Theme Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

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Are you looking for a premium wordpress theme that’s not going to cost your entire bank account? Well search no longer because I’ve discovered a reliable, trustworthy, premium wordpress theme provider that won’t rip you off in this Genesis theme review.

There are plenty of free themes out there, but free options don’t exactly have the same level of quality as premium themes. 

If you run a successful business, then you likely don’t want to skimp out on affordable web design today. 

After digging around some sites, I found that most people simply can’t afford the cheapest premium WordPress themes; however, some cheap WordPress themes do exist.

If you’re after a powerful WordPress theme, then look no further than the Genesis theme.

In this Genesis theme review, we’ll be taking a deep dive into some of the most powerful features that can help you build a high-quality website in a short amount of time.

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Genesis Theme Quick Review

  • Search engine friendly framework
  • Custom-background
  • Custom-header
  • Custom-menu
  • Full-width-template
  • One-click theme setup
  • Accessibility ready
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Customizable header so you can upload your own logo
  • A lightweight premium WordPress theme framework
  • One-column, Two-columns, Three-columns options
  • Left-sidebar, Right-sidebar options

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Genesis Theme Detailed Guide

What is Genesis theme?

Genesis is a WordPress theme that makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful websites. It’s one of the most popular premium WordPress theme in the world, and one of the most popular themes of any type in the world. 

With Genesis theme it is easy to customize your site with flexible layouts, custom page builder elements, and dozens of pre-made style options.

Genesis is used by thousands of webmasters and bloggers to run their blogs or online business due to a large number of benefits that it provides.

Genesis gives you the freedom to install one of many custom home pages that come with the Pods framework. 

It has multiple features that make it one of a kind such as the three-column footer option in the theme, the Full-width header, Page Templates, and Child Themes. 

You can even choose to use Page Templates or Sidebars instead of traditional widgets.

What makes the Genesis theme unique?

The Genesis wordpress theme provides the best out of the box solution for building a professional looking website. 

It is a complete thematic package with features that you will rarely find elsewhere. With its powerful foundation and intuitive backend, Genesis is a welcome change to over-complicated themes. 

This set of lego blocks gives you the freedom to create any kind of website you can imagine while maintaining an outstanding level of quality.

The Genesis theme answers the growing demand for quality, unique themes that help increase conversion rates. 

The Genesis theme allows you to create a unique and memorable identity for your brand. Your story becomes the foundation for every element in the design of your web site. 

By developing a focused, well-defined strategy for your readers, built around your products or services, you can create an experience that will make visitors want to come back again and again.

Why should you use Genesis over other premium themes?

Search engine optimized framework

The Genesis framework is designed to make your website easily search engine-optimized. Its on-page SEO features, like a built-in search engine spider blocker, make sure that search engines find and index every page of your site properly. 

It also comes with off-page SEO features, like social media integration and Google Analytics code built right into your theme, so you can get the most out of the search traffic you earn.

The Genesis framework is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) out of the box. HTML headings are used and there’s meaningful separation between primary content and secondary content. 

You don’t even have to do any modifications in order to optimize your page for search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 

Thanks to this, the Theme Options panel uses headings that are already optimized so they rank higher on search engines like Google.

Unlimited support

The Genesis framework is one of the most popular, powerful, and customizable frameworks in the world with over 6,000 developers and designers who use it. 

They provide unlimited support for their customers to ensure that your experience always conforms to your expectations.

Their team of developers will be available to help you with any modifications or unique features that may not be enabled through the standard options, and they will do so for no additional cost.

Plus, you can always access their community forums to discuss and ask questions.

Frequent updates which are free for lifetime

Genesis is a premium theme, constantly updated and maintained. They do not sell templates or themes that will become obsolete and require costly updates to continue using them. 

Genesis includes free lifetime updates. This means that any new feature or update released will always be free for all previous buyers of the theme whatsoever. 

Unlimited websites

In Genesis, each website functions completely independently of all others, so you can set up as many as you need. 

Preview and experiment with your designs straight in the live Genesis Builder preview pane, while the drag & drop interface makes it easy to move around existing website content. 

Once you’re happy, publish your websites to share them with your friends, family or customers.

Unlike some other frameworks, Genesis flexibility doesn’t come from ignoring all the modern website creation standards. 

Instead, it is forward-thinking and follows WordPress standards so that you can create professional, completely responsive websites with ease. 

Genesis is also mobile-ready out of the box—no extra development work required on your part.

Easy customization and lots of plugins

Genesis features both front-end and back-end page builder support, built-in social sharing functionality, integrated SEO options, plus lots of options to modify the appearance of your blog or website. 

It makes building beautiful looking websites easy, and with powerful parent plugins like the visual homepage content builder, and the breadcrumb navigation plugin you can easily and quickly add functionality to your site without any coding knowledge. 

Genesis comes with lots of great skins that have matching layouts so switching between them is a breeze. All of this backed up with the dedicated support team.

When you purchase a Genesis Framework theme, you also gain access to its support team. Their expert team of developers work around the clock to make sure your website has the features and performance you need to succeed. 

Whether it’s a bug or an enhancement to an existing feature – the team will be there for you.

Extra emphasis on security

Security is the most important aspect of any WordPress site. Genesis is built with security in mind from the very beginning, and the company will continue to work to make sure that it is always up to date with the latest version of the WordPress platform.

Genesis was built with essential security and performance features. Security begins at the server level, using secure versions of PHP and MySQL.

High-level-reputation cloud hosting ensures that you are not compromised by local data centers.

How much does Genesis theme cost?

Genesis theme has 2 separate packages and they are listed below

  1. Framework package
  2. Pro plus membership

Let’s discuss both packages briefly coupled with their features and pricing to see the one that suits your website needs and budget.

1. Framework package

The Genesis framework package is the premium option and includes all Genesis child themes, support for the Genesis Sample content, theme customization services, access to premium add-ons, a convenient Booking app add-on integration, custom branding support and more.

With $59.95 which is a one time fee you can get this package. This package is good for beginners and bloggers who are looking for a premium framework for their WordPress sites.

Checkout what you get for buying this package:

  • Includes the framework
  • Use it on unlimited websites
  • Access to detailed tutorials
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited support
  • Instant access
  • One-time fee

2. Pro plus membership

The Pro plus membership gets you access to all updates, new features, and any premium support you need.

Pro plus membership is $499.95 which is a one time fee. Pro plus membership also includes access to all their entire theme collection. 

Genesis theme gives you everything you need to start building your own website today. This package is good for developers and web designers.

Checkout what you will get for this package:

  • Includes the Genesis theme framework
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited support
  • Instant access
  • One-time fee
  • Includes all future themes they make
  • Use their framework and all their themes on unlimited websites
  • Access to detailed tutorials
  • Savings over $1200

I still don’t know what you are waiting for. Use the link below to get started with StudioPress themes and their framework.

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Genesis theme pros

1. It’s Gutenberg ready

In recent years, the Gutenberg editor’s popularity has taken off since its first appearance in WordPress 5.0. 

The Genesis platform is one of the few WordPress frameworks that can boast of being both SEO friendly and easily editable at the same time.

Gutenberg is a new way of creating WordPress content. It’s one of the most anticipated features for many users and developers. 

With Genesis, you can seamlessly convert any page or post into a Gutenberg block and vice versa. 

This theme is a “dual-core” with full customization on both themes, which allows you to customize your site with both Gutenberg and classic blocks.

2. It’s a one time fee

Genesis theme is a one time fee of $59. There are no recurring fees for support, updates or modifications. 

With Genesis, you have full access to the support center and their network of experts is always accessible to you if you get stuck. The $59 is an investment in your store and your business.

3. It’s completely mobile responsive

The Genesis theme is now even more mobile responsive than ever before, and it’s also compatible with all devices. Perhaps best of all, it’s easy to use, so you can create your blog in just a few minutes.

4. Unlimited customer support

The Genesis theme comes with unlimited customer support included for free. With the team that created this theme, you are not alone. 

You get lifetime updates and upgrades with new templates, features, and content as it becomes available.

If you want support, simply hit the support button inside the dashboard and ask away. They are always there for you, day or night, 24/7 and they are one of the fastest support teams.

5. Custom page templates

One of the greatest features of Genesis is the variety of page templates and options to help you create the design and layout you want. Genesis comes with over 51 premade page templates to use as a starting point to creating your own custom template.

Think of the page templates as building blocks. Each site is unique and has a look of its own, designed to reflect the nature of the brand it’s presenting.

The page templates will help you craft that look through the use of multiple page layouts and a ton of options for stylizing, theming, and adding content.

6. Unlimited updates from Genesis for life

When you purchase Genesis themes, you get access to lifetime updates and Support. With Genesis it’s easy to build a site from scratch or tweak the design of your existing theme with the extensive theme options.

7. You can use this framework on unlimited sites

The Genesis theme is an excellent WordPress theme that is very versatile, and has lots of great features. People use the genesis theme to build all kinds of different websites. 

You can see high-end looking business sites, professional blogs, personal portfolio type sites, and everything in between.

8. 24/7 customer support along with forums

Their 24/7 customer support and active community forums help make Genesis one of the leading WordPress themes in the world. 

The support team has created hundreds of video tutorials to help you with any issue you may encounter, and they are constantly in touch with the core WordPress development team to ensure that the themes are compatible with future versions of WordPress.

9. Lots of theme widgets

Genesis allows you to customize a theme for your brand. It’s also got lots of widgets that allow you to easily add ads to banners to literally anything you want. 

Best of all, it’s super user friendly- even if you’re not an experienced coder.

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Genesis theme cons

1. No advanced customization

When you buy Genesis, you are buying a “QuickStart” theme that comes with preset skins, styling and page templates. 

If you want to customize your site, Genesis isn’t the right choice. You can use the Genesis child themes as a starting point, but those aren’t for beginners.

Alternatives to Genesis themes


What is Genesis framework for WordPress?

Genesis framework is a powerful WordPress theme that gives you the ability to build any kind of site you want, such as business sites, e-commerce sites, portfolio sites and blogs. 

You own all of the source code. Genesis makes it easy for anyone, even non-technical people, you can build a WordPress website without learning how to code.

What is Genesis child theme?

Genesis child theme is a premium quality WordPress theme. It’s designed for use with the Genesis Framework (a framework for WordPress). 

Genesis child theme is based on a responsive, mobile first layout that can adapt to any device. The layout and styling are done in such a way that it looks elegant and beautiful on any device.

Why should I use Genesis theme?

Genesis is a powerful theme that harnesses the very best of WordPress to create a cutting edge website in just minutes. It is one of the most successful themes of all time. 

More sites are created with Genesis than any other theme ever made. Once you use Genesis you will understand why.


The Genesis theme is everything you need to make your website look and function like a premium WordPress site. 

It is an elegant, flexible and highly responsive theme that will shine on all devices (phones, tablets and desktops).

The Genesis theme is an exciting approach to blogging that can create a truly unique and engaging site for the owner. 

Careful though, because the design is very custom and can take a lot of time and patience to work out all of the kinks. 

Since Genesis uses so many different templates, you really need to be familiar with WordPress in order to make it look good. 

The best thing about this theme is how professional it looks to your visitors. They won’t even know that you are using a free theme if you spend enough time tweaking everything and adding some graphics.

So what are you still waiting for? Click on the link to download Genesis theme for WordPress now!

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